Magento Vs WooCommerce – Which is the best eCommerce platform for your Online Store?

Magento Vs WooCommerce – Which is the best eCommerce platform for your Online Store?

These days eCommerce has become the fastest budding industry with the most effective podiums. Day to day developers has been building progressively vigorous solutions. To run with the up-to-date trends, the developers implement a day to day update. In spite of the fact, there are some of the stages that have previously expanded the world acknowledgment.

Currently, the most widespread eCommerce platforms on the market are Magento and WooCommerce. In the past few years, various digital marketers have a discussion on these platforms strength and appropriateness. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress while Magento is a separate product that is possessed by eBay.

These platforms are fully serviceable, scalable, and offer some pleasant designs. The great part of these platforms is that you can certainly take off your own eCommerce store if you don’t have any previous on constructing a website.

Both the platforms have their own factions appealing it’s the top. Thus, we finally come to a decision to provide you the right information on this platform. In this article, we’ll compare Magento vs WooCommerce that will surely assist you to take the correct decision. Before that, here are a few things you must have to keep in mind while opting for the correct platform!

How to opt for the right platform for your online shop?

That’s fine; eCommerce plays a significant role in your online store. eCommerce platforms market is not a miniature one. Exactly, there are thousands of options available where some may be very easier one although some may be the forward-looking one. Hence, these are the few crucial things you have to be cautious while selecting the great platform.

Stock size: You have to think about your size of stock. Make sure to pay the less cash whenever you are browsing for a store to utilize.

Payment mode: If you will find the problem with PayPal, you have to explore other options. Because of not the entire eCommerce platforms service 3rd party payment processor.

Digital or Physical: What are you going to sell? Digital or Physical. This is the query to be asked. So search for the platforms that fit your products.

Payment Plan: Choose the platforms that fit your budget. Try to pay a once-a-month amount in spite of providing a small percentage of the sale to the company that is introducing your platform.

Self-hosted or hosted: If you are self-assured to transform your online store then search for the platforms that allow you to have a self-presented version of the store.

Brief Overview:

What is Magento?

Magento is an open source eCommerce software that is highly effective and useful for the online businesses industrialized by Varien Inc. It derives with a flexible segmental design and has several control choices that assist the customers to construct both comprehensible and SEO friendly website effortlessly. Magento is an eCommerce platform that offers the company’s comprehensive eCommerce solutions. It is easy, fast and adaptable to utilize that enables the users to bring up-to-date the website spontaneously.

It is completely responsive that assists all the devices and offers various payment modes where the visitors can make the payment on their desired gateway. Likewise, it has several additions that support the development of an online store. Magento is available with all the options that are essential for an online store.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is very easy to use and an influential eCommerce platform. Particularly, this platform was designed to alter any WordPress website into an impeccable online store. It is exquisitely built and created by making use of WordPress perfect practices. This platform is a dependable and powerful eCommerce plugin so if you are seeing to construct an online store by making use of the prevailing WordPress blog or website then this is the right one.

You don’t have to be well-experienced in coding knowledge to utilize this plugin. It became very prevalent among WordPress users due to its flexibility and ease. It comprises a wide range of themes and extensions and many customization choices. WooCoommerce has a massive implementation rate that will assist you to find the eCommerce Development Service India USA, community members, and 3rd party plugin products simply. This will provide you easier to tailor the WooCommerce according to your requirement.

Comparing Features: Magento vs WooCommerce

Magento is the most supple eCommerce platform that is more equipped towards the companies. And WooCommerce is widespread and renowned among the WordPress users. It approaches with almost all the functionality which is required to open an online store.

Features of Magento

  • Magento is completely SEO optimized.
  • It offers different payments modes such as PayPal, credit card, Google checkout, money order, etc.
  • This platform assists various languages and different currencies.
  • Magento assists to manage the orders easily by using the admin panel.
  • It allows delivery of the product in one order to different addresses.
  • Magento comprises the features such as image zoom in and checking of stock availability that makes easier to browse the product.
  • It cleans the product and shows on network and list setup.
  • Magento offers the history and order status of the product.

Features of WooCommerce

  • WooCommerce is an open source that means you can amend and adapt whatever thing you like.
  • It appears with a completely integrated and easy to use voucher configuration.
  • WooCommerce comes with preinstalled cash on delivery, PayPal, and BACS payment mode.
  • You can simply manage the products with the assistance of WP centric UI.
  • It offers a wide variety of delivery options that will be able to organize once it is installed.
  • WooCommerce comes with an extension system and hundreds of options.
  • It is a free platform where you will get support for unlimited products.

Pros and Cons: Magento vs WooCommerce

The whole thing has its own merits and demerits thus here Magento and WooCommerce also have their pros and cons. However one may be better at to some degree, it may not provide the similar with every component and issues comprised. Hence, for the expediency of our user and further knowing, here is what we exactly originated about both Magento and WooCommerce.


Pros of using Magento:

  1. Magento is an open source platform where you can easily transform the contemporary source code as per your likings.
  2. It has a wide array of features that enable you to manage numerous stores, support locations, valuing, language, and currencies.
  3. It is one of the widespread eCommerce platforms that are utilized by the huge community in the world.
  4. Magento is mobile friendly as it lets you build a mobile site without any exertion.
  5. It can always assist around five hundred thousands of product and loads of transactions.
  6. Cons of using Magento:
  7. The community account is for free while the business version will charge you more than fifteen thousand dollars.
  8. Magento has a huge number of users as well as developers, this will be tough to find reliable Magento developers.
  9. A dedicated server is needed to host Magento.
  10. It has a slow loading time where the customization is tough to create in the assessment of other eCommerce platforms.


Pros of using WooCommerce:

  1. WooCommerce comes for free.
  2. You can simply add unlimited products and qualities.
  3. It functions flawlessly well on all the devices.
  4. To utilize the intuitive interface, you don’t require any coding skills.
  5. It is quite easy to add on any WordPress sites.
  6. Your consumers can easily rate your product that assists the visitors to evaluate the reviews before purchasing.

Cons of using WooCommerce:

  1. However it comes free, you have to pay for hosting.
  2. It has limited storage space and list.
  3. WooCommerce only runs on WordPress, so in case you are not a WordPress user then it’s not for you.

Ease of use: Magento vs WooCommerce

If you are a user of WordPress based website and want to open an online store then WooCommerce is a great choice. It will be truly easy to use because you previously utilize WordPress and got acquainted with it. You will find a lot of video tutorials on how to utilize it flawlessly. This platform is easily tailored from the WP admin dashboard. You can build various changes until you are not pleased. It creates a WordPress user quite easier when it comes to building an eCommerce site. Generally, this plugin runs well with all the features by easing to utilize the platform.

However, Magento comprises the video tutorials and thorough documentation still it will take a quite bit time to make use of it for a new one. Typically, it is assumed that it is designed under a complicated technique. However, achieving to the admin part of Magento, people will find it tough. The software itself is available with a tough frontend to retain that will be difficult for people without proper tech knowledge. Magento is not an accessible platform so it is not good for novices. But, for advanced users, it also provides all the useful features that assist to make a flawless online store.

Safety Measures: Magento vs WooCommerce

With the Custom Magento Development Company in the India of advanced technology, the hackers are getting shrewder. Thus, it is most imperative to keep your site safe. As your eCommerce site will introduce a lot of consumers’ thorough information, the primary thing you need is the security gap.

Both the platforms, Magento and WooCommerce allow you to execute the safety measures. But neither of them are millions percent safe. But as Magento releases the security covers, it provides you the amazing source of security. The new consumers might find Magento a challenging platform but they are released often that assists to make safe your store. Thus, here Magento always wins.

Price: Magento vs WooCommerce

These are an open source platform that can be efficiently downloaded and set it up on any server of your great selected assortments. This provides users with the best choice to begin an online store without capitalizing a big amount. But the best extension is costly and some of them even need yearly subscription as well.

WooCommerce is an amazing option for the one who already wishes to open a novice’s level store. You have to sign up with a domain name, WordPress hosting and SSL Certificate to open can WooCommerce store. It will charge you $14.99/year for the domain name, $69.99/year for SSL Certificate and $7.99/year for WordPress hosting. Moreover, making use of paid extensions and themes for WooCommerce will touch your charge too. However, it provides them access to over 55000+ WordPress extensions and millions of free themes. In addition, also you can find free WooCommerce plugins.

However, the free version of Magento offers you excellent flexibility and features which assists to ascend up the store without getting any problem. But, you have to find VPS hosting or Cloud host to operate it. This means that even though you are making use of the free version, your hosting bill will be quite higher. It is available with two editions; the first one is the community edition where you can easily download and utilize any hosting provider. This will not comprise all features and you will not get any assistance. Even, the next one is Magento commerce that comprises the paid plans with cloud hosting. The paid plans are very costly so it’s not the best option for startups.

Magento vs WooCommerce Which platform is the better one?

Choosing the right one is not quite easier because both of them are a perfect choice for eCommerce websites by WooCommerce Website Development Company that has the ability to develop a lucrative and advanced store. But each of them doesn’t suit all the necessities of the users flawlessly so to select the right one is really difficult.

Magento is perfect for determined eCommerce sites such as large corporations or companies because its features are well-matched for larger stores. If you are not all set to spend thousands on the developers then don’t try to operate your store on Magento. If you are a novice or want a site for weighty content then we always recommend you to adopt WooCommerce. Particularly, if the content is the emphasis and eCommerce is secondary. It is low-priced, easy to utilize and set up which is seamless for small operations. The consumers can simply set up more or less any types of online store.


Both Magento and WooCommerce comprise some of the advanced features. But their user platform may be dissimilar from each other. WooCommerce is quite safe to say that it is mostly created for any types of businesses. Also, Magento is more widespread among massive companies because it is highly accessible making it impeccable for the people who have great plans.

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