Nowadays, women’s safety has become one of the most critical issues of that time. It is one of the important, undeniable concepts and strategies for any civilized society for centuries now. Rejecting fundamental rights to safety, freedom to follow whatever they want, personal decisions, sexual and physical empowerment are not new issues. But, unfortunately, these are some of the issues that have not yet been managed in a way that could be eradicated even in recent times.

Numerous people have been crying out loud for you to search for better ways to ensure women’s security and make things easy and convenient for them. Finally, it seems now that people have started to look out for it, and something will happen to developers. Study says that about 61% of women regularly take required steps to avoid being sexually harassed in their daily lives.

With the advancement in science and technology, we are glad that the idea of women’s safety apps has been developed in the market to make sure that women in the general public are completely saved. Thus, if you plan to hire a top mobile application development agency to guide you to develop women’s safety apps, it’s best to start now. Here in this article, we have covered almost all information related to women safety apps. Let us get started.

What Are Women Safety Apps?

When we look out for safety apps for women over the app store, only a few apps display on your screen. So let us discuss these women’s safety apps that have started to be accepted by the public. Here we will learn its importance, benefits, and many more things about safety apps for women.

The basic and most important function of women safety apps is to send an emergency message to their user friends/relatives or family members. Best personal strategy apps like Nirbhaya, women safety shield, encourage you to fight back, as I am safe, and others in the same category employ the users with women’s GPS location and send it to their emergency contacts that she saves.

These safety apps for women ask users if some have reviews about their experience, like security in specific areas. For example, more the cases of harassment in your area, darker would be the red spots on the crowd map. Thus, others effortlessly identify and assess such areas for a specific time and avoid them until they are unsafe. In addition, there are various technical but significant women safety app features like GPS location identification, geo face technology. SMA, photo alert. Real-time membership and many more.

☛ Features and Functionalities For Women Safety App

Unfortunately, the requirement for safety apps for women is increasing in current societies around the world. One of the greatest functions that have been performed in ensuring women’s safety has to be the digital evolution and technology advancement, specifically in the world where every 3 out of 5 people use various mobile apps in their routine lives. With the help of custom android app development, develop an app with a user alert and response solution based on the tracking location and dividing the coordinates with local authorities and police. Let us glance at some of the must-have best features and functionalities.

  • Integrate one-time registration that needs the users to fill in their details and that of urgent contacts.
  • You don’t have to open the app to operate it. If you shake your phone twice or thrice, it will wake the app to register an emergency.
  • As soon as it detects an emergency, your emergency contacts will be contacted. Simultaneously, local security authorities will also be notified that you are stuck in an emergency along with the exact GPS location.
  • Further, the police control/local authorities will be notified about it, and they will take immediate action accordingly. The action would be fast enough since you have constant tracking location and can control real-time location.
  • The person’s location will be shared with the authority admin to the security officer to the nearest emergency location.
  • Your app should work 24/7.

☛ Some advanced features and functionalities:

  • The app should not be dependent on stable data/wifi connection. In most emergencies, users might not have the internet working or switch it on or would not have a proper signal. This is one of the advanced features you should incorporate.
  • It would be best to allow your users to tag a local crime/alert in the women security apps so that people around the place can look at the alerts and take the required actions.
  • Your safety app for women should have a feature to view alerts on the map with date, time, and pictures.
  • It would be best to integrate an option of following me, where users can click the button or follow me to ask someone to follow them to their uncertain or suspicious place. It will share the user locations with the authorities to map.
  • It should provide real-time updates.
  • It should be compatible with all mobile networks.
  • It should work virtually on all mobile phones with GPS in them.

What Makes Women Safety Apps Useful?

These Days the number of attacks on women is at an all-time high. Even the safest and secure states are not that safe for women anymore. During tough times companies have introduced security apps on mobile phones in tough times. The mobile phones filled with women security apps can help you to send emergency alerts to selected people. However, the question remains unsolved: can women security apps be able to become protectors for women? Is it possible for women to save themselves from these unfortunate incidents by having women safety apps on their phones? Women safety apps useful?

☛ Yes, they are useful:

  • Safety is one of the foremost concerns, and with the development of safety apps for women, users can stay in constant contact with their friends and family.
  • Various mobile apps are based on GPS location permitting their families to detect the exact location. This will allow them to know the correct oath while traveling with their family and keep track of their real-time location with these safety apps.
  • The main motive of these safety apps is to send alerts to people who can act in time. Instant alerts can provide immediate help and save women from becoming a victim of attacks.
  • Various apps help to detect the safety levels in your area. One such women safety app is SafetiPIn, as it helps working women get acknowledgment of locality so that they can take all required precautions.
  • The women safety apps enable the women to inform you of the nearest police stations in any area, useful in all emergencies.

☛ No, they are not that useful:

  • Most of the safety apps only function when the mobile network is available, and in case there is no mobile network, the apps will be entirely useless.
  • The immediate response between the attack and rescuing process varies, leading to the delay. As sometimes, it is possible that people might not process instantly.
  • When a person is attacked, it’s possible they might not have enough time to react. In some cases, it is even possible that fear does not allow you to take them the required action immediately. Like in instant attacks, victims might not get the time even to react.
  • It is also possible that security apps only work when the phone is charged, and most of the time, people don’t pay utmost attention to the phone’s battery.
  • The women safety apps can only deliver signals only when the app is used actively. After the attack, it might be possible for anyone to keep utilizing safety apps for women.
  • The taxi booking apps that provide taxi services cannot be relied upon after difficult cab incidents.

What Would be the Future for These Women Safety Apps?

As long as India is concerned, technology for helping women’s safety and security is significant. Although, these days, women’s security apps might not play a significant role in security. Still, its persistent use and daily updates as per the requirement and awareness about security will help the apps see moral days in the future.

Currently, women’s safety apps work on contributions given by women themselves. However, considering they cannot provide inputs, outward monitoring and integrating multiple users on the same app can help deliver better results. In addition, integration of the SOS facility, and GPS can prove to be advantageous for the users.


There is a long list of ifs and buts, and there is no end to it. Thus it is significant for you to focus on the positive aspects rather than on the negative points. The women’s safety apps can decrease the probability of being a victim of intense crimes containing sexual assaults, rapes, robbery, or anything else. The major requirement is to detect what operates best and use that resource to get assistance in dangerous situations. Women’s safety apps are at their fingertips. Thus women should make it part of their concern to use these safety apps for tough situations.

If you have some ideas to develop a women’s safety app, reach out to a mobile application development agency, discuss your ideas, and get a quotation.


Here are some listed women’s safety apps:
  • bSafe
  • Hollie Guard
  • Walk Safe
  • Red Panic Button
  • One Scream
  • Life360
  • Kitestring

It is quite a simple option for Android:
  • On your phone’s lock screen.
  • Once the word emergency at the bottom of the screen appears.
  • Tap on the emergency information and then on the symbol depending upon the phone on add.

3’Es of safety are Education, Evaluation and Enforcement. Coming to the person’s safety at risk for damage must be informed of the hazard and what can be done to manage and prevent injury. IT is one of the 3 E’s of safety.