Instagram is currently the most popular photo-sharing platform. You might be thinking how are we so sure of that? The fact that Instagram users hit the like button approximately 4.2 billion times in a day says it all! There are times when you might have loved an Instagram post so much that you wanted to save it. But Instagram doesn’t allow that easily. There is always a question among the users, “How to download Instagram photos and videos?”

So, here is a list of apps that will help you download Instagram photos and videos on Android & iOS devices. As this is quite an unexplored niche, it is a good idea to hire a mobile app development company to develop a similar application for you.

Instagram Videos and Photos Downloader Apps:

Let’s get started with the list of best apps to download Instagram photos and videos for both – Android & iOS!

Instagram Images Download Apps – Android:

1. FastSave for Instagram

FastSave is one of the best Instagram video downloader and image downloader app. You can save the Instagram photos on your device and view them even when you are offline. You also get the option to repost the saved pictures without any watermark on it.

An interesting fact is that FastSave allows unlimited downloads. Thus, FastSave gives you complete freedom to download Instagram videos and photos.

Feature List:

  • You can see quick saved stories in a bar on the top of the main screen
  • Know details of the user by a long press on the saved picture
  • Quick download
  • Repost, share and delete photos from this app
  • Hide your saved pictures in a secret locker

Download FastSave for Instagram

2. Saver Reposter for Instagram

We have only been talking about Instagram image downloader apps but what about descriptions and hashtags of your favorite posts? Saver Reposter is here for you! The Saver Reposter app will enable you to copy text, copy hashtags and save images/videos. Once done, you also have the option to share the pictures/videos that you have saved from the app itself. Due to all these reasons, Saver Reposter is one of the best apps to download Instagram photos.

Feature List:

  • Shift between the Saver and app in a single click
  • You can copy the post’s description too
  • Copy only hashtags from the description or copy only the description without hashtags
  • Supports background downloading

3. Video Downloader for Instagram Repost App

This is again one of the top Instagram pic download apps. The app will enable you to download all the Instagram and IGTV content on your device because you can repost the videos/photos from platforms such as Vine and Instagram. What’s more? You can copy the tags too from these platforms.

Apart from all this, it is a free Instagram downloader app to get all your work done in one click. All these elements combined definitely make it one of the popular apps to download Instagram photos. If you are planning for Android app development in USA, then this app can definitely serve as an inspiration!

Feature List:

  • Download Instagram photos and videos
  • Save photos and videos in your gallery
  • Copy hashtags
  • You can download IGTV too
  • Share your photos and videos

4. Regrann – Repost for Instagram

Regrann is also one of the popular Instagram video downloader apps that allow users to repost. Don’t forget this reposting is without the requirement of users’ accounts and without watermarks. You just have to select the “Copy share URL” option and get your preferred image or video.

If you want some more features like scheduled posts then you can go for the Regrann Pro app. It allows you to schedule posts as per your convenience.

After reading this, we are sure you will agree that Regrann is one of the best apps to download Instagram pics.

Feature List:

  • No in-app purchases
  • Download photos and videos immediately
  • Quickly repost the pictures/videos without leaving the application
  • Enable/disable watermarks as per your requirement
  • Option to add signatures

Download Regrann – Repost for Instagram

5. Quick Save

Quick Save is similar to all other apps to download Instagram photos and videos. Once you are done downloading the content, you can repost or share the same with your friends.

 You might be wondering then why is it unique? Quick Save is one of the few Instagram video downloader apps that comes with in-built features to edit images/videos.

You can edit the images or videos with a wide range of filters and editing tools. To make it more interesting, you also have the option of grid styling and phot-splits for your photos/videos.

Feature List:

  • Select the “Copy Share URL” and download
  • Beautiful UI design
  • Download pictures/videos quickly
  • The option of editing tools

Download Quick Save

6. InstaGet

The InstaGet application will help you save videos and pictures from Instagram so that you don’t have to reload your account every time you want to see them.

This app to download Instagram photos and videos is an absolute necessity for all the people who instantly want to have their favorite pictures.

Feature List:

  • Download all Instagram photos and videos
  • Repost & Share
  • Copy tags from Instagram
  • The option of saving Instagram photos/videos in the device gallery

Instagram Photo Download Apps – iOS

1. 4K Stogram (macOS/Windows/Ubuntu)

A noteworthy Instagram downloader & viewer for macOS, Linux and PC, 4K Stogram is a cross-platform application intended towards high quality social networking experience.

With this app, saving backups of all Instagram profiles becomes a breeze. It is possible to browse photos anytime & anywhere as the app offers access to numerous Instagram accounts.

The app is a highly intuitive one. All you require doing is open the application – search for an Instagram hashtag or username in the search bar – benefit from the technology of Geotagging & click Subscribe & you are done!

Feature list:

  • Download stories – Accumulate short-living ongoing videos & images from Instagram account for varied purposes
  • Backup account in seconds – With the app, just a click is required for downloading images from Instagram accounts
  • Export & import subscriptions – The app offers users the liberty of keeping all subscriptions database protected as they export & import following massive computer reinstallations. With this feature, no account or image will ever be lost.

Download 4K Stogram

2. Repost for Instagram – Repostly

Repostly is an amazing app to download Instagram videos and photos which allows you to repost any of the Instagram photos.

Its UI is user-centric and allows you to navigate through the app seamlessly. If you want to repost a photo then you don’t need to login to your Instagram account.

Just copy the desired URL in the Repostly app and you are good to go.

Feature List:

  • Repost unlimited photos
  • Repost unlimited videos
  • No need to do in-app purchases for buying coins to repost
  • Repostly makes use of Instagram public API and relies on Instagram servers

Download Repost for Instagram – Repostly

3. Instant Save for Instagram

As the name itself suggests you can save Instagram photos and videos directly to your phone gallery. The method to do it remains the same. Copy the desired URL in this app to download your favorite videos/images.

Also, Instant Save for Instagram will add content credits taking care of the copyright of the owner. All these things make it one of the top apps to download Instagram photos.

The only disadvantage of using this Instagram video downloader is that sometimes it may slow down your smartphone.

4. SaveIG

There are not many apps to save videos from Instagram for the iOS platform. SaveIG is not free to use but comes with a cost of $0.99. I

t will add a SaveIG widget on your phone making it a user-friendly Instagram video downloader. You have the option to download Instagram photos and videos through the iOS widget or through the SaveIG application.

This Instagram video downloader app has a simple user interface that makes it one of the top choices for iOS users.

5. InsSave

InsSave will also cost you $0.99 from your pockets. However, this Instagram photo downloader app definitely seems useful if you are someone who regularly downloads content from Instagram.

The best part? It is extremely easy to use! All you have to do is copy the link from Instagram to the InsSave app and you can download IG videos and photos. This Instagram video downloader is lightweight but may also crash sometimes while downloading videos. It will do the job for you though.

6. Save Pro for Instagram

Save Pro will cost you a little more than other Instagram video download apps. Be prepared to almost $2 if you want to use it.

Copy the URL of the image/video that you want to download to this app. Save Pro will also add the content credits to the image/video that you have downloaded.

Even though it is a paid app, Save Pro still has ad images.


Impressed by the list of Instagram video downloader apps that we just discussed? Well, you can have your own application! Just go for Android or iOS app development in the USA! If you don’t want to launch your application on both platforms as that might be too much investment for starters, then you can always choose one.

As mentioned earlier as this niche is not much explored yet, the chances of success for your application are higher. If you are not familiar with the software development world, there is also an option of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

An MVP is basically the trial version of your application with minimum but essential features and low development cost. In this way, an MVP allows you to test your application with your target audience and get real feedback from them. Now, that you know what your audience likes/dislikes in your application, you can improve your app and launch it again on a larger scale.

If you are still not convinced then let us give you the last but not least reason to go for Instagram downloader apps. As we all know that Instagram doesn’t allow downloads by default, these apps can be considered a revolutionary idea.

Instagram downloader apps have changed the way people use Instagram. Moreover, if you make the app free for users, you are bound to become popular among your target audience. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff that does the job for them?

Just make sure that your app works seamlessly on all devices. If you are providing the app for free you can always earn from other means such as in-app advertisements and more.

You already have a unique selling point for your application to make it popular? Do you have doubts about whether that idea can be implemented or not? Do you want an estimate for your app idea? Reach out to our experts in a few clicks on [email protected] and discuss the practical implementation of your idea!

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