Almost every city in the world is trying to curb the increasing amount of traffic and the chaos caused by it. In such a situation, ridesharing apps have proved to be a boon. A variety of features in these ride service apps give users the option to choose a vehicle and timing of commute as per their preference. The increasing convenience that these apps provide to users is one of the major reasons for their popularity. Here we have prepared a list of the best ride sharing apps in 2020.

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Let’s start discussing some of the best rideshare apps in the market!

Top Ride Sharing Apps in 2020:

1. Uber

We think everyone has heard about Uber due to its 24/7 reliable services. Even before we start we don’t think anyone will deny Uber the top position in the list of best ride sharing apps. It is now available in more than 630 cities around the world with a team of 7 million+ drivers.

Uber has been crafted to provide maximum convenience to users. Users get multiple payment options along with highly competitive pricing. In fact during a certain time period in a day, Uber will provide a lot of low-fare options.

The Uber app is extremely user-friendly. Moreover, users get to choose from ride options such as Uber X, UberBlack, UberPool, UberXL and UberSUV as per the users’ requirements. Thus, there is no doubt that Uber is the most popular rideshare app.

Feature List:

  • Share ride details
  • Option to split fares
  • Use Calendar shortcuts to sync meetings
  • Multiple payment options and much more

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2. Lyft

On the basis of volume, Lyft is the second largest share a ride app. It started with providing ride sharing services in the USA but in now going global by providing services in some of the Canadian cities.

Bright pink mustaches on drivers’ cars have become the identity of Lyft cars. Just like the popular ride sharing service, Uber, Lyft also provides a number of vehicle options.

Lyft also implements a demand-based pricing system like Uber. Lyft also provides the carpooling option called Lyft Line where users can split the fare between passengers. Also, users can get a self-driving car from Lyft.

Apart from all this Lyft takes care of the passengers’ safety by doing a background check of all the drivers. Once drivers have the official license, the drivers with only the highest ratings are allowed to work in Lyft.

Feature List:

  • Accurate background and DMV checks of drivers
  • Liability insurance from the company
  • Summary of the ride receipt
  • Carpool benefits and more

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3. Gett

It is an Israel based share ride app, previously known by the name of GetTaxi. Right now it is present in a lot of cities in Europe. But when it comes to the USA, Gett is only providing services in New York through its partner company Juno. As the daily user base of Gett is expanding over time, it is compared to giants like Uber and Lyft.

Gett is well-known as the cheapest rideshare app. It is able to provide cheap fares because the pricing policy is different from Uber and Lyft. Gett does not charge its users more during the busy hours. In the case of drivers’ payment procedure also Gett is different. Gett pays more to its drivers than its competitors. These facts make Gett rightfully one of the best ride sharing apps.

Feature List:

  • Affordable pricing
  • In-app tips
  • Best-rated drivers
  • Advance booking option up to two weeks

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4. Juno

Juno is comparatively new in this list of ride sharing apps. It was established by Talmon Marco, who made a fortune by selling the messaging app Viber. This cab sharing app is aimed at providing fair compensation to its drivers.

Uber charges a 30% commission from its drivers whereas Juno charges only 10%. It follows the motto that, “ After all, a happy driver means a happy rider”.

Such a driver-focused approach does not mean that Juno compromises on the comfort of its riders. The app gives multiple vehicle options to its riders to choose from as per their convenience.

The Juno app doesn’t have a carpooling option yet. The balanced approach of Juno regarding drivers and passengers has earned it a place in the list of best ride sharing apps.

Feature List:

  • Short pick-up time
  • Option of in-app tipping
  • Multiple payment options
  • Accepts only highest-rated drivers

5. Curb

Curb is again one of the best rideshare apps that doesn’t adopt the concept of surge pricing. It was acquired by Verifone Systems. The company deals in rendering technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services.

Curb has a fleet of approximately 50,000 taxis in 65 US cities. Additionally, the passengers will get the comfort of the backseat monitor for entertainment purposes. Moreover, the passenger can look for a nearby restaurant and book tables accordingly.

Feature List:

  • Licensed and fully-insured drivers
  • The option of a wheelchair accessible vehicle
  • Earn free Curb rides by sharing personal referral code
  • The option of booking a cab in advance

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6. Wingz

Wingz is a San Francisco-based startup that began as a transportation service to and from the airport. It later expanded to a commute sharing app in other areas of the city as well. As per the current statistics, Wingz is available in more than 16 metro areas and 22 airports.

It takes the advanced booking option to another level. A user can book a ride from the airport up to 2 months in advance. Also, Wingz will not apply any hidden or surge charges.

A unique feature that you can’t find in other ride sharing apps is that users can pick from a list of drivers. Therefore, Wingz is one of the best ride sharing apps.

Feature List:

  • Scheduled rides
  • Personalized list of favorite drivers
  • No unpredictable surge pricing
  • Liability insurance

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Best Carpool Apps:

1. Via

Via was co-founded by Daniel Ramot. He is a Stanford neuroscience Ph.D. who included a “logistics engine” in the application which will try to fill all seats in a car that are going to a popular destination.

This taxi sharing app will not cover all areas of the city. It has its own pre-decided routes. Once a user has set his destination, he/she will be dropped off at the nearest drop location.

To cover up for this unique route pattern, Via works 24/7 in Chicago, New York, and Washington. To increase its user base, Via has partnered with Curb to provide carpooling services in yellow cabs.

This move has not only reduced the fares but also reduced car emissions. So, for this unique concept, we decided to include Via in the list of best ride sharing apps.

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2. Bridj

An interesting fact about Bridj is that it was started by the Chicago and Washington DC transportation department head. It is an on-demand ride sharing app for public transport that was started in Boston.

Want to know why is Bridj different from other free car rides apps? Bridj is for the users who are going in the same direction. The app will shortlist the passengers accordingly.

This will help reduce the travel time of passengers. Furthermore, the cost of a single journey comes to approximately $3.10. This fare can be considered quite affordable. As opposed to other ride sharing services, Bridj has a fleet of 14-seat luxury shuttles that come with Wi-Fi and leather seating.

This luxurious ridesharing service is something that could not be missed out from the list of best ride sharing apps.

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3. Carma Carpooling

Carma calls itself a carpooling app and not a ridesharing app. The app enables users to share the costs with neighbors or colleagues that are going towards the same destination. The standard charges are 0.20 per mile which means the drivers don’t make profits.

After a trip begins, the timer app will note the trip distance and automatically pay the driver once the trip is completed.

4. Trees for Cars

Like many other car ride apps, Trees for Cars connects the drivers and passengers. The difference is that it was designed by a homeless man, Leo Grand. He was provided free coding lessons for several weeks by a software engineer, Patrick McConlogue. The first thing that Grand did was to design a ridesharing app to reduce CO2 emissions.

Well, the origin of this app earned it a place among the best ridesharing apps.

5. Sidecar

Sidecar boasts of the fact that passengers will know the fare upfront. A passenger has the option to pick from cars based on the basis of profile details like distance, rider reviews, quality of the car and whatever other information that the driver has included. Passengers can also create a list of their favorite drivers that will be displayed on the top of the passenger’s options list.

6. RideScout

RideScout does not focus only on bike-sharing or carpools. It provides users with all the available options so that they can compare. The other apps on the comparison list include Carma and Sidecar.


These are some of the best ride sharing apps across the world that we just discussed. All of these applications are unique in their own right and serve a different kind of audience.

Although all of these are not as popular as Uber they are doing perfectly well in their own geographical areas and serving the people on a daily basis. One of the major contributions of these ride services like Uber is that they are helping to reduce the carbon emissions in the world.

Now, while you are planning your own similar application, make sure that you know your target audience well. On the basis of your target audience hire an iOS app developer or Android developer.

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