Before we jump to the IoT mobile app development trends, let’s talk about IoT as a concept.

Internet of Things is a system where computers or other digital devices are interconnected and can transfer data among themselves over a network.

The concept of IoT has already managed to create quite a stir in the digital world. With IoT becoming increasingly popular, it is important to hire app developers that are updated with the latest IoT market trends.

Experts have predicted that IoT is going to become a bigger player in mobile development trends than it is now.  Everyone is already curious and looking forward to the Internet of Things trends that will improve the everyday lives of users.

Top 15 IoT Mobile App Development Trends in 2020:

Now, let’s have a look at IoT mobile app development trends that are expected to make our everyday lives convenient!

1. IoT security will be a priority

As IoT app development is on the increase, more and more devices will be connected to the Internet of Things. With its increased use, the data volume at risk will be huge too.

IoT security will get a huge boost due to the amount of data at risk with the Internet of Things framework. Users’ vital data, right from the bank account details to home security will be at risk. So, every custom mobile app development company that undertakes IoT projects will have to make the apps safer than ever before.

Right now, not all IoT devices have the security features that computers and laptops have. In the upcoming years, there is no option but to change that. Some of the internet of things future trends in the app security we can see are machine-to-machine authentication and biometric logins.

2. IoT in Healthcare

One of the major IoT mobile app development trends in healthcare applications. We will see in the coming years how the healthcare industry is making use of IoT.

As per Frost and Sullivan, IoT in healthcare is expected to increase at the rate of 26.2% annually.

Several devices such as sensors, portable devices, medical equipment, and health monitors will be configured to connect with IoT. Today, as almost everyone is aware of technological advancements, IoT will be used more than ever in the medical field.

Some instances where IoT will play a major role in healthcare are as follows:

  • Mobile health applications and virtual assistants to monitor a patient’s health at home
  • Intelligent wearable devices to communicate patient’s health parameters
  • Smart vehicles to monitor vital statistics of the patient in transit

3. Smart Cities will become a norm

We’ve been hearing the term “Smart City” for a while now. As it is already much discussed, we will see how smart cities belong to the list of IoT trends.

Many countries have already adopted the concept of smart cities to provide a carefree and sustainable life to its citizens. Many cities in the USA are using IoT devices to connect traffic lights, parking meters, and other utilities.

You might be wondering how this mobile development trend will improve our life? Well, IoT integration will decrease traffic congestion and increase safety along with sustainable development. Of course, this is only a preview of the advantages that will come with the use of IoT.

4. Increase in popularity of Smart Home Devices

Google has made the smart home devices popular among all kinds of people. Even people who are not very fond of technology find it difficult to resist the smart home devices.

The smart home devices are already popular in 2019, so they inevitably belong to the list of future IoT technology trends 2020. Moreover, in the coming years, these devices are expected to become more innovative and intuitive.

Apart from your convenience, the use of smart home devices will expand to increase the safety of your family. For example, devices that can help you prevent a fire or save energy.

Due to all these reasons, the use of smart home devices is one of the top IoT mobile app development trends.

5. AI, Big Data and IoT

As discussed earlier, an increase in the number of IoT devices means an increase in data transmission. The idea is to collect data as well as generate some useful information from it.

Here, AI and Big Data will come into the picture as they will be needed to process the collected information. It is expected that the collective use of AI, Big Data and IoT will bring about a wave of advancements. The combination of these three will help you develop top IoT mobile apps. It can be said that these three concepts are now complimentary to each other.

6. Personalization in Retail Shopping

How many times have you come across an advertisement related to the product that you searched for? We can say almost everyday right? This is called a personalized retail experience where every user is shown personalized ads.

What’s the role of IoT here? IoT makes the management of the retail supply chain more efficient. As per the recent updates, the IoT mobile app development trends in the coming years will personalize your shopping experience.

You already receive notifications about discounts on products that you generally purchase from your regular stores. Now, let’s imagine an in-store map that will guide you to the precise position of your desired product.

This is what to expect in 2020 with the innovative IoT mobile trends predicted in the upcoming years!

7. IoT will make commuting easier

In the year 2019, we have already started talking about self-drive cars. Although it seems that the dream of self-drive cars taking over the world is still far off.

However, on the bright side, IoT is already bringing about some positive changes in the way people commute. Here are some of the ways in which IoT has made it better for us:

  • Smart street lights to make the roads safe for pedestrians
  • Data-driven parking apps to help users save time on finding parking spots
  • Navigation and payment solutions to make using public transportation easier
  • IoT solutions to improve the routing between various modes of transportation

If you are looking for some unexplored Android or iOS app development ideas, then maybe transportation apps are the way to go. The transportation apps can be considered one of the top IoT mobile app development trends to watch out!

8. Blockchain

In the traditional systems using IoT, information is transferred from a device to the cloud and then back to the device. As the number of IoT devices will increase, they will become more vulnerable to cyber threats and risk the data. The current infrastructure doesn’t ensure enough flexibility exposing them to potential weaknesses via a centralized structure.

Due to all these reasons, security will become an important issue. Enter – Blockchain! It is meant to ensure the safety of all your data. The connected IoT devices can function safely with the use of Blockchain.

9. Energy & Resource Management

The talks of a sustainable world are going around across the globe. The climate change bells are getting louder and we can use IoT powered solutions for cleaner air and water.

A few IoT driven green projects are already deployed on a larger scale. People are researching more on the ways in which IoT can help us make the whole process easier. So, if in the near future you see IoT apps working towards a sustainable environment, don’t be surprised!

Therefore, we have included energy & resource management apps in the list of upcoming IoT mobile app development trends.

10. Better Workforce Management

Beacons are generally used to send consumer-centric messages via smartphones. However, you can see an increased use of beacons for workforce management. They can be used to monitor the employees’ work time as well as scheduled tasks for them.

Data from these beacons can be collected by the management and used to improve the productivity of their workforce. Also, these beacons can be used to monitor the safety of the employees. Thus, IoT can be considered one of the most useful technologies around for improving workforce management.

Hence, workforce management apps are one of the interesting IoT mobile app development trends to look out for!

11. Diverse Wearables

With time, wearables have transformed like other devices. They have become sophisticated, innovative, lighter and powerful. The wearables have moved beyond just being wrist devices and have started to look more attractive.

The wearables can be integrated with your phones and you can get notifications about health updates. These wearables need to find a perfect balance between being innovative and useful devices to survive in the competitive market.

It can be rightly said here that fitness apps for wearable devices are one of the IoT mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2020!

12. Number of IoT devices by 2020

It is estimated that the number of IoT devices can go up to 20.4 billion by the year 2020. These devices have already become hugely popular as they can manage everything right from making appointments to the management of energy consumption and home security.

If we are going to count the number of devices that will use IoT in one or the other way, then there should be around 50 billion devices by 2020.

13. Boost in Predictive Maintenance by IoT

In the year 2019 and after that, a home will inform its owners about any plumbing leaks or electrical problems. Due to such alerts, the owners can avoid disasters.

The sensors that are currently installed in factories, airplanes or vehicles will soon be installed in your homes. These predictive skills of IoT will take action immediately whether you’re home or not if they sense a problem.

These IoT powered predictive maintenance sensors are one of the amazing future technology predictions 2020.

14. IoT solutions for Climate Change

We have already discussed the role of IoT in energy and resource management. The efficient management of energy and resources will ultimately help is reversing or avoiding the damage already caused to our environment.

One of the examples of an IoT powered app for climate change is that it will notify the users when there is excessive use of electricity. Thus, IoT can play an integral role in helping us keep climate change in check.

15. Smart Warehousing

The use of IoT promises to streamline the warehousing and manufacturing activities in the upcoming decade. A smart warehouse is the one that is connected, automated and data-driven. The entire purpose of establishing smart warehouses is to cut down on the need for manual management of logistics processes.


IoT devices are slowly becoming a part of the technology we use every day. We hope that our extensive list of IoT mobile app development trends managed to inspire you. If you want your IoT application to reach the masses, then we recommend you start with android app development agency first.

However, before you hire a team of experts you need to ensure if they possess the right skillset for your project and align with your project requirements. If that’s not the case, you might end up wasting a whole lot of time, resources and money.

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