It is almost rare that an aspect of our daily life remains unaffected by the Internet. The Internet has modified the traditional way of doing things, including how people listen to music. Days have gone by when users require to download music in Mp3, Mp4, WMA, AAA, or any other format on their devices and worry about limited storage space.

It is made possible because of the live streaming app development and advanced digital technologies like music and the cloud. All of it had made it genuinely limitless. There are multiple online kinds of music streaming apps like the Ganna app for android. Many more like these music streaming apps are available in the market that enables smartphone users to access unlimited and uninterrupted music from any place.

According to recent data and surveys, the music streaming industry is booming and is expected to register a CAGR of nearly 17.8% from 2020 to 2027. The growth in digital rapid smartphone insight is driving this crazy fractional growth. The best part of this is that there is vast room for new streaming opportunities, as technologies like AR, AI, and VR are giving a start to new opportunities every day.

So if you want to get insights about how to create a music streaming app, then the time and opportunity could not be better as there is a vast space of possibilities for newcomers. All you require is an appropriate development strategy and business model to mold your idea into success in no time.

Thus if you are developing a music streaming app like Gaana, the time and opportunities could not have been better. There is abundant space and opportunity for new entrants. Read more on cost to develop a music streaming app like Spotify.

All you require is an appropriate development strategy and business model to turn your idea into success in no time. To give you a better understanding of how to create a music streaming app like Gaana. We have highlighted everything you would require to consider to develop a gaana music app. These insights will help you to build your music streaming app like the gaana app for android.

To better understand how to create a music streaming app, you must contact mobile application development services to guide you better in the process.

How Does Ganna Music App Works?

Ganna is one of the best-explained examples for music streaming applications. Ganna app for iPad is a music streamer and playlist service presented in 60+ countries. It has more than 30 million songs and podcasts in its library.

It works for almost all devices, be it phone, iPad, laptop, and many more. Here users do not require to download and save each song on their hard drive to listen to them. All you need to have is a stable internet connection. Here at the Ganna music app, users can easily find a song or an album and play them online.

All you require to do at first is register as a user to access the basic features and functionalities of the gaana music app for free.

However, in the free version, you need an internet connection to listen to music, and it might also get interrupted by ads. On the other hand, paid subscriptions provide you with great features like downloading music, listening to them offline, being ad-free, listening to premium hi-fi sound quality, and many more features.

Music Streaming App Industry – Present and Future

Music streaming apps play a significant role in the app economy, thus with music apps fitting as one of the top categories users get most engaged with each passing year. As a result, there is a significant demand for music streaming app development, and these apps are frequently making it to the list of most downloaded application categories.

It has also convinced people to increase their customer spending in the music app category. As per a report on the global store user expenses, music store investing on play store was estimated to be 120%, while on the other hand, the investment made on the iOS app store was 45%.

How to Create a Music Streaming App Like Ganna?

Step 1: Take vital and advanced Ganna like app features

While you learn how to create a music app, you realize there are many features like registration, live podcasts, music discovery, music organizing, library, push notifications, and many more.

Step 2: Pick your licensing type.

Spotify, well-known music streaming application. It has two types of licenses: the musical composition license agreement and the sound recording license agreement. Thus you also require to choose your licensing type.

Step 3: Search for top music app developers.

Hire a good team of music app developers who will help you build an app like the gaana music app for you. Many factors are required to be considered before hiring a team for hybrid mobile development. Thus you should check on the portfolio of your mobile application development services.

Step 4: Build a UI/UX design for your music streaming application.

You and your team of music app developers should view how your future music app will look. For that, you would require an app mockup, a prototype, and a wireframe.

Step 5. Develop a music streaming app MVP

At last but not least, you are required to think about your MVP (minimum viable product) and all other essential details with your hybrid mobile development team, and you are all set to go.

Features and Functionalities You Require to Integrate into Your Music Streaming App

A guide for creating a music streaming app that comprises the development process would remain unfinished without referring to the feature incorporated in the music streaming application.

1. Registration or Sign-up

The integration of your registration feature depends mainly on the business model you opt for. However, you can provide your users with a free and open service that does not ask them to connect with their credentials. While companies majorly follow a freemium model. To make your freemium model work, you must establish your users’ connection as you would require them to convert it from free to premium users.

2. Search Option

The basic idea of making a music app is to allow users to search for the type of music they feel to hear as per their mood. To deliver what your users want, companies must integrate the search function in their music streaming applications. This feature enables users to search for their favorite albums, singer, titles, and many more.

3. Playlist Feature

What could be more interesting than working with your company and learning the process of how to create a music streaming app? And offering your listeners a platform where they can get access to their favorite songs as per their mood. This is the place where playlist features come into the picture.

4. Social Sharing

It is always said that the success of any music streaming app is related to its advertising on social media platforms. This idea also goes well with music streaming applications. You can provide your user with an opportunity to share their favorite song or their favorite album on social media handles in a more personalized way like Instagram/WhatsApp direct messages. It will help your app to get a good chunk of word of mouth.

5. Offline Mode

Integration of the offline mode will provide your users with the convenience to listen to their preferred music on the go without depending on the internet connection. In the case of the offline mode feature, the device’s local memory is used to store the audio data of the song for the time being.

6. Customized Music Media Player

Users can change the theme of their music media player as per their requirement like light mode, dark mode, or other. It makes music players more user-friendly and provides them with an enhanced user experience. Here users also get to add user loyalty.

Technology Stack for Music Streaming App Development

While you learn how to create a music streaming app, you need to include the below-listed technologies to develop perfect online music streaming applications:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Nginx
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • python
  • Cassandra
  • Amazon S3
  • Dataproc
  • Graph Walker
  • Chromium Embedded Framework
  • Kafka Software

You have now arrived at a point where everyone is interested in the features required to be integrated into your music streaming application. However, companies are also concerned about the cost and time it takes for an application to develop. Read more on the best android apps you should have in your smartphone.

How Much Does a Music Streaming App Development Cost?

The app development cost depends on numerous factors, including the technology stack you opt for, the people you hire, UI/UX design, features and functionalities, and many more. In addition to this, overall development cost also depends a lot on the hours it takes to develop all the significant elements like features, admin panel, UI/UX, and many more.

Major Factors that Affect the Music Streaming App Development Cost

  • Backend Development and Technology
  • Web Hosting
  • Storage
  • Designing

The estimated music streaming app development cost for the Gaana clone app in distinct countries are:

  • United States – $140-$240/hr
  • Western Europe – $110-$170/hr
  • Eastern Europe – $120-$200/hr
  • India – $15-$30/hr

Taking the rates as mentioned above into consideration, the music streaming app development cost for the Ganna clone app will range between $5,000 to $15,000 for the android platform, $15,000 to $25,000 for the iOS operating system. On the other hand, it only takes $5,000 to $15,000 to develop websites. Of course, this estimated cost can vary depending on the app functionality, server usage, features, and many more.


Here in this guide, we have covered most of the vital elements of developing a piece of music streaming app like Gaana. Moreover, all the insights we have covered will provide you with an overview of the fundamental building blocks. At the same time, the execution part of the music streaming app development is complex and filled with challenges.

Until you are an expert in app development, hiring experienced live-streaming app developers who can explain the entire development process is always advised.

Numerous live streaming application development companies provide you with various mobile app development services like audio streaming, video streaming, music streaming, podcast development, and many more. So keep your project idea in mind and consider the ideal companion that can provide you with a fair estimation of the app development cost and time smoothly.


Here are some of the in-demand music streaming applications ruling the market:
  • Gaana
  • Saavn
  • Pandora
  • Amazon Music
  • Apple Music
  • Wynk Music

Users can earn coins by making their playlists and sharing the lyrics card to 5 people, sending songs to 5 people, and playing songs. Once you install the Gaana app, refer to the ear coins section for the available missions to earn coins.

Benefits of music streaming apps are:
  • Accessibility
  • Variety and choice
  • Fewer ads and commercials
  • Own playlist
  • Quality of sound
Challenges faced by music streaming apps are:
  • Licensing
  • Accurate recommendations
  • Value proposition
  • Entering the market