The 21st generation has evolved the mentality of people on what is accessible and practical.

Previously, a smartphone innovation was very much helpful to communicate with loved ones. Now, the innovation of smartphones is an opportunity to fulfill one’s dreams.

There lies no place of excuses in this millennial world. As a guide, the mentor is available 24*7 on a single command. Either it is a smartphone or a near-door tutor. It is known as working smart and not working hard.

At some point or another, a stage comes into everyone’s life to appear for competitive exams.

In India, with a massive population of 1.3 billion, exams become very competitive. To prepare for competitive exams, one can run to bookstores, borrow used books from neighbors, and search for other options to get knowledge.

However, one can also acknowledge the truth that the key to success is in one’s hands. By the end of this article, you will know various ways that can help with exam preparation.

Why To Install Exam Preparation App?

In recent times of digitalization, exam preparation apps are the perfect replacements for the heavy and challenging to understand narratives.

The visual and interactive media option fascinates students to concentrate on the learning process.

Learning is a continuous process; hence one cannot stick to a specific technique and method for the entire learning process. Therefore, these best study planner apps come in handy.

Thus it can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, and laptops and can be accessed anywhere at any time. The exam preparation apps are quite cheap. Therefore, they can be easily afforded by a middleman.

Every online exam app is built to provide users with specific requirements, as all information is not made available in the textbooks.

Accepting mobile apps for education can be a great alternative to books. In addition, it will establish new opportunities for new effective and comprehensive ways of exam learning techniques.

Study helper apps are available to provide students with a responsive platform for students to discuss their doubts and queries with professionals.

It seems like a comfortable space where everyone is preparing for the competitive study to nail the exams together.

However, every phase in human life requires a distinct you. Likewise, every exam preparation requires a different approach to learning.

Here are some best study planner apps to assist you with varying stages of exam preparation. If you are looking forward to developing an exam preparation app, then iPhone application development services can help you through the way.

List Of Best Exam Preparation Apps

1. Prep Guru – Online Mock Test App

The Prep Guru app is an app specifically designed for the online mock test by

These online exam preparation apps integrate advanced technologies to help students to prepare for their online competitive exams.

It allows students to enhance their learning skills for better growth and progress in their career. In addition, these exam paper apps target to help students with online preparation for 500+ competitive exams.

In addition, it allows students to prepare with mock bank tests to consume specific exam skills to boost themselves.

The Prep Guru is a complete suite and comprehensive app with a question bank of more than 2,50,000+ examined and carefully reviewed questions.

Moreover, it has its question bank in both languages English and Hindi. Thus the language choice depends on the aspirants to provide them with an edge over other aspirants.

The examination apps help prepare for several competitive exams like CAT, MAt, CMAT, Snap, XAT, and FMS.

✍ Top Features of Prep Guru app

  • Students can obtain all the topics from several subjects.
  • Students get access to mock tests for 550+ competitive exams in both English and Hindi language.
  • It provides access to online instant tests and reports.
  • It has forums for Q&A and discussions.
  • Students get access to 50 unique questions daily.

✍ What are all career and test quizzes covered by Prep Guru?

These exam preparation apps include learning for placement tests and papers, government jobs, Indian Railways, Management, Engerrieng, State Public Service Commission, Medical, Abroad Study, and other competitive exams.

Examples of essential exams are CA/CPT, CA/PPC, CA/Final, CLAT, LSAT, NDA, and CDS. It is free for use but gets access to extra features; the package starts from INR 200/month.

2. Oliveboard

The Oliveboard exam preparation app is an online platform developed by Oliveboard for competitive exam preparations. It is available on the Android play store.

This online exam preparation app download is an excellent choice for students preparing for Railways, Banking, Insurance, and other Government Exams.

It offers students a wide range of Mock tests with questions related to various sections, like Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, English, and Reasoning Ability.

These apps also provide GK tests, live classes, free books, and unsolved questions with varying difficulty levels.

Android app development company has designed this app so that after appearing for practice tests on this exam preparation app.

You can get detailed feedback with your all-India ranking so that you can analyze your progress report and know where to work hard.

✍ Top Features of Oliveboard App:

  • All India mock test
  • Live practice sessions and classes
  • Free Answer key for the previous year competitive exam papers
  • Experts/Mentors pointers
  • Recorded video lectures
  • Progressive exam strategy
  • Day-to-day General Knowledge data
  • Informative podcasts
  • Free Ebooks for study
  • Free regular tests
  • Sectional and topic wise tests
  • Push notifications and exam updates

3. GK and Current Affairs App

The best study helper app was developed to enhance student’s general knowledge and current affairs knowledge. Students can learn a lot about ongoing current affairs and appear for free GK tests.

These apps for study help students to enhance their knowledge with various general knowledge videos and documentaries.

It also has a blog section where all the latest news, exam dates, essential pointers, and techniques for exam preparation are provided.

Once you are done with GK quizzes, you can discuss your doubts with professionals in the forum.

✍ Top Features of the GK App:

  • Students can enjoy GK news in English without internet connectivity. All you need to do is to download the news and then read the article offline.
  • It provides aspirants with all the latest news details, acknowledging users with all the relevant data regarding the event.
  • Quizzing is a fantastic technique for users to recollect what they have studied. Hence with this app, you can appear for a regular GK quiz, and it will help you memorize all the questions you must have encountered.
  • It provides its users with all sorts of news, including international and national news, political, Sports, Market and financial updates, Government policies and schemes, Science and Technology, Budget, and many more.

4. Adda 24/7

Adda 24/7 is the best exam preparation app that assists users in preparing for entrance exams and other government job examinations. It is also known as the best study planner app for general awareness.

Nowadays, Current affairs have become a significant part of every competitive examination. Hence these apps for study provide one with the latest updates on a real-time basis.

It provides insights about current affairs for RBI, RRB, SSC, Bank PO, CGL, and several other government exams. In addition, students get access to learn both English and Hindi languages.

The package value of this online exam app depends on the exam you are preparing for.

✍ Top Features of Adda 24/7:

  • It provides free access to unlimited mock tests
  • Live classes
  • It provides various eBooks
  • Recorded video lectures
  • It avails free answer keys to previous year papers of competitive exams like SBI PO, SSC CGL, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, UPSC, GATE, CLAT, and many more.
  • Regular Exam notification, Govt. Job Alerts and important entrance exam updates.
  • It has free access to 20,000+ quizzes, notes, and important questions.
  • It assists with progressive strategies for exam preparation, crash courses, and last-minute tips.
  • Regular GK updates
  • Doubt section
  • Users can use it without internet

5. OnlineTyari

As the name suggests, Onlinetyari is an exam preparation app that helps users prepare for their competitive examinations.

These examination apps provide data in a compact form that allows users to understand the data effectively.

Users also access all the information related to daily affairs, exam job alerts, news articles, and other general awareness news.

Here this study helper app has a question back so that users can appear for practice questions each time they appear.

Here students also get insights about various exam tricks, like question tips and exam tricks. Thus, it helps users to boost their knowledge and at the same time save time during their examinations.

If you want to join TyariPlus, then the package rates from INR 599-1099.

✍ Top Features of OnlineTyari:

  • Information related to current affairs, Exam and Job alerts, and other news articles.
  • It provides users with various online mock tests and lives all India tests.
  • Regular Exam and job alerts
  • Full-fledged Question bank
  • The entire study material is available in both English and Hindi Languages.
  • users can get their answers for doubts and exam-related questions from thousands of students and experts available in the student community.
  • Proper guidance and preparation tricks and tips are provided by subject experts and toppers.
  • The real-time simulation improves timing and accuracy.


In this article, we have managed to come up with well-known exam preparation apps in the market.

The list is quite long, and each online exam app has its features and specialties. These study helper apps help users polish their skills and guide them to adapt to creative learning methods.

These innovative learning techniques not only acknowledge students but also interact and provide an enhanced learning experience.

Go through various online exam preparation apps and install them before you start preparing for your competitive exams.

In the play store and app store, there are many best educational apps available that cover a wide range of grade levels and subjects.

In addition, these apps integrate various iPhone application development services that help make exam preparation an easy task and allow users to pass their exams with flying colors.

Adapting to an intelligent preparation method is a thoughtful decision rather than putting all efforts into achieving success. And these exam preparation apps help you master the shot aiming for a sure trial for your success.

If you have any ideas to develop an exam preparation app, then schedule a call with the android app development company as they can help you through your way.

exam preparation app


There are several reasons why SAT prep apps are not enough. One of the common reasons is that most SAT apps do not have enough practice questions. Hence users would be in urgent need of real SAT questions. More realistic practice questions and answer banks are required to drill your knowledge and enhance productivity.

Initially, apply for TA in agreement with the techniques and procedures of your service branch. Once you are using for TA, you will be required to finish VA form 22-1990 before applying for Department Veterans Affairs education benefits. This form is available online from the VA, so go ahead and use the Military Tuition Assistance Program.

WHAT MAKES A GOOD SAT APP? Here are few tips that make a good SAT app:
  • Integration of tons of realistic practice questions
  • Good user experience
  • Thorough content instruction
  • Categorically divide questions and lessons