You have probably heard of Amazon Web Services (AWS), so let’s talk about its latest launch – AWS Amplify. Here we will be discussing all AWS Amplify – its definition, features, and reasons to develop a mobile app with AWS Amplify.

When you hire an app developer, he/she will be able to guide you on everything you can achieve with AWS mobile app development.

Let’s begin the journey of top reasons for making applications for Android with AWS Amplify!

About AWS Amplify

It is a web and mobile development framework to build applications faster on Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Amplify framework is basically a set of libraries, CLI and UI components that will enable you to build and integrate the backend. It can be done with mobile apps built-in iOS, Android, React Native and with web frameworks like React, Angular and Ionic.

Thus, providing you with full-stack development. It means when you build a mobile app with AWS Amplify, you don’t have to worry about iterations and backend configurations.

The AWS Amplify framework provides you with a complete platform to create and maintain cloud-based applications. A serverless backend means streamline developers’ focus on efficient coding.

AWS Amplify comprises of the following things:

  • Open source Amplify framework
  • Cloud services
  • AWS Amplify Console
  • AWS Device Farm Developer Tools

Now, that we have defined AWS Amplify, let’s talk about its advantages for building your first Android app!

Advantages of AWS Mobile App Development

  • Design of the CLI processes and workflows. AWS Amplify will provide you with simple questions after each command. These questions come with default answers and hints to summarize the complexity of some commands.
  • When you build a mobile app with AWS Amplify, you get clear reports and confirmations on changes to be done in the mobile web application backend frameworks.
  • With AWS mobile app development you get an amazing and user-friendly User Management Flow UI components for both – React and React-Native.

New Features in AWS Amplify:

Here are the recently introduced 8 features that make building a mobile app with AWS Amplify better!

☛ CLI Plugins

If you know a bit about serverless framework then you would definitely be making use of plugins. AWS SAM doesn’t have plugins support right now. But with Amplify plugins you can add commands or extensions. These extensions can affect most of the functionalities that Amplify uses.

☛ GraphQL Transforms

AWS Amplify has now included the GraphQL transforms. You can add notes to your schema with instructions such as @model or @searchable. @model command creates a DyanmoDB table for you and @searchable pushes the objects to ElasticSearch.

Amplify push transforms your AWS mobile backend resources into the CloudFormation template and sends that to the cloud.

When you run Amplify Codegen, it creates strongly typed classes with your GraphQL schema and query documents. These classes are for applications to use.

☛ Custom Transforms

The CLI in Amplify will give you an API to write your own GraphQL Transforms.

☛ Angular and Ionic Support

When Amplify was launched it could only support React and React Native. In April, Angular, and Ionic appeared for the first time in Amplify’s documentation. In fact, the updated AWS Amplify website contains the Angular components.

However, some parts of the documentation are still focused on React. For instance, the point of “Using GraphQL Endpoints”. It can be said that all the documentation has React components but not a section for Angular components.

As the platform is open source, we may soon be able to see more of Angular and Ionic. Hence, more support for Angular and Ionic mobile app with AWS Amplify.

☛ Visual Studio Code Plugin

AWS Amplify VS Code Extension released on 3rd August provided a lot of snippets. The manual configuration of an Amplify app will be confusing many times.

Also, the GraphQL query may prove to be too detailed at times. In such a situation, these snippets come to the developers’ rescue and ease their work. There are a totally of 246 snippets.

It can be rightly said that these snippets are ultimately contributing to making the development of a mobile app with AWS Amplify easier.

☛ Possibility of Increase in Number of UI Components

The React and ReactNative UI components with which AWS Amplify was launched helped Cognito auth. Also, these components can provide you with a list of images from an S3 bucket. Now, these UI components are available at the top of Amplify’s homepage which is a signal that maybe there is more to come.

☛ Amplify in AWS Console

Right now the MobileHub documents redirect you to Amplify. The latest Amplify projects can’t be seen in MobileHub as aws-mobile CLI did. This is an indication that either MobileHub will shut down or Amplify will earn its special place in the AWS Console.

☛ AI & ML

When you build a mobile app with AWS Amplify, you can integrate AI & ML in your application using a variety of managed services. These managed services allow you to:

  • Translate text from one language to another
  • Convert text to speech
  • Text recognition from an image
  • Put a label on the real-world objects
  • Text interpretation
  • Upload images for automatic training

Future of AWS Amplify

AWS mobile app development will become a home for modern development processes in the AWS ecosystem. The reason being more and more services are optimized for AWS Amplify. You may have already witnessed all the changes coming with the launch of AWS Amplify.

Now, all the web and mobile SDK documentation can be found on the AWS Amplify website.


To sum up, when you develop a mobile app with AWS Amplify you are building on a scalable, reliable and flexible serverless backend.

If you don’t have the technical know-how then you probably didn’t understand all the above-mentioned details. But don’t worry, the right mobile app development company can guide you through all of it.

On the contrary, if you are a developer then you did understand all of it and understood the advantages of developing a mobile app with AWS Amplify. If you want to get started with it right away, then there are AWS Amplify tutorials available online.

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