Sensor Tower reported that the App Store from Apple in 2020 will see 5 million apps, which is double its size today.

While Android apps will catch up, because last reported, they had 2.6 million apps.

So, as a Mobile App Development Company, you know it is time to jump on new innovations, Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020 especially.

Hybrid mobile applications are creating quite the buzz today, so what is it? A Hybrid App is one that blends components of both Web and native applications.

Native applications are generated for a particular platform and established on a computing machine.

Web applications are created for various platforms and not established locally but created accessible over the Internet via a browser.

Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks in 2019-2020:

1. Onsen UI

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Onsen UI is a Hybrid App Development Framework that is open source and well-outfitted minus Angular JS requirement.

It is also equipped with a helpful documentation set that defines all the minute details with instances of general application frameworks.

It offers ease of application for developers to create apps by setting together native-looking elements also.

✍ Features of Onsen UI:

  • Compatible with Angular JS and jQuery
  • Open-source and free
  • Features in the tool like in-built Theme Roller, Screen Transition, Font Awesome, and many more

2. Longrange

Longrange is another framework for native mobile app development that has elements like commands, navigation tabs, and form views.

The framework is essentially based on two sources – the app development and the brief process of maintenance. With the assistance of current tools like CL, RPG, or COBOL together with Longrange, you can develop an app for users as soon as possible.

As Longrange is a native development app, it doesn’t depend on JavaScript, HTML, or CSS like a conventional hybrid app would.

✍ Features of Longrange:

  • Compatible with DDS, RPG, and CL
  • Fast native app run-time
  • Development can be carried out without the knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, or HTML

3. Mobincube

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Mobincube is an excellent application framework that offers its users the simplicity of creating any type of mobile app.

It is among the best tools that are there to create native apps for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. The tool is easy to use; you can just add elements and screens to create the foundation of your app.

If you are new to custom mobile app development, Mobincube has readymade templates that could be applied to make the best app for your business with no coding possible.

You can create apps for healthcare, entertainment, education, or business.

If you want to display your technical skills, you can display your development expertise by attaching JavaScript, HTML for extra functionality.

✍ Features of Mobincube:

  • Provision to develop mobile stores to boost sales
  • 3rd-party integration inside the app
  • Customization to the last level inside the app
  • Free account provisions to test out available features
  • Unlimited storage
  • Cross-platform compatibility

4. Qt

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Qt is a multi-application software development kit that provides deployment structure, development, and cost-effective design.

This tool can be used easily by developers to deliver the best user experience possible over a massive range of handheld devices.

Qt is an answer that allows you to link all the gaps over several platforms and also among the physical, and online experiences.

It also allows you to expedite Android App Development and development on other platforms.

It also offers you the chance for personalized and contextual communication with customers beyond the main product itself.

✍ Features of Qt:

  • Offers excellent workarounds for SSL servers that are buggy
  • Qt Offers support for dual-mode and IPv6 networks
  • Offers support for obscure Private keys
  • Extra implementation offering compiler and parser optimization on the tool

5. Alpha Anywhere

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Alpha Anywhere is a Hybrid App Development framework that is low code and a quick deployment framework that allows the fastest way to develop offline-compatible mobile and web apps.

It can be also applied to create cross-platform mobile and web business apps. It can easily be faced as a one-stop store for all development for your desktop, mobile, and web application.

✍ Features of Alpha:

  • Data encryption with SSL and HMAC support
  • Enterprise-level mobile data safety
  • Readymade sample apps for cross confirmation
  • Offers intensive backend data support

6. Firebase

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Firebase is an App Development Framework in 2020 that supports Android, iOSX, iOS, and web clients.

It holds the capacity to remove the time that is consumed in the phase of development and also makes sure servers and data storage is not being messed it.

✍ Features of Firebase:

  • Cloud service support
  • Data storage in the shape of native JSON
  • 2048-bit SQL encryption for guaranteed data storage
  • Google cloud storage for file storage
  • Integration with AngularJS

7. Swiftic

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Swiftic is a dedicated iOS App Development software. This tool offers an easy and navigable interface that lets any developer develop an app based on the requirements of the outlaid business.

This tool has plenty of features that make the application for business more helpful and also is easy on your eyes and hands.

✍ Features of Swiftie:

  • Custom application provision
  • Push notifications
  • Easy way to contact customers round the clock

8. VuForia

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Last but certainly not least, we have VuForia on this list. VuForia is an augmented reality SDK.

This Best Hybrid App Development frameworks lets developers generate applicated based on AR technology.

This also ushers in the application of Computer Vision tech to identify and also monitor images and #D objects.

This not only assures a reliable and robust experience in several environments but also acts as a way to cross-check functions effortlessly.

✍ Features of VuForia:

  • Identifies and monitors a wider variety of objects
  • Extends support for most popular handheld devices
  • Creation of the most basic AR experience compatible with most devices
  • Capability to make virtual buttons
  • Support for video playback
  • Development of 3D experiences


This has been a comprehensive list of the eight Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks and there are many more hybrid app frameworks out there, so if you are to Hire Mobile App Developer for your app, this is the time.

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