There is no specific age to listen to online music but do you know what is the Cost To Develop App Like Spotify?

The one thing that undergoes transformation almost every day is Technology. Earlier we would choose to download songs from the Internet for entertainment but the current era is witnessing more & more utilization of online streaming.

This technology entirely runs on mobile applications & the name that has set a benchmark is Spotify. Several developers these days by gaining inspiration from such apps are always keen to learn about the cost to develop apps like Spotify.

As per research, the Spotify app displayed 12.7% as the annual rate of growth & the year 2021, will be gaining market shares worth US$20,691M. By looking at the figures once can tell that the music streaming application industry will flourish like never before.

An iOS app development company has a robust team of developers who can build fantastic music streaming applications. Let us learn more about the various aspects that make online streaming apps noteworthy & popular.

Spotify User Age Statistics

☛ Varieties Of Music Applications:

When your aim is to create a music app like Spotify, you must first begin by doing a little homework. It will help you understand the exact thing you are aiming to fabricate. The kinds of mobile music applications that are available are:

  • Music streaming app
  • Apps for music brands
  • Music editing app
  • Identification app
  • Music learning app

Learning the answers to these questions is important so that you can get familiar with the entire budget.

How much Spotify premium costs or How much does Spotify cost a month – If you are wondering does Spotify cost money, you must know that it costs $9.99 every month. For students, the price is $4.99.

You must initiate the application development process by keeping the investment capital handy. The amount might be similar as mentioned above or you can choose to keep more as well.

Features That Are A Must In Music Streaming Applications:


If you want to know complete details about Spotify tech stack & also want to create your very own music streaming app, integrating these features is a must. The features are listed as follows:

1. Registration

After premium or free music streaming app installation, users must provide basic information like age, country, name, and contact number for registration purposes.

A sound Spotify developer always utilizes such data for tracking, etc. They can also learn about user preferences in the context of songs. Registration can take place through social media platforms as well as mail.

2. Sharing on social media

You will be surprised to know how reasonable Spotify monthly cost is but yet it is a field with innovative features.

Be it any genre, the albums and songs that you find within the app can all be shared to social media. Such features also ensure immense publicity of the various music streaming applications.

3. Music playlist

In music streaming apps like Spotify, a plethora of songs are accessible. But users will have the option of limiting their playlist as well. This will be according to the level of access.

The developers of the Spotify Android app have also fabricated categories such as Latest Hits and Top 5.

If you are thinking of integrating this particular section in your application, then you must make it extremely eye-catching for attracting more & more listeners.

4. Push notifications

Push notification is a feature that updates whenever the songs of the various users’ choices get shared on social media. Users will receive notifications every time this activity takes place.

5. Discover

Music streaming apps come with a plethora of data. One of the most notable Spotify features is that users can find whatever music they are seeking for, very easily.

So the application you are aiming to offer shape must also comprise an easy search option that will help users discover their preferred albums & songs very easily.

6. Offline music

The available offline Spotify feature is a very big reason for its long list of users and subscribers.

After downloading favorite songs, users can store downloads in their Smartphone’s internal storage. Such a feature proves to be extremely useful when users exhaust data on their phones.

7. Personalization

This feature of Spotify guarantees a fantastic user experience. For ensuring that users are able to benefit from this feature, app developers must design the simple switching of the various themes, offering recommendations for related songs, etc.

8. Bitrate matters

Music streaming in today’s applications like Spotify happens seamlessly because of the format that is unitized namely M3u8. Users can only enjoy music in the best way possible when there are no interruptions.

9. Quality of music

One of the most important deciding factors in context to user experience is the music quality. For faultless music quality, FLAC or lossless is utilized. The preferred earbud size is 320kbits/sec and not 128kbits/sec.

☛ Additional features

While striving to create a fantastic music app like Spotify, it is not sufficient to learn only about Spotify app cost but Spotify features as well.

Some of these additional features along with the attributes mentioned above are a must if you want your music streaming app to top the game.

  • Accessible in numerous languages
  • Ticket booking provisions for various musical events
  • Marking favorite albums or songs
  • Adding chat functionalities
  • Fabricating categorized sections such as user’s favorite and themed radio
  • Maintaining event calendar

Importance of Back-end Technologies:

The fact that it is powered by back end technologies, defines what is Spotify app largely.

You must also ask your application developer to utilize PostgreSQL or Cassandra for making the applications available on both mobile & web platforms.

The major framework to be used can be either Python or JavaScript. Below are some of the tools with which decreasing the cost is possible.

  • Kafka software
  • Bootstrap
  • For storage, utilize Amazon S3
  • Graphwalker
  • Utilization of CEF or chromium embedded framework for desktop
  • Utilization of proxy servers & HTTP

☛ Intelligence Algorithm

Just how it is designed in the Spotify Android app, developers can track recommendation algorithm with the listed three ways:

  • Music data curation through a human medium
  • Utilizing audio analysis
  • A mixture of both

The app developers need to design the algorithm in a way that sorting the liked and disliked tracks by users becomes simple.

This is possible by assessing the feedback offered by users & as per that recommendations can be put forward.

☛ Other Technologies

  • Mandrill – For emails
  • GWT – For robust programming
  • Datastax – For data management
  • PayPal & Braintree – To accept payments
  • Nexmo – For phone verification, SMS & voice
  • Twilio, Bandwidth – For the purpose of push notifications

☛ Stages of Music Application Development

Along with analyzing the cost to develop an app like Spotify, learning about the various music app development stages can ease out the process for you and your developer:

  • Advertising research
  • Prototyping
  • UX/UI design
  • Making arrangements for technical specifications
  • Testing
  • Release & music app support

Important facts about Spotify:

Spotify App

☛ Background

Spotify music app founders are namely Martin Lorentzon & Daniel Ek.

Spotify initiated as a petite start-up in the country Stockholm, Sweden. By witnessing the rising piracy issue in the then music industry, the makers developed this platform in the year 2006.

How does Spotify Work?

Spotify is the legal way of listening to podcasts & streaming music online.

Licensing tracks from both minor & major record labels, the company disburse an undisclosed amount to right holders depending on the number of times the users of Spotify listen to every track.

It is possible to listen to all the albums on the platform along with playlists that are fabricated by Spotify artists & staff.

People can listen to music on this platform for free as Spotify is also one of the best free music streaming apps available. Individuals can also choose to pay for the service, Spotify premium.

The paid membership feature confiscates any kind of advertisement from the application & also facilitates song downloading for listening offline.

☛ Spotify Features:

  • Search
  • Shuffle play
  • Sharing podcasts and music
  • Spotify radio
  • Podcasts
  • Your library
  • Download podcasts and music
  • Audio settings
  • View lyrics
  • Videos

☛ Technology Stack:

  • Bootstrap
  • Hadoop
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Storm
  • Cassandra
  • Google Cloud Bigtable
  • Amazon S3
  • Google BigQuery
  • Kafka
  • Google Cloud Dataflow
  • Python
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Lookback
  • Google Analytics
  • Hub framework
  • Optimizely
  • Twilio SendGrid
  • Docker
  • Pingdom
  • New Relic
  • Percy
  • TestFlight
  • Datadog
  • Helios
  • Apache CloudStack
  • AdRoll
  • G Suite
  • Qualaroo
  • Blossom


☛ Compatibility

Both Spotify premium & free users can access the platform by utilizing Spotify applications for iPhone, Windows, Android devices, Mac, etc

☛ Share experience

Using Spotify for music streaming can be a social experience too.

Once Spotify is linked to your particular Facebook account, family & friends can witness the songs you are listening to and you will also have the option of sharing your preferred songs with your loved ones.


☛ Accessible in restricted countries

Spotify can be accessed by people of very few countries namely Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, North America, Oceania. Other countries simply miss the experience.

☛ Lacking on the lyrics feature

The platform has removed its own lyrics attribute. This is not at all useful for individuals who prefer reading lyrics while listening to music.

Spotify Music Application Development

Cost To Develop App Like Spotify Application:

The basic application rate of the Spotify app development charge will be $15,000 for MVP. The cost to Develop Online Music Streaming App Like Spotify will cost you $35000 for the iOS App platform and $25000 for the Andriod App platform.


In this content, we mull over the major cost to develop apps like Spotify. As Spotify is not largely accessible in several countries, the need and demand for such kinds of applications are high.

Thereby the initial cost estimate that an Android App Development Company can present in front of you for building similar apps like Spotify between $25000 to $45000.

You can even choose to increase the budget if you want to get hands-on an app that carries the complete potential to be unbeaten. To do this, thorough research is mandatory & also you will need to integrate the benefits & features Spotify provides to its users.

It will be challenging but not impossible. You just require an appropriate plan and will need to execute it cautiously.

We are equipped with a team of highly experienced and professional developers’ who will complete the entire music streaming app development process with precision. Contact us today for getting the best solutions at the best prices.

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