Have been working all day, tired and exhausted, coming home to see a pile of unwashed clothes waiting! This is when you feel the need for such as an on-demand app like Cleanly.

With just a touch of your finger, you can get relieved from the burden of laundry, and enjoy your free time as you want! Today, the internet has made the world smaller, and almost everything has become more convenient.

There are apps to order food, and apps for shopping, and the list is unending. Apps for laundry services, though not as numerous as other services, are also emerging as more attention to this service is paid day by day.

Thus, customers can now avail of laundry services using a laundry service app.

What is Cleanly?

Statistics say that on average, a person spends 10 hours every month washing their clothes. Now, that’s quite some time!

To save time and also provide solutions to the troubles, on-demand laundry services like the Cleanly app provide their customers with what they need.

In this app, customers can schedule their time at their convenience, and the laundry service would pick, wash, fold, and return the garments, too, within just 24 hours.

This app also allows the chain to be automatic. This app goes beyond a web laundry service. It includes other services like walking your dog, volunteer endeavors, and scheduling the work.

Its aim is to provide quick and trouble-free features for on-time delivery. Operating an on-demand app like Cleanly is very easy.

Just like any other on-demand service app, an on-demand app like Cleanly is bound to face tough competition as many such apps are now gradually emerging.

Therefore, you need to take care that your on-demand laundry service app meets the needs of the customers perfectly and is also updated to the trends.

Taking into consideration certain significant aspects while creating your on-demand laundry service app would help your business to flourish and soar to heights.

Some of these aspects are the following.

  • Business model
  • Functionality
  • Unique features of the service.

Before we delve deeper into the world of on-demand dry cleaning, it is important that we understand the workings properly.

Apps like Cleanly provide their customers the option to schedule their pick-up and drop timings.


Developing an on-demand app like Cleanly calls for including the following features:

☛ Order

With the help of the washing clothes app, the customer can schedule the time of picking up and dropping off the garments.

☛ Pick up

After the order has been placed, a delivery person picks up the garments at a fixed time and takes them to the laundry person.

☛ Dry cleaning and laundry

The garments are put in special containers and taken to the laundry person. The laundry person dry cleans, washes, dries, irons, and folds as per the need of the customer.

☛ Delivery

Once the cleaning process is over, the delivery man picks up the clothes and drops them at the customer’s place within 24 hours.

There are time reminder features as well as tracking features that help the customers to make the process easier.

The time is scheduled as per the convenience of the customer and thus is more beneficial as it lets the customer finish the laundry work at any time.

This makes on-demand apps like Cleanly highly sought-after apps currently.

Reasons for choosing on-demand apps:

☛ A fast and easy way to complete tedious tasks

No one would like to spend their hard-earned leisure hours washing clothes while they can curl up with a novel, or binge-watch their favorite show. Wash laundry apps make this possible for customers in a very simple way.

☛ A new business can easily operate with Platform Model

A laundry service startup or an entrepreneur who is new to the field need not spend tons of money on the infrastructure while they can easily work on this platform.

☛ An already existent dry cleaning or laundry service can grow further and reach new heights with the app.

If you already have a washing or dry cleaning service, you could take a step further and build a dry cleaning delivery app or mobile laundry business and make your business soar.

Business Models

It is very necessary that the business model used meets the requirement of business in order to flourish in this field.

So, before we plunge into the world of on-demand laundry apps, it is necessary that we make sure that the model we go for is the perfect one to suit our needs.

Usually, successful on-demand laundry apps make use of two types of business models. They are the following.

☛ On-site Model

This model is best for those who own laundry services and are struggling to make the business reach new heights. They can make a website as well as an app that lets the users place orders for laundry. The clothes can be picked up and dropped off at a time that suits the customer at an affordable price. The businesses can hire Android app developers for this.

☛ Aggregation or Marketplace Model

This model is appropriate for startups that do not possess their own equipment.

This model involves making a platform that connects customers to different laundry services. For this, the business can hire mobile app development agencies.

The marketplace operator usually handles the transactions. The operator collects information about the address and choices of the customer.

This is for arranging delivery to the laundry services that are in partnership with the particular platform.

How to Develop an On-Demand Laundry App?

On-demand laundry app development needs creating and developing certain features. The arranging and structuring of the important functions.

Besides this, similar to other on-demand laundry service apps, the app is developed for a few main components. It is important to create a custom app, a delivery app, a laundry app as well as an admin panel to function effectively.

Though these are diverse, they come together to give the customer a simple and user-friendly experience.

☛ Customer App

The customer app possesses all the details of the customer like the full name, address of the customer, phone number, and others.

Firstly, it allows the customer to register and log in with the on-demand laundry service app.

It also allows the customer to opt for the type of service they want, and also to add the necessary details like the material of the garments, the kind of the garments, and also detergent choices.

This also lets the customer schedule and fix the time of picking up the clothes and dropping them off after washing them at the convenience of the user.

This also allows the user to calculate the cost of the services availed and make the payments online. Also, it helps in tracking orders and getting notifications.

Besides, it allows the customer to see the order history and review the laundry service. Thus, this is very effective and useful.

☛ Delivery App

After the customer has placed an order, it goes to the delivery app.

Here, the employees of the laundry service can get information about the order that has been placed, and also the times of picking up and dropping off the garments as preferred by the customer.

In this, they can also confirm the orders. They can also set up tracking and update the status of the order when the clothes are ready for delivery after being washed, ironed, folded, or dry cleaned.

Here, the employees can also add a location on the map and build a convenient and easy route for picking up and delivery of the garments.

☛ Laundry App

The delivery app is associated with the laundry app.

The laundry app has details about the order such as the order number, the kind of service for the order such as whether it is to be dry cleaned or washed and folded, details about the materials, what are detergent preferences, and so on.

After the completion of an order, the control of the operations goes back to the delivery app.

☛ Admin Panel

All the above processes are managed and controlled by the admin panel. Which assimilated the data of the client, order history, statistics, and analytics.

That is, the income, the favorable and unfavorable reviews, and others, data about the employees, the map and calendar views, the dashboard, and so on.

The admin panel manages a large database and interactions within the applications.

Cost breakdown

That’s all for now. So, to put it in a nutshell….

The on-demand laundry app is a very ingenious endeavor. It draws the attention of the customers and potential customers to the aspect that is not very well known.

It is not very popular and people know little about it. However, more light is being thrown on this aspect day by day.

It has an efficient marketing procedure that can be beneficial in increasing the usability and popularity of the app in the market in the present day.

The advertising process and efficient services can help in making the on-demand laundry app thrive and flourish.


For developing their own apps, business enterprises, both big and small, already existing as well as a start-up can hire an iPhone app developer to suit their needs.

Laundry services, both washing, and dry cleaning are a major concern. The app would help in reaching out to more and more people.

It would be solving their troubles, providing them with exactly what they need. When Services are at the user’s preferred timings then they will be at great heights of success.

So, go on, and build your own on-demand laundry app today. See how it takes your already existing business or startup to the success you dreamt of.

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