Music has become a constant need for millennials. We need music for everything that we do – right from household chores to office work. How many times have you come across a song whose lyrics you didn’t understand? What’s the first thing that you do? You Google the lyrics! Mobile apps have taken care of this too. Here is a list of some of the best lyrics apps that you can use.

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Best Lyrics Apps for Android and iOS:

Without much further ado, let’s see our compilation of some of the best apps for lyrics!

1. Shazam

It is not only one of the most preferred music and lyrics apps but also one of the best lyrics apps. Shazam is loved by people across the world to immediately identify the songs and their lyrics.

Shazam will give you access to tracks, lyrics, and videos in a single click. All these media files can be added to the music list or even purchase.

Feature List:

  • Identify music on the go
  • Add music to your Spotify playlist
  • Offline lyric finder
  • Recommend songs to find new music
  • Sync with multiple devices

Download link for Android & iOS

2. Musixmatch – Lyrics for your Music

Musixmatch is rightly one of the best lyrics apps available in the market. You can search song lyrics from the huge database of Musixmatch. You can sync it for lyrics with other platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Pandora and more.

So, which feature sets Musixmatch apart from other similar apps? Well, it can translate the song lyrics for you on the go! This feature helps people from across the globe to understand a song in their local language.

Furthermore, it can be connected to other devices such as wearables and smart TVs so that you can see song lyrics on the device of your preference.

If you are ready for the premium package then you get additional features such as party mode, ad removal, and offline lyrics. What’s more? In the party mode, you can sing along to a song with a word to word syncing.

Feature List:

  • Integration with Pandora, Spotify, and Youtube, etc
  • Real-time notifications for Floating lyrics
  • Language translation
  • Identify the song running in the background
  • Song information and cover art

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3. Lyrics Mania – Music Player

If you want to know your songs perfectly then Lyrics Mania is the perfect lyric song finder app. It is a clone of the Musixmatch application but Lyrics Mania has implemented some features in a better way than Musixmatch. Lyrics Mania can be considered a one-stop solution due to its features like automatic lyrics grabbing and music ID recognition.

Want to know something fun about this app? The Postcard feature in Lyrics Mania will enable you to craft an image with quotes from the lyrics of songs. This amazing combination of features makes Lyrics Mania one of the best lyrics apps for iPad and Android.

Feature List:

  • High-quality lyrics database
  • Listen to music and get lyrics in real-time
  • Integration support with external players
  • Identify the song that is playing in the background quickly
  • Support for MusicID

Download link for Android & iOS

4. Genius – Song Lyrics & more

Genius is a music lyrics search app for people who want to enjoy every segment of a song. Although it does not have an in-built music player it’s still considered to be one of the best lyrics apps. Just like Musixmatch, Genius will display the lyrics of songs that are playing in another app.

The unique feature of Genius is that it will also tell you the background story of the songs. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all the music players to provide you free music lyrics.

Feature List:

  • A music library of 1.7 million songs
  • Annotated lyrics for every song
  • Verified lyrics and other content from artists and producers
  • Integration with external players

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5. QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics

If you have experience in using a free lyrics app for Android then you might be knowing how the display of lyrics works. The app will fetch lyrics of only the song that you are currently playing. It means that you will have to fetch the lyrics of every song individually.

This is where Quick Lyric wins the game! Once installed, the app will scan the entire music library and find the exact lyrics. Then it will fetch all the lyrics of the songs which you can access anytime you want.

You don’t require the internet after the download is completed. QuickLyric also supports external music players. For instance, Google Play Music, Napster, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

We hope now there are no doubts as to why QuickLyric holds a spot in the list of best lyrics apps. In fact, if you are planning to hire an Android app development company India then we suggest QuickLyric is a perfect inspiration!

Feature List:

  • Synchronized lyrics
  • Floating lyrics to do other tasks simultaneously
  • Quick lyrics download for the entire music library
  • Apply night mode and themes
  • Offline song lyrics

6. Lyrically – Music Lyrics

Lyrically is backed by Lyric Wikia with an easy to understand interface. It is a collaborative venture where anyone can contribute to the lyrics database. It is basically a platform by the fans and for the fans.

Whenever you play songs on any external player, you can see its name on the top of the Lyrically app. If lyrics for that song are available then the lyrics button will be highlighted.

Even though it doesn’t support the music identification feature, you can directly pause, play or forward songs from this app. Also, you can share your favorite lyrics with your friends. No doubt Lyrically earned a place in some of the best lyrics apps.

Feature List:

  • Clean interface
  • Play, pause or forward songs directly from Lyrically
  • Share lyrics with friends

7. Soundhound Music Search

Soundhound is again one of the best lyrics apps for Android with some different features. You will get real-time Karaoke like lyrics for songs as well as videos.

Have you ever heard of a hands-free search in a lyrics app? Soundhound has got that too! Just say the magic words,” OK Hound, what’s that song?”

Other hands-free features are access to playlists, news about emerging artists, SoundHound music history, playback controls, popular tracks across the globe and much more! We have not told you the best feature yet.

You can sing or hum to find a song! Never heard of that before right? All these amazing set of features make SoundHound one of the best lyrics apps.

Feature List:

  • Hands-free lyrics searching
  • Real-time Karaoke-style lyrics for songs and videos
  • Option to find a song by singing or humming

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8. Camena

Camena is again one of the best lyrics apps for iPhone to see the lyrics of the current song you are listening to. Just swipe left to enjoy the album art and also easily access other songs on the album.

Swiping right will give you details about the current artist as well as similar ones. Camena will work in the offline mode but only for the lyrics that are saved in your local drive.

Feature List:

  • Share your favorite lyrics on social media platforms
  • User-friendly
  • Offline mode

9. Lyricsmint

Lyricsmint is exclusively dedicated to Bollywood songs. You can get lyrics of all the latest Bollywood/Hindi movie songs and even for some non-film songs.

It’s not necessary that we will spell the song titles right every time. So, Lyricsmint covers up for your spelling errors while searching for song lyrics. Not only that you can save your favorite set of lyrics with Lyricsmint.

Feature List:

  • Dedicated to Bollywood music
  • Takes care of spelling errors while searching songs
  • Save favorite lyrics

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10. Lyrics Grabber

There are times when a developer in the race to achieve something extraordinary forgets the primary function of an app. But that is not the case with Lyrics Grabber. It is the perfect example of a simple and highly functional song search by lyrics app.

We agree that it does not have a lot of functionalities like Musixmatch but it solves the primary purpose precisely. You can find the lyrics to your favorite song without distractions.

Lyrics Grabber will quickly fetch lyrics of the song currently playing as well as display the list of all available songs on your device.

Feature List:

  • Automated lyrics download of all songs on the device
  • User-friendly
  • Requires less storage space
  • Option to edit lyrics
  • Offline lyrics

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We have tried to list all kinds of best lyrics apps for both Android and iOS in this article. We are pretty sure that by now you have understood how these lyrics apps work.

If you are planning to get your own mobile app developed then you can choose some of the features of these apps and add some of your own features. It will be an interesting mix of familiar as well as unique elements.

However, we do suggest that you make some important decisions about launching your app before going ahead with it. For instance, choosing the platform to launch your application. Depending on that you can hire an Android or iOS app development company India.

If you are not too tech-savvy then you can always talk to your technology partner. The right partner will suggest you the most appropriate solutions after taking into consideration the project requirements, your budget, and the required timeline to complete the development process.

What’s more? Your technology partner can also help you with the marketing of your app once it is launched. Hence, choose your technology partner after careful scrutiny.

Did the list of lyrics apps that we just discussed inspire you? Do you want to know how much time your dream app can be launched? Drop an Email on [email protected] about your requirements and we can discuss your project ideas further.

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