Recently, mobile users have blasted all over the world. They find the great concept of easier, convenient e-shopping enthralling. According to Statista research, the business value of the world m-commerce will now spread up to $460 billion in 2018 and 700 billion in 2019.

In addition, the equal report estimates growth of mobile retail commerce sales associated to the entire e-commerce market from 35 to nearly 40% in 2018 and claims that in 2021 m-commerce will be above 50% of entire e-commerce compass.

Also, it’s only a beginning point. Mobile commerce apps are so appropriate and convenient that people believe them more day to day. And if you feel uneasy about data, here are the neutral grounds why a mobile shopping app development is the prospect of the e-commerce domain:

We even meet array businesses that have an e-commerce website but the absence of a mobile commerce app. With the varying market changing aspects increasingly businesses are seeing to augment their current possibility of business with a mobile app.

The e-commerce industry is not anymore distinct either. However, building an app from scratch is an expensive matter for small-time businesses and startups operating online marketplaces.

A substitute methodology that we recommend our consumers who wish to build a mobile commerce app is to influence on their current e-commerce websites. The current decreases the price of app development, significantly. Likewise, e-commerce apps derived from efficient websites take lesser time to market.

Adjusting a Mobile Commerce App from an E-commerce Website

An organized procedure promises that the consequential app is not only set for analysis on time but also has insignificant bugs at the same time of circulation. In this case, the Best E-commerce development Company India USA and linked mobile commerce apps are going to share a similar database.

Only the exhibition of the information is going to differ from website to mobile commerce app.

1. Platform Identification

There are lots of e-commerce platforms to craft websites available in the marketplace from developed enterprise-grade Content Management Systems like Magento to WordPress plugin such as WooCommerce. When it comes to building an app out of a website designed form of one of these platforms, recognizing the platform is vital.

2. Building a reliable look and feel

As we are leveraging on a present e-commerce website that customers are familiarized with, it will be a shrewd change to keep the acquainted look all over the network of websites and mobile applications.

Therefore, it is significant to keep this look and feel all over the board. A reliable look is also crucial for branding purpose. The app appearance should redirect that of the website continually and vice-a-versa.

Any reliability is uncalled for and maybe set against users.

3. API development

A CMS is a secure configuration of software modules that make it easy to build a website. Magento is one such CMS that, mainly, build e-commerce web development very easily and insightful. As all the software elements: platform, web server, database, and frontend are part of a similar structure; they can give-and-take data without any concern.

There is no security threat as such as the entire constituents are buttons by a similar party.

Thus, to build an app from a similar database as the e-commerce website, API developers have to build a number of APIs. However, a lot of APIs were presented from the publisher’s website, developers every so often have to build a lot from the reference design.

4. API integration

A strong integration of APIs and the application appearance is significant for the app to work professionally. The view includes more and more information about the product. There is fixed information which adheres to the page and then there is solid information that is dragged by the API from the server.

For example, product values are a matter to alter and should be drawn from the server by the application before viewing it to the consumer.

5. Testing

Testing is the most essential part of an application’s post-development stage. Similarly, a mobile commerce app is established for several factors. The quality analysis team makes sure the app is accommodating with the clients or an average quality limit like ISO 9001.

6. Deployment

A good quality mobile commerce app after done public analysis is uploaded to an Application Store for circulation. Usually, the app stores are the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, there are various 3rd party app stores.

By itself, mobile apps hold plenty of benefits to an active website. There are motives people are turning towards a mobile-app strategy. E-commerce retailers are maintaining on the app over the website.


E-commerce as any other industry has its weird features that must be taken into consideration while building an application for an online store. Appropriately developed and combined into an app, they can carry an abundance of benefits. Let’s reflect some vital features for a successful e-commerce app.

Notifications: Thus, you can keep up a correspondence with the consumers. Whatever message you send will be read although an app is functioning in the contextual.

Social Media: Streamline the procedure of registering by letting the users make use of their profiles. Likewise, it’s vital to be present in widespread social networks.

Ease of Use: Keep your app exceptionally easy to use. To create an online sale, you have a few minutes if not seconds. Pay attention to user experience while building an app.

Related Items: Only the idiom “you might like” causes growth of serotonin and one and all continues searching for a perfect product. Associated items build a self-styled tackiness effect.

Special Offers: Special offers are a recognized marketing tool to encourage a buyer. Also, the sale balances also ascend.

Security: Online transactions have in recent times become our day-to-day schedule. And taking into consideration the following point, e-shops are anticipated objectives for cybercriminals.

Wish List: Add a demand list feature that a consumer can share with others through e-mail or any other social network platform, and obtain a free advertising tool with an integral social proof.

Payments: Advanced and safe payments are a compulsory and significant feature for all e-commerce apps. There are lots of online payment gateways but opt for one that easily suits your target consumers like PayPal for US market, Payoneer for Europe, etc.


Thus, you can easily able to turn your e-commerce store into M-Commerce app with the help of Top mobile app development service that offers step wide guidelines to make your e-commerce store truly a great m-commerce store with the more efficient process.