Nowadays, people are learning online via Apps. So, that’s why we have created a list of the Best Educational Apps of 2020.

There is not a single aspect of human life that does not reap the benefits of tablets & Smartphones.

In a similar manner, learning has become much more convenient & accessible with the help of such advanced gadgets. There is a multitude of educational applications accessible in the current times featuring various grade levels & subjects.

Few educational apps cover only general topics while few are designed by keeping in mind the specialized study fields. Best Learning Apps & Best Educational Apps are several in the market.

If you want your learning app idea also to be one of the best, you can create one easily with the help of a custom mobile app development company.

It is best to go through the top picks for iOS & Android for understanding what kind of learning app you want to create.

Best 15 Educational Apps:

List of sought-after Learning Applications:

1. TED

Ted Education App

If you want to create the best eLearning apps for adults, then you can take ideas from apps like TED. Here people can engage in smart talks with reputable personalities according to their preferences & moods.

This excellent application has the affluence of practical information almost on every topic. This application consists of countless videos which are an extremely precious source for valid and authentic knowledge on numerous topics.


  • Bookmarking feature for watching talks later
  • Subtitles accessible in more than 100 languages
  • Options available for syncing the TED application with various Smart devices
  • Users can gain entry to TED app Radio hour podcast

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2. Duolingo

Duolingo Learning App

You will find yourself amidst a load of information when you think about what are educational apps.

For instance, Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps that will help you in grasping a new language within minutes.

The app is designed in a way that will offer you information about some fundamental signs that can function as your savior in tourist places where the language is unknown.

You can get directions from the app for learning to start conversations and you can ask the directions in the full 80 languages.


  • Supports every language
  • You can practice reading, listening, and speaking with the app
  • The application helps in enhancing vocabulary skills & grammar via entertaining QA sessions
  • You can even learn various languages with the app

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3. StudyBlue

Students who are keen to learn & study sometimes feel overwhelmed especially before the final exams. StudyBlue comes under the category of top educational apps that helps students learn in an easier manner.

Utilizing digital learning materials and creating flashcards are some of the activities they can engage in once they sign up.

There is no need to take stress before any kind of examination as this is one of the Best Learning Apps for Android that comes with a robust knowledge library.


  • Students can set as many study reminders as they want
  • Fantastic customization of study materials is possible with desired audio & images
  • Students can get hands-on study materials across numerous devices
  • The application comes with numerous quizzes for monitoring the overall progress of a student

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4. Wikipedia

Several students of the current era like to study from eLearning apps. Wikipedia is also regarded as one of the Best Educational Apps that can work seamlessly on both iOS & Android.

For any kind of knowledge a student is seeking, the application can easily provide it in an effortless manner.

This top educational app boasts about its 40 million articles in almost 300 languages on the Android platform


  • Informative articles
  • Offline support
  • There are no advertisements
  • The application offers users options to decode contents in their local language

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5. Nova Elements

Right from childhood did you have a problem understanding the functioning of the periodic table? Did you always use to wonder what gave every element its own exclusive name & set of properties?

Well, general knowledge apps like Nova Elements are exactly what you need to clear these kinds of confusion. Nova Elements enables you to discover the full periodic table in a straightforward manner & with complete ease.

While you engage in playing an entertaining game, you can actually learn about the periodic table.

This is one of the Best Learning Apps you will get just for iOS.


  •  High-resolution assets for contemporary retina devices
  • 64-bit application architecture
  • Modernized and restructured Periodic Elements table & much more
  • The application is incorporated with a scalable adaptation

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6. Khan Academy

Khan Education Academy

Considering how challenging and tough CAT, IIT-JEE & GMAT examinations are, students can largely benefit from advanced tools like Khan Academy.

Regarded as one of the finest and Best Educational Apps, a student can prepare excellently for his/her further studies with this application.

Learning the basics is always important to excel in any complex examination. This is what exactly this study app-enabled students to do.

Right from geographical landscapes to preliminary music notations, this application is used not just by students but by adults as well for gaining knowledge.


  • Students can practice quizzes & assess their progress
  • Students can grasp a robust conceptual understanding
  • They can also scale their efforts with badges & energy points
  • There are more than 40,000 convertible practice questions available in the app

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7. Goodreads

GoodReads lerning App

This is one of the most sought-after iOS applications found in the Apple education store. This education app for iPads consists of more than 1 billion books.

This whopping figure makes this app extremely noteworthy. When you are a book reader & keen on getting hands-on with the Best Learning Apps, Goodreads is the one for you.


  • Users can read as well as write several book reviews
  • Engage in reading book challenges
  • Users can not only share notes but also progress updates
  • Users can get hands-on personalized recommendations for exploring new books

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8. Edmodo

Are you on the lookout for the best educational apps? If yes, then you have reached the right space. Edmodo is one of the best education apps that enable users to engage in free online classroom communication.

As the best study app, this application functions like a focal point that urges you to learn something fresh every day. You can also interact with the respective classes easily.


  • The application offers the option of sending messages directly to parents & students
  • Teachers can also use this app as it functions as a home stream
  • The application ensures enhanced communication among various users
  • Users can engage in classes as well as get hands-on assignments right in one place

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9. Photomath

Photomath App

Do you find it hard to keep your child interested in studies that in turn worry you about your child’s future? With this in mind, you can come out of this issue with the best learning apps for kids like Photomath.

Teaching math to a child is extremely challenging. But this is one of the best educational apps that comes for free and can solve math problems like calculus & arithmetic.

You can easily sync the application with your Smartphone camera for solving math problems via animated video steps that again come with comprehensive instructions.


  • Offline support
  • An application can solve all textbook & handwritten problems
  • Support for over more than 30 languages
  • Application is equipped with a scientific calculator & includes a multitude of solving methods

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10. Tynker

Developing software tools requires coding & not everybody has a fair understanding of it.

If you want to be a certified and professional software developer whose demand is ever increasing in the current digital world, then you must back yourself with skills.

You can easily grasp programming skills along with intuitive & interest-based activities with the help of the Best Educational apps like Tynker.

You might be a seasoned programmer or just a beginner; this is one of those learning apps that can benefit both. Even it is possible to learn complex languages like JavaScript & Python with this application.


  • Offline working is possible
  • Linked device support
  • Availability of character creator tool
  • Coding tutorials are interactive

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11. Blinkist

Blinkist Reading App

Blinkist is one of the finest eLearning apps for both iOS & Android where you can get hands-on countless non-fiction books.

Ways to become more mindful of ways to win a dispute and on many topics, you can find ample information. This is an application that will always keep your mind polished.


  • Ability to switch between text & audio
  • Availability of more than 2500 bestselling nonfiction books
  • Users can develop custom audio playlists
  • Access to the finest business books

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12. Skillshare

Skillshare App

One of the most sought-after best educational apps, with such education apps like Skillshare you can easily get hands-on effective digital online classes.

As you keep on learning numerous professional illustrations, you can automatically boost and strengthen your career.

This is a great course app as it covers topics of every interest starting from entrepreneurial tips, creative art courses, etc.


  • Users can download classes & they can choose to watch those in offline mode
  • Users can watch a multitude of free classes which also makes this the best free education app
  • The app includes a trial period of full 30 days
  • Users can get hands-on unlimited classes

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13. ActiveX

Marked as a very popular & one of the best learning apps, this application can help you be physically fit & healthy at all times.

With several fitness tricks available in the app, this is a very useful learning app for the entire community who can get a hands-on active physique by fulfilling all their fitness goals.

You can develop & follow workouts depending on your fitness level. You will also gain access to training schedules & equipment that will direct you toward an active lifestyle.


  • Manifold users’ compatibility
  • The ability to track body composition
  • Working sessions in a personalized manner
  • The app helps to keep body mass & metabolism in control

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14. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle App

Are you a complete bookworm? Then you will be happy to learn about this eLearning app called Amazon Kindle.

The application offers you the liberty of scrolling through a multitude of books, newspapers, magazines, and a lot more. To utilize this application, you do not need to possess a Kindle device.


  • Users can use built-in dictionary i.e. Google & Wikipedia
  • Offline support available
  • Users can get hands-on free books
  • E-book shopping is possible in the app that includes bestsellers & new releases

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15. Lumosity

Lumosity App

If you want to make your brain sharp, then Lumosity is the application for you.

One of the highly remarkable free educational applications, you have the option of playing brainstorming games, engaging in various kinds of quizzes, and playing various programs with the app.

You can actually train the brain with numerous new sessions.


  • Incorporates numerous workout modes
  • There are more than 40 brain games
  • Users can analyze each game
  • Application activities challenge the academic & core cognitive capability of users

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With so many ideas about Best Educational Apps & Best Learning Apps, you must by now feel the temptation to build your own learning app.

As you hire mobile app developers, you can get hands-on some of the most fantastic informative tools that you can offer to the world so that people can benefit from it.

With us, you can be rest assured that you are associating with a reputable company as our team of developers never compromises with quality.

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