In general, the category of on-demand applications has gained huge popularity among the millennials. So, why should an on-demand liquor delivery mobile app be any different?  If you own a license to deliver alcohol, then liquor delivery mobile app development is the way to go!

The ideal way to begin with it is to hire an app developer for your project after careful screening.

You probably have a lot of questions in mind related to an alcohol delivery service app. For instance, what are the revenue streams and what is the cost of liquor delivery mobile app development?

Don’t worry! We have got your back! In this blog, we will be discussing everything related to an Alcohol delivery app. Right from the required features and development team to the approximate cost of an online alcohol delivery app.

Liquor Delivery Mobile App Development: Cost & Features:

☛ How do Liquor Delivery Apps Work?

A beverage delivery app solution is an online marketplace for buyers/sellers of alcohol to complete a transaction as per their convenience.

The customers can look for their favorite alcohol and buy it from the delivery app. The delivery process can either be completed by the seller or there could be a 3rd party infrastructure in place.

Moreover, you can give an option to customers to schedule the delivery as per their convenience.

How Can I Earn Revenue with an Alcohol Home Delivery App?

If you are planning to opt for liquor delivery mobile app development, it is natural to have this question. After all, every business is started to earn revenue.

Here are some ways in which your online alcohol delivery business can earn revenue:

☛ Commission

It is the most simple and popular revenue model used in the alcohol delivery app across the world. In the commission model, a pre-decided amount is deducted from every sale made on your platform.

☛ Featured Lists

Online apps that deliver alcohol have a lot of sellers and stores listed. Due to this, it becomes difficult for some sellers to become easily visible to the customers.

The featured listing feature will enable such sellers to appear on the top if a specific product is searched for.

☛ In-App Advertisements

In-app advertisements enable you to get more attention from your target audience. Such advertisements will help you earn a substantial amount.

These in-app advertisements could be off the alcohol dealers listed on your app or other products from 3rd party businesses.

Now, we will talk about one of the major factors that affect the cost of liquor delivery mobile app development. Its the features of your application.

The number of features has a direct impact on the cost of your application. Of course, the mobile app development company that you hire will help you select the right features on the basis of your project requirements.

List of Must-Have Features:

An app for delivering alcohol will have the user app, delivery agent app, store manager app, and admin panel.

☛ Customer App:

Account Setup –

An easy signup screen is essential to get more customers to register on your app. So, when you go for liquor delivery mobile app development, a signup screen is the most basic feature.

Flexible Pickup/Delivery Scheduling –

Give your customers the option to immediately order a delivery or schedule delivery for a later date.

Also, if it is not possible to deliver alcohol at the desired location, the customer should be given an option to pick up the order from the nearest point. Due to all these convenient options, alcohol door delivery in the USA is popular.

Real-Time Order Tracking –

Allow your customers to track their orders in real-time until it reaches their doorstep.

Cost Calculator –

This feature will allow your customers to calculate and compare the prices of alcohol at various stores. Thus, they can order alcohol according to their budget.

Re-order –

The whole purpose of liquor delivery mobile app development is to make things convenient for your customers. The re-order feature will allow users to place a repeat order at the same or different address. Of course, they can edit the order before checking out.

Multiple Payment Options –

Again, multiple payment options mean customers can pay as per their convenience. Multiple payment options include net banking, credit/debit cards, PayPal and Paytm, etc.

☛ Store Manager App:

Product List & Cost Management –

The store managers will have the option to edit the available inventory as well as make changes in the prices.

Customer Management –

The store manager can have a look at the customer data and implement necessary changes to provide optimum customer experience.

Reports –

In the reports section, the store manager can get valuable insights from business reports and take essential steps to achieve business goals.

Real-Time Notifications –

The store manager can send out information about promotional offers, loyalty programs or any other promotional activities at the store with the help of push notifications.

Inventory Management –

The store manager will be able to easily monitor the inventory storage and limit the amount of alcohol for sale.

Live Chat –

With the live chat feature, the store manager can solve customer issues faster. Thus, improving the customer satisfaction rate.

☛ Delivery Personnel App:

Delivery Status Updation –

The delivery personnel will get a notification when there is a new order to be delivered. He/she can update the status of the order such as in-transit, delivered, etc.

Optimized Routes –

The integration of Google Maps will help the delivery personnel to deliver the orders at the right time by following an optimized route.

Profile Management –

As mentioned earlier, the signup feature is essential in every liquor delivery mobile app development project. The delivery personnel too have to signup and register on the app with their basic details.

☛ Admin Panel:

Multiple Stores Management –

A single panel will help you manage multiple liquor stores. A single account for all the liquor stores.

Gallery Management –

The app admin can add/remove media files in the gallery. They can update the files as per their wish.

Vendors & Staff Management –

This feature will help the admin to manage and monitor the records of all related parties with a unique ID.

Customer Management –

The admin can check and monitor the various customers’ activities to cater to their needs accordingly.

Feedback Management –

If the admin responds quickly to all kinds of customer reviews, then he/she can successfully enhance the brand image.

Ads Management –

This feature will help the admin to manage and upload various ads for promoting their business.

Reminders –

An admin can send payment/delivery reminders or any other short msgs/emails to keep the customers engaged.

Advanced Features

If your aim is to become the best app to deliver liquor online, check out some advanced features to include in your app!

☛ Search Nearby Shops –

This feature will use the device’s location to find nearby sellers or shops. The user can choose from the available options on the basis of its ratings and delivery time.

☛ In-App Calls & Messages –

The in-app calls and messages are for all the related parties to connect with each other for any queries.

☛ Rewards & Offers –

Rewards & offers to act as a motivation for the users to keep coming back to your app. Customers can apply the discount offers to their orders and get their favorite drinks at a lowered price.

☛ Marketing Tools –

The marketing tools will help you run marketing campaigns on various platforms. Moreover, you can analyze the performance of these campaigns to design a better business strategy.

Liquor Delivery Mobile App Development Team Structure

The following team of experts will be required for both Android and iOS app development.

  • Business Analysts Team
  • Project Manager
  • Android and iOS developers
  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • QA Team

Cost to Develop an On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App:

The ultimate cost of liquor delivery mobile app development will depend on multiple factors. Some of them are listed below:

  • The platform that you choose – iOS/Android app development
  • Frontend and backend languages for development
  • UI/UX development
  • Website Connectivity
  • Average experience of the development team
  • Location of the development team

Taking all these factors into consideration, the average cost of a liquor delivery app development will be $10,000 to $20,000. If there are slightest changes in any of the above mentioned factors then the cost will vary too.


As mentioned earlier, just like other on-demand apps, on-demand liquor delivery apps have gained popularity. For the millennials, alcohol has become a means of socializing.

Millennials are already dependent on online platforms for the delivery of their essential items. Now, alcohol has been added to the list too. Therefore, the increase in demand for the doorstep delivery of alcohol.

The niche of on-demand alcohol delivery apps is yet to be explored in many countries. So, there are higher chances of success for your app if it has some unique value proposition to offer.

However, let’s tell you that just because you have developed an application doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful. You need to have a loyal customer base to sustain in the market.

If you have any unique idea about an online alcohol delivery app, try it out by launching an MVP.

A minimum viable product will give you feedback on how the audience is responding to your application with minimum investment. In this way, you can test your idea without keeping much at stake.

When it comes to the development team, make sure that you hire one that is responsive and fits perfectly well in your project requirements. If that is not the case, your ideologies will match resulting in a lot of disagreements.

The team selection process is as important as the successful launch of your application. The right app development team will give you a beautiful product while cutting down on significant development costs.

Do you have a unique alcohol delivery app idea in mind? Are you not sure whether it can be implemented or not? Ask our team all your questions related to the project on [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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