Smartphones rule the world today. Businesses are changing their strategies and operating models to fit into the world of smartphones. As the future of iPhone App Development is on demand.

Now, online transactions are not limited to a particular generation. People of all age groups are online, endlessly scrolling through their feeds.

To retain customers, the two major operating systems – iOS and Android are constantly trying to improve user experience. Even though Android has a substantial hold on the market, iOS is not far behind.

To gain success in the mobile application market it is necessary to know the mobile technology trends. This article focuses on the future of iPhone app development.

Read on to know the app development trends for 2021! If any of these ideas seem profitable, consult an iPhone app development company to discuss it.

#1. Apps for Foldable Phones

The upcoming Samsung foldable phones with OLED displays are a game-changer in the mobile app development industry. Operating systems are already finding ways to improve the user experience on such phones.

In 2018, Google laid the groundwork by announcing foldable support on Android smartphones. Head honchos of top apps in the world are also optimizing to adjust to the new trend.

As a foldable phone is one of the emerging mobile technologies, you need to create your future strategy accordingly. Partner with mobile app development services that can develop a seamless app for foldable phones.

#2. Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A perfect example of AI is the popular FaceApp that got a success overnight. The app uses various filters to show how the person on the screen will look older/younger.

In the last few years, ML and AI are one of the top mobile development trends.

Among other things, AI & ML is also the future of iPhone app development. It is safe to say this because apps like Google Assistant and Cortana are already using them.

With time, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence will become a strong contributor to the mobile app industry growth.

#3. Chatbots

Chatbots don’t really need an introduction. They are already one of the integral mobile app industry trends. The reason for its popularity is quite simple.

Chatbots not only reduce the work of employees but also improve the overall customer experience. Chatbots are capable of large-scale cost savings in every industry.

One of the innovative mobile applications that use chatbots is ‘My Starbucks Barista’. Tell this Starbucks app about the type of coffee you want and it will place the order.

Customers expect quick and precise answers, so, chatbots are one of those application development trends that are here to stay.

Users can see extensive use of chatbots in the on-demand app marketplace. But looking at its advantages, the future of iPhone app development with chatbots looks profitable.

#4. Wearable Apps Integration

For the millennials, wearable apps are an inseparable part of their daily lives. The number of connected wearable devices is expected to reach 929 million in 2021.

As mobile app development technologies advance, expect a wearable app for almost everything.

At Apple’s WWDC conference, they announced that apple watch apps will have their own app store.

This move makes wearable apps something to look forward to in the future of iPhone app development. This also means that the apple watch is now an independent device that people can use.

If you want to try something different from smartphone apps development, then apple watch apps are the way to go! Offer an exceptional experience to users and you can get an edge over your competitors.

Start preparing for this trend in the future of iOS and stand out in the market.

#5. IoT-enabled Mobile Apps

The Internet of Things is simply a network of interconnected smart devices.

Brands like Amazon and Google started using this technology to its full potential with the launch of the ‘Echo’. Some other acquisitions of Google show that the industry giant is moving fast in the direction of IoT.

Voice control for multiple devices at home, the continuous supply chain in retail, and savvy health insurance plans are a reality with the help of IoT.

The demand for IoT-enabled devices is gradually increasing. Hence, IoT has made it to the list of things to look out for in the future of iPhone app development.

#6. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

A Prime example of AR and VR is the Pokemon Go app. It got popular for a short time but AR & VR is here to stay in the mobile app development industry.

This technology is not just improving the gaming experience of users but is also involved in other use cases.

An example of another use case for AR is the new AR feature for Google Maps. Google is planning to introduce a new AR feature that will offer directions from the phone’s camera in real-time.

This is just one example of how AR can make our lives easier. It will be right to say that AR is one of the essential mobile device application development trends.

#7. Mobile Wallets

Some examples of mobile wallets are Google Pay and PayPal. In the last few years, there is a rise in the use of mobile wallets.

You can expect the demand for mobile wallets to rise in the next year too. More so because people prefer digital payment to cash transactions.

More and more brands are trying to offer a secure payment option to their users.

#8. Mobile App Security

Recent scandals around data and information security have raised serious concerns. Now, people want reliable digital platforms to carry out day-to-day transactions.

Thus, digital security is definitely going to be one of the important trends in 2021. Many businesses are now giving priority to digital security in their process of digital transformation.

In the coming year, you can expect both people and businesses to shift to the security-first approach.

#9. Beacons Technology

Beacon technology has come into the limelight in the last few years. The simple use of beacon technology can be explained with the help of a supermarket.

Large supermarket chains install beacons to know the footfalls in their store and the time for the same. Accordingly, the supermarkets can change the placement of products and prepare offers too.

You can expect it to be seen more in the form of beacon-enabled airports, automated personal beacons, or mobile payment beacons. Beacons can also help in making information sharing smooth and secure.

#10. Rise of Instant Apps

Instant apps are nothing but native apps that are smaller in size. They are user-friendly and convenient because you don’t need to download them. Users can access them easily.

They are popular not only among the users but also the developers. The developers claim that instant apps are helping them achieve better conversion rates.

As users prefer less loading times and better user experience, instant apps are the future of smartphone application development.

#11. On-demand Applications

Uber was one of the initial apps that started the demand-based pricing model. It paved way for some of the most popular apps in the market later.

On-demand apps are going to be relevant in all industries. Almost everyone today has used on-demand services at least once. Not to forget the millennials love on-demand apps.

In the coming year, on-demand applications will be one of the key trends.

#12. Cloud Storage Development

A substantial number of enterprises are yet to adopt cloud-based solutions. So, cloud architecture will still be a relevant trend in 2021.

iOS uses cloud databases in some applications. In the case of Android, cloud technology plays a crucial role in developing instant apps.

Cloud technology can help store a great amount of data and complete complex tasks. The perks of cloud technology are that it is extremely secure and cost-efficient.

That’s All on the Future of iPhone App Development!

It is hard to make a successful mobile app with zillions of mobile apps already in the Play Store and App Store. The industry is advancing at a quick pace so it is necessary to keep up with the trends.

To shine in such a highly competitive market, it is important to hire an iPhone app developer that will find and implement innovative ideas.

An innovative application is a prerequisite because the audience is always looking for something new. Once the audience is hooked to your app, the next part is to retain them.

As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to know your audience. An ideal customer persona will help to design a user-friendly app that keeps the customers coming back.


On a final note, emerging technological advancements and high-quality hardware components are sure to make our lives more digital. So gear up for a digital journey ahead and use the right resources to achieve success!

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