As of May 2019, there are 2.6 million apps in the Google Play Store. And between March to May, 132,000-142,000  apps were added to the Google Play Store.

Mobile App Development is now seen as a lucrative business, so if you have an app and you want to put it on the Google Play Store, you need people to see it and the only way they can see your app is to improve higher ranking in play store.

To get noticed, you need better rankings to stay ahead of the competition and attract more users. Today, we will look at the 15 Best Way to Improve Mobile App Ranking.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the method of mobile application optimization in order to attain the greatest rate of conversion to download and maximum discernibility in app stores.

So, the process of ASO is not just about traffic but also about the rate of conversion. You might even name it App Store SEO since it is so similar to SEO with websites.

Basically, the higher the visibility, the better the chances you will have your app getting downloaded. Therefore, App Store Optimization is the secret behind getting Top Rankings for Apps.

15 Best Way to Improve Mobile App Ranking:

We will look at 15 best strategies to maximize the ASO for your Android Games and Apps.

1. Determine your Market and Customer

The primary thing that you require to do to create your plan on ranking apps on Play Store is examining your customer and its requirements and understanding your corner in the market.

Market analysis performs a very important function here. For a precise opinion, ask yourself the subsequent questions:

  • What is the lingo your users use on your app?
  • How would users define your app?
  • Why would they download their app?
  • What is your app’s USP compared to your rivals?
  • What are the keywords your customers are focusing on?
  • How can these keywords give you an edge?

2. Keywords

Once you have approached the preceding questions, the following step is to brainstorm keywords for the app. It can be anything which is connected to the app and its functions. Some of the major details to recognize for keyword optimization are:

  • Discover the extremely searched keywords but not especially the contentious ones
  • If your app is related to some of the current apps now in existence, apply their names also in the information of your app.

3. App Ratings

The part performed by app ratings is extremely important.

The more ratings there are, the higher your app climbs on the rankings. For more favorable ratings, your app needs to be of high-grade quality.

Some critical features to counter bad reviews on your applications are:

  • Have email addresses where users can reach you for questions and complaints
  • A website for support
  • Frequent upgrades to the app
  • Fix bugs
  • Always request for second reviews after bugs/problems are fixed

4. A/B Testing

Including an ASO plan for Google Play is a method that includes app optimization for off-metadata and on-metadata.

On-metadata things are the ones that are controlled by the developers, such feature graphic, title, screenshots, developer name, icon, description.

Off-metadata things are that not under the Mobile App Development Company or the developer, such as user reviews, download volumes, and ratings.

You might create the best icon, but you can’t depend on your own feeling here and the response by the user may not be what you expect. This is why you need A/B testing before you make any changes in the components that can affect conversion.

Those components are mainly the graphics: localized texts, feature graphics, icons, and screenshots. To execute the testing, you need to make two various versions of your component and contrast them against each other.

During the test, half of your traffic will go to version A and the other half to B. You can then compare both to examine the results and figure out which changes proved successful.

5. URL

Firstly, the URL is the initial thing you must consider because once it is set, it cannot be changed later.

In the Play Store, like in the web search on Google, keywords must be included in the URL or domain act as a powerful factor for ranking for app search.

You can check out this interesting Nintendo case study they did for Super Mario Run that included keywords like the ‘zara’ in the URL.

6. Developer Name

The developer’s names will also Increase App Ranking in the Google Play Store.

Besides that, Google prefers apps from developers who have a good reputation and places them above over everyone else in searches.

Adding keywords in the developer’s name is helpful.

7. Title

The app’s title in the Play Store is another Best Way to Improve Mobile App Ranking on-metadata part to be accounted for.

It impacts the search results, above all, but also the rate of conversion to download. You are only allowed 50 characters by Google, so use them carefully.

Keep the brand name brief, simple to spell, and convenient to memorize for users. Include your latest keywords along with your brand name. These can Increase App Ranking in Google Play Store keywords rankings.

Keep in mind that you can attach one title in every language to localize the app. The world of mobile is international, so when you add in more languages, you may receive traffic from places you didn’t even expect.

8. Descriptions

Google Play descriptions are especially significant because it is an On-Metadata part that is accountable for Conversion and Search.

Firstly, the description serves the objective to boost app ranking in the search algorithm on the Google Play Store, so it needs to be searchable.

Secondly, descriptions have to be actionable so potential users can be coaxed to download the app.

The highest description length in Google Play is around 4000 characters.

The best way to accommodate your target keywords a few times and it is significant to consider the primary ones first and in the last to advance keyword rankings. Unlike the App Store on iOS devices, Google lists all the content in your app description that helps with ASO.

Here are some tips that can help you with a flawless description:

  • Use the most possible quantity of characters for the description; 3000 to 3500 characters is okay
  • Localize the definition to every possible language
  • Look for long-tail and mid-tail keywords and attach them to the description
  • Use bullet points to arrange the information in a visual and precise way for users
  • Define the app’s best feature
  • Write in brief paragraphs without overwhelming it with information
  • You can include emojis
  • If your app has won an award or a content, boast about it
  • Call-to-action must be included to urge users
  • Support the description with your profiles or links on social media to user communities of the app
  • You can further check with Google to see what they require you to do

☛ Short Description

In the Play Store, the brief description of the app has a powerful impact on the ASO in conversion rate and keywords rankings; they enhance App Downloads More impacts you’re ranking.

You are again only allowed 80 characters by Google, so if you want, you can expand this description within the app or game.

A well-written brief description highlights of all the best features about your game or app. You can add an emoji here as well.

9. Icon

An icon is the initial visual impression that your Mobile App Services will have on your user.

When the search results come in, users will see way too many apps with various names and icons, and at this moment, they will make up mind about which app to check and download.

A stunning, appealing icon is a critical part of the appearance of the app, and it impacts the conversion directly.

Additionally, the icon, along with the developer and title, are the things that your users will see in the search inside the app store, so these components are ones that have the most impression on the search ASO.

Here are some tips to make sure your icon is perfect:

  • Make your icon consistent with the objective of your game or app
  • Stick to the app’s overall style
  • Check what your competition is doing and be changed
  • Use bright colors to attract attention
  • Avoid large texts inside your icon
  • Play with easy patterns and corresponding colors
  • When you add borders to an icon to make sure they are more visible
  • Follow the design trends, be creative and contemporary
  • Keep testing and testing again!

10. Feature Graphic

Another primary component conversion rate is the feature graphic that is shown on Google Play before the screenshots. Essential requirements for features graphics, as given by Google, are:

  • 24-bit PNG or JPEG
  • Dimensions- 1024x500px

You can follow these easy tips when creating your feature graphic to Increase App Ranking in Google Play Store:

  • Do not include any critical textual or visual information close to the border and in the bottom part of the graphic
  • The logo, text, or information should be in the center both vertically and horizontally
  • Use bigger font sizes for words
  • Make sure you feature graphic can be utilized on its own without the app icon, so keep to your style and ensure it is identifiable
  • A/B test the graphic to check which is better for the conversion rate for downloads
  • Take an opportunity to change the themes according to the season, critical declarations, or a Christmas holiday
  • Keep in mind to localize the feature graphic along with the definition and name, unless it includes text

11. Promo Video

They say an image is worth a 100 words, then we say a video must be meriting 1000 images then. In the Google Play Store, you can attach a video from YouTube to boost app ranking.

If you are involved in Android App Development, you know one size does not fit all, what works with iOS, won’t work with Android, and you have to optimize separately for each store.

The promo video’s thumbnail will have the feature graphic and put it before screenshots.

Your video can be localized too and for that, you just need to upload your video in various languages, or just upload a transcript that Google will instantly change according to the user’s language settings.

Did you know video views from YouTube also helps in SEO and ASO? You can look at Vivino’s case study for more tips. Also, remember to A/B test your video before you upload it.

12. Screenshots

Like the feature and icon graphic, screenshots do not impact the search algorithm but they affect the conversion rate to download.

To show what’s on the side and what the best features are, screenshots are helpful. It is up to the users next if they like what they see or not, and if they want it, therefore, it is very critical to grab their attention from the initial screenshot.

In the Google Play Store, you add a maximum of eight screenshots for every type of device supported, while the least requirement for Google is only two screenshots, and they must have the following specifics:

  • 24-bit PNG or JPEG
  • dimension- 320px
  • dimension- 3840px

Of course, you do not limit yourself to only two screenshots. You can get creative and capture your users by showing the best features of your app.

The screenshots do not even have to be real screenshots; you can go for storytelling and develop a collection of stunning images to define your app’s best features.

13. External Promotion

It is a subject of experience that the higher traffic you direct to your mobile app ranking, the higher it will list in search results.

To make yourself stand out and gain higher traffic, you need a wider presence.

You must establish your presence online, by utilizing multiple content blogs and social media platforms, requesting reviews and press, and spending on online advertisement.

14. Localization

App publishers must alter the screenshots, title, and description of their app in local languages also.

This ensures your app is more user-friendly and will assist users to correlate with it easily.

15. App Uninstalls

Besides, ratings and reviews, how many users quit using your app also shows the app’s quality.

It is also a subject of experience that the Google play store follows the rates of an app’s uninstallation in order to evaluate the position of an app.


Now that you the Best Ways to Improve Mobile App Ranking, so Hire App developers to make the best app and the best ASO to get a higher download!