If we speak about the fastest-growing markets currently, it is definitely to develop luxury concierge app services. As per research, the approximate worldwide market of this sector will surpass $775.3 million by the year 2025.

Large corporations, VIPs, tourists & elevated managers are the ones who mainly demand these services. The reason for such demand is privacy expectations, exclusive customer service, busy lifestyles, etc.

This is again driving the interests of many startup owners and entrepreneurs to develop luxury concierge apps. The next-gen mobile app development agency of the current times are the experts who are responsible for the app creations.

This article is a guide for helping you develop a high-quality luxury concierge app.

Luxury concierge app types

As the need for luxury concierge services is on the rise, several companies and budding entrepreneurs are developing concierge apps.

The industry is massive & to be a part of it, you need to discover the types of concierge applications that you can construct.

The types are as follows:

# Conference managers

This concierge app type is the one for you if you want to manage events for your clients. This deals with tasks related to conferences & meetings.

The tasks might include beverage serving & temperature regulation.

# Front-desk app

When the need is for a personal concierge app, considering this is vital. This luxury concierge app assists your guests with several tasks.

Checking in & checking out, gathering information on prices, ordering room service, arranging a transfer are few tasks involved.

# Travel assistants

Creating a travel concierge app in today’s time is very important. This is because more & more people indulge in traveling to deal with the stress of everyday busy lives.

To develop a luxury concierge app for travel, you must choose this type. This incorporates a robust payment system. Customers can easily avail city guides, receive suggestions on activities & restaurants in proximity, book flights, etc.

Concierge app features

To develop a luxury concierge app, there are some features that are indispensable.

Along with features, it is also important to focus on utility so that it not only meets but surpasses all customers’ expectations.

The features are as follows:

# Login & registration

If you want to create the best concierge app & stand out among competitors, it is vital to understand the way customers think.

An on-demand concierge app will always require customers to provide personal information & payment details. Signing up & signing in must be hassle-free for users.

No one would like to enter similar information again & again. Also, registered users must obtain personalized notifications regarding special deals that are curated just for them.

# Booking

A concierge personal shopper always checks the hotel location, number of people & price for booking rooms. So to develop a luxury concierge app, this multi-layered & complex feature is a must.

Also, the app must enable the clients to utilize their promos & bonuses for reserving rooms. Additional services such as gym, parking, meals, and swimming pools always act as a bonus.

Along with this, specifying the services for which they need to pay individually is a must-have feature.

# Direct contact

It is true that the future might witness digital personal shopping assistant technology but for the present, there should be backups.

You must add the button that says “Contact us” that will enable guests to demand concierge services.

# In-app search

If you run a hotel business, you need to know how to start a luxury concierge business. When you equip your business with manifold properties, every customer must be able to select the one that suits their needs.

Without a proper search system, you cannot ensure this for your clients.

# Payment method

There is no meaning in developing a concierge application if customers still need to disburse cash. It is you who needs to decide whether to build a custom fee service or utilize a third-party system.

Irrespective of the option you select, ensuring security for both is very important. The provider you choose for third-party service must be a reliable one.

In case you are creating your individual payment system, you must ensure that it meets all data regulations & security protocols.

# Admin Panel

To ensure the smooth running of all internal procedures of your concierge app, then this MVP attribute must be taken seriously.

Admin panel proves to be helpful for tracking income, managing data, observing reservations, etc.

Technology stack

Be it your next travel concierge app or hotel concierge apps, selecting the correct set of the technology stack is important. This is what runs an app seamlessly at all times.

To develop a luxury concierge app, look out for these technology stacks:

# Android

  • MySQL database
  • Google Maps API
  • Google location services API
  • Java
  • Proximity Beacon API

# iOS

  • Apple MapKit
  • MySQL database
  • Swift
  • Core NFC API
  • Google Maps API
  • Core Location API

Digital concierge app features

What if you construct a concierge service app that functions as a one-stop-solution for customers? This is very much possible with the features about which we will discuss now:

# Suggestion system

This feature will help you in offering personalized suggestions to users depending on their latest in-app requests.

The application can subdivide varied target audiences & provide a suitable match for them.

# Hotel map

When navigation at an entry-level is concerned, just a normal map of the hotel to the concierge application will do. If required, this will showcase each floor of the entire building as well.

However, if you want to offer an exclusive experience to your customers, then implementing the geofencing technology is recommended.

This is for the sole purpose of indoor navigation. If you possess a multistory hotel, then including this feature is a must for you.

# Room service with just one-touch

Trying to create the best concierge apps iPhone calls for offering room service at all times. An in-application services list can help in substituting the call to the reception part.

Your client can simply order a bottle of sparkling champagne with few touches. Employees also won’t ever face any distraction because of phone calls.

# Checking in & out in an automated way

As you move forward to develop a luxury concierge app, it is vital to incorporate NFC technology. This is for the purpose of automating checking in & checking out.

Customers can then easily pay using their phones & also can open doors with the help of this technology. The locks are all NFC equipped that enables travelers to get inside the room without the need of waiting at the reception.

On top of that, while they check out, there is no requirement of returning the keys. This makes the entire process absolutely automated.

# Integration of third-party services

Any concierge application instantly becomes of more value when you add services you usually do not provide.

You need to enable guests to seamlessly rent cars, discover local sightseeing spots, and book tables at restaurants.

Cost breakdown

Building an iOS concierge service app with the assistance of iPhone app development services is simple these days.

An executive first learns about your requirements, prepares a business model, and offers you an estimate of the entire expenditure for getting started.

However, the price will differ from business to business & also will depend on the requirements.

The calculation of the price is done by increasing the rate which is around $50/hour for Easter Europe by the total sum of hours required for the development.

The concluding charge will incorporate the application for Android or iOS along with UX/UI & back end design.


Estimated development time

Estimated cost ($)

Admin Panel 219 hours $10,950
Third-party services 11 hours (per each service) $550
Suggestion system 27 hours $1,350
Reservation 75 hours $3,750
Push notifications 48 hours $2,400
Automated check-in and out 317 hours $15,850
Authorization 79 hours $3,950
In-app search 104 hours $5,200
Payment system 148 hours $7,400
In-app messenger 291 hours $14,550
Frameworks integration 74 hours $3,700
User profile 73 hours $3,650
Total 1466 hours $73,300

The numbers are all approximate as it is challenging to predict the expenses without particular details.

Also as per the region, the price will differ. Let’s look at the figures of some other countries:

  • Eastern Europe – $73,300 (depending on $50/h)
  • USA – $220,000 (depending on $150/h)
  • Central & Western Europe – $146,600 (depending on $100/h)
  • Australia – $146,600 (depending on $100/h)

Final Say

Customers in modern times hold time much more valuable than money. Technologies bring comfort and convenience to clients which they highly appreciate.

As you hire an Android app developer to develop a luxury concierge app, you can largely aim to enhance the customer experience.

As customers get to access information whenever they want through your app, instantly it enhances brand exposure & brings in more customers.

Be it aviation, real estate, hotels, car rentals, shopping services; you can now create the best concierge app in a hassle-free way.

In fact, you can power your app even more by integrating AI technologies. To develop an app today, get in touch with us. Avail of tech consultation for free & let us construct your application idea.

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