Days are gone when every candidate has to move from office to office to apply for the walk-in-interview. The credit of this goes to a custom mobile app development company as their development of job portals has contributed a lot. With these job portals, users access various job portal apps and hunt for their desired jobs without complaining about their comfort.

Are you encouraged to develop an app like Naukri? Here we have a complete guide for you to help you get customized job portal app development.

What is Naukri App?

Naukri, a job in the English dialect, is an online job portal app development in India and the Middle East. Here the platform is well known with the name Naukrigulf. Naukri app for android was founded in the year 1997 by an Indian businessman, Sanjeev Bikhachandani. is an innovative employment website that is advertised as one of the most flourishing Indian startups. Read more on how to build a similar app like LinkedIn.

Naukri job portal has risen as one of the million-dollar industries in the country. It is now a company that hikes its place and consistently battles with other companies operating in the same domain. One of the leading research websites states that the estimated valuation of the Naukri portal is $30,839,400.

What Advantages Does the Naukri.Com Clone Have to Offer?

As per the research and study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate, last recorded in November 2020, is 6.7%. It hasn’t been easy in this competitive environment to find a perfect job. It is not only for job seekers, but it also becomes difficult for recruiters to hire appropriate talent for their company and hire them. With the latest technology approach, develop an app like Naukri that brings everything for your users in one place.

Job portal app development benefits like Naukri com clone offers for both job seekers and recruiters. Let us have a lot at them:

  • It preserves a lot of time for the users.
  • It preserves the cost of marketing.
  • This portal provides various combinations of candidate profiles.
  • It gives regular job alerts.
  • Job portals provide various job opportunities for job seekers.
  • It has loads of hiring options for recruiters.
  • These portals do screening of resumes.
  • It provides an enhanced dashboard.
  • Online job portals have various job recommendations.
  • It has many filters that can help you screen your options.
  • It supports multi-browser compatibility.
  • It gives alerts through Email.

These are some of the advantages job portal app development offers, but the list does not end here. Users can also go through the recruiter’s profile, as other candidates and many more give their ratings, and it ensures that they are putting their skills and knowledge in the right place. These grounds are major factors that boost job portal hybrid mobile app development demand for recruiters and job seekers. Thus, many businessmen grab this opportunity and invest in developing an app like Naukri.

Business Models for Job Portal App Development

Majorly, job portal app development have any of these business models in mind:

1. Business to Business (B2B)

In the B2B business model, all the employment services are offered to multiple corporate companies, from small startups to large-scale conventional organizations. Amongst the multiple services proposed, the most famous ones include access to resume databases, SMS marketing, vacancy listing, email marketing, and many more.

2. Business to Customers (B2C)

In the business to customer model, there are various job-related facilities offered by the Naukri app for android. These facilities are writing resume outlining, profile enhancement, recruiter reach, premium job opportunities offered to job-seeking candidates.

Must-Have Features that are Required to be Incorporated While You Develop an App Like Naukri

Before we consider the job portal website development cost like Naukri, it is important to discuss the list of must-have features that you must request your custom mobile app development company to incorporate in your portal.

1. Registration

It is one of the basic and significant features to smoothly sign-up with their email ids or directly through their social media accounts.

2. Advanced Filters

Incorporate the advanced filters in your Naukri com clone as filters like job location, job type, salary range, skills and expertise, and many more can help users find the most relevant job. Thus advanced filters can enhance user experience.

3. Build a CV

The first thing that recruiters go through before hiring anyone for any job position is their CV. Thus to create a solid impression in the mind of job seekers, you would be required to build an impressive, appealing, and straightforward resume on the job portal.

4. Preserve Jobs

Suppose you have any plans to develop an app like Naukri. Thus, job seekers can save the job position they like and apply for them later on. It is a great feature to incorporate in your hybrid mobile app development.

5. Job Alerts

Job seekers would get regular alerts for all the new job opportunities in their skills and expertise to right away apply for them.

6. Apply for the Job

Most job portal app development allows their users to apply for the job by just clicking on the apply now button under the application. Thus if you want to develop an app like Naukri, incorporate the apply now as an option on your portal.

7. Profile Creation

One of the significant features that must be incorporated while developing an app like Naukri is to allow your users to build and save their profiles. So that users do not need to fill in their details again and again while they apply for a job. It also helps recruiters to have a glance at their profiles before shortlisting them for the job.

8. Save Candidates Profiles

As discussed above, just as job seekers could save the jobs they like, every recruiter can save the candidate’s profile that drives their attention. These saved profiles can be used for current recruitment or upcoming job opportunities.

9. Payment Integration

You should hire skilled app developers who have gained experience in integrating third-party APIs like payment integration. It helps users to pay easily for any additional services they wish to experience.

10. Contact Option

It would be best if you incorporated a contact option while you develop an app like Naukri. Both job seekers and recruiters should contact each other if job postings or profiles meet their expectations and requirements.

11. In-app Calling

If you integrate the feature on in-app calling, both job seekers and recruiters can call without sharing their numbers. If they do not want to, thus it is included in a must-have feature for additional security. Read more on how much it costs to develop an app like Skype.

12. Job Posting

Depending on the plan, recruiters should post their job positions and mention every detail about the job in the application as this makes it easy for job seekers to find the job that properly fits the requirement and skills.

13. Security

There is a lot of confidential information stored on the job portal, right from users’ personal details to their contact details and resumes. Thus it is very much required for you to ensure data safety for your job portal app development.

These are some of the must-have features that every job portal app development like Naukri should incorporate. As all app development companies would not have expertise in integrating these features, thus you must be very specific in your choice. At the same time, you choose the appropriate custom mobile app development company for you.

Tech Stack for Job Portal App Development

  • Front-End Developer: Angular, Java, Swift, HTML, React, CSS.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web Application.
  • Back-End Developers: Node.js, Python, Laravel.
  • Push Notifications, SMS, and In-App Messaging: Batch.
  • Payment Processing: Braintree SDK, Stripe API, and PayPal API.
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Cloud Environment: Google Cloud, AWS
  • Social Login: Facebook, Google, Twitter APIs

Required Team Structure for Recruitment and Job Portal App Development

It is a bit tiresome to build a job portal, as it requires an appropriate set of professionals with skills and exceptional expertise. Thus it is quite significant to get in touch with a good hybrid mobile app development agency with a team of experienced developers that concentrates on providing you with on-time and goal-based delivery.

The required team of professionals to develop an app like Naukri as are follows:

  • Android and iOS Developers
  • UI/UX Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Backend Developers
  • Testers and QA Professionals

How Much Does a Job Portal Website Development Cost?

It is not easy to get an estimated cost to develop an app like Naukri as various factors are involved in calculating the cost. Like what features you plan to incorporate, App complexity, Job portal design, development time. All of these joined together to determine the overall job portal website development cost. However, to give you a basic idea, we have listed all these factors and explain their effect on the app development cost.

1. Type of Application

The type of application is one of the significant factors that affect the app development cost. Whether you are looking forward to building native app development or cross-platform app development determines the estimated cost. It is because native app development is a bit costlier than cross-platform app development.

Cross-platform app development is a portal that works on a single code base, and applications can operate on various platforms. On the other hand, with native app development, applications are built on OS-specific, and for each platform, the code has to be written from the start. Apart from this, whether you are looking for a mobile app or just a web app that runs on a desktop also plays a major role in determining the cost of your Naukri com clone development.

2. The Design

We all know the significance of a good website design and how it helps businesses to communicate with their users. Be it an app or a website. In the first few seconds of being on your portal, users decide whether they want to continue or want to leave. All you need to do is to hire skilled and proficient UI/UX designers for your job portal app development.

Depending upon the kind of design you opted for, your project will determine the estimated cost for the portal development. If you plan to go with a basic and simple design, it will cost you way less than the one with highly responsive and advanced design, thus increasing your overall job portal website development cost.

3. Complexity

All the applications do not take some time and effort to develop. Thus based on the features and plugins you want to incorporate, it increases and decreases the app development cost. A simple job portal app with basic UI/UX components and some predefined templates and features would take less time and cost than the one developed with customized animations and advanced features.

4. Tools and Technologies Used

Many people don’t consider this factor while estimating the cost, but it is significant. As the tools and technology on which your job portal is being developed may impact the cost. While using some technologies, you might also happen to purchase extra tools and plugins to boost the functionality of the solution, thus affecting the cost.

5. Team size

The cost to develop an app like Naukri depends on the number of people working on it. Most of the time, the app development team includes:

  • Front-end developers
  • Backend developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA and Testers

Thus depending on the size and scale of your project, the team size might vary. Some might have 2 developers working for them, and some applications may require more experienced developers. This might affect the job portal website development cost.

6. Maintenance and Updates

Job portal development is not a single-hand process, and thus you have to reserve some part of your entire budget for ongoing maintenance costs. Once your app development team deploys the app, it might have some issues like eros, version updates, and a lot more that need to be taken care of shortly. These expenses are ongoing, and you have to take care of them and include them in your entire budget.

Thus considering all the factors mentioned above, we can state that developing an app like Naukri can cost around $15,000 to $25,000. This estimated cost is mainly for the job app portal that is developed with basic features and functionalities. If you plan to integrate advanced technologies like IoT and Artificial intelligence, the cost may exceed this range.


The rate of unemployment is continuously increasing, especially after this global pandemic. It has increased the demand and competition among business owners to launch their job portals in the market. However, choosing an appropriate custom mobile app development company is the first step towards the process.

You must hire a team with immense experience developing mobile app solutions for various industries of distinct sizes. Option for the right set of web and app developers will ensure that your project is in the right hands and they can transform your imagination into reality.


There are various ways with which can monetize money, but here are some basic and most common ways they use:
  • Job posting
  • Database Selling
  • Email Selling
  • Premium members

Job portal website development costs from $5,000 to $25,000. A job portal has advanced features and resources that allow people to seek employment and connect with recruiters worldwide. These giants have extensive customer and company networking in most of the functional areas possible.

Naukri does not ask you to pay cash in exchange for a job opportunity. And rather, it is a platform that connects employers and job seekers. Searching for jobs and applying on is free for all job seekers.