If you’re operating a small business or startup or a Brand, it could be quite challenging to determine a Payment Gateway for your e-commerce store. Globally, shoppers now prefer to shop online through their credit cards or through online wallets.

In fact, it is said that online wallets will soon overtake credit cards! And when most of us now shop on our mobile apps, it is easy to say that payment gateways for Mobile Apps are a critical decision every online merchant must make.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is a form of software development that enables making payments for services or products provided by an e-commerce store within applications and websites. Without Payment Gateway, making online purchases would be impossible.

The good fact here is that these gateways make it feasible to support customer data and maintain the major financial operations as MasterCard, Visa and so on.

If you need a clearer image, picture a customer, who uses an e-commerce app to buy a product. They choose the product, add it to cart and as soon as the product is added to the cart, it gets connected to the payment gateway. Then, the payment gets approval after the request is sent to the card processor.

List of Payment Gateways:

If you now have your store running, even have an inventory software in place, it’s time to look at options for the best payment gateway in India. There are many things to keep in mind when you choose the best payment gateway for your store.

If it’s compatible with Android and OS and also desktop browsers, and so on. Here are the top 10 best payment gateways you can choose for your store:

1. CCAvenue

Among the leading payment gateways in South Asia, CCAvenue is a name that crops up the most. It has also gained much popularity in India as the safest payment gateway.

CCAvenue assures highly optimized profit rates, high-quality sales reports, and competitive pricing to support the business model of the owner.

Right now, CCAvenue promises the following features:

  • Consolidated payment gateway
  • Supports six credit cards such as EZE Click, JCB Diners Club, American Express, MasterCard and VISA
  • CCAvenue has two interfaces: Shopping Cart and Variable Amount
  • Additionally, certain features are free, such as invoice payments, processing of multiple currencies, easy customizing, retry option, iFrame integration, customer support and marketing tools among others.
  • There are no fees for withdrawal
  • Supports over a dozen carts like Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Android, Windows, and iOS are all available on CCAvenue

MakeMyTrip, Myntra, Shopclues are some of the CCAvenue’s major clients.

2. Authorize.Net

Among the oldest payment gateways, Authorize.Net, launched in 1996, is considered a heavy player in the industry of e-commerce payment.

Their share in the market is immense, especially due to the fact that they have been here for so long. They do not allow their registered merchants to achieve access to their customer accounts, however, whether this is a drawback or not rests on you.

Anyway, if merchants do decide to quit their services, they need to contact their customers to resubscribe to their services and collect their payment data again for easy checkouts.

Some other features of Authorize.Net include:

  • Charges reasonable fees for both setup and monthly gateway
  • Notably severe security settings

3. InstaMojo

Instamojo is the one-stop answer for every other medium to small business enterprises in India. It is the simplest and most uncomplicated payment gateway.

This gateway can be combined into any website. Instamojo gives the easiest API with comprehensive documentation. Currently, Instamojo has these following characteristics which are very ingenious:

  • Consolidated payment gateway
  • Both maintenance and setup charge is free
  • Supports credit and debit cards from more than 58 banks
  • Transaction fees are competent and reasonable
  • You can request for support for international credit cards or American Express cards
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Multi-currencies are not supported right now
  • Supports major Content Management System (CMS) like Magento, Drupal, etc.
  • Integration for mobile apps is available for iOS and Android
  • They include payment links, built-in dispute resolution, fraud protection, weekly updates on email, real-time purchase reports, SMS integration, WhatsApp integration, etc., under their account

4. EBS

EBS is among the first Indian payment gateways to achieve the recent standards of PCI DS 3.0, which makes them the safest gateway in India and in other countries.

They are, as of now, offering only two plans: a Starter Plan and a Premium Plan. Here are some main features of this payment gateway app:

  • No fees of withdrawal
  • The AMC is zero but they charge you INR 1200 from your second year
  • Supports 11 foreign currencies
  • Quick and easy conversion, which attracts customers from other countries
  • Supports digital wallets like Mobikwik and Oxigen among others
  • The app is integrated with Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Supports major carts like WordPress Joomla and Magento among others

5. PayPal

If you are on the lookout for the best payment gateway app in India, chances are you will hear a lot about PayPal. This international payment gateway has its presence in over 200 countries and supports over 100 currencies.

If you have international customers, PayPal is the right fit for you. Currently, PayPal is offering two plans for its customers: the basic plan called Payflow Link and the Payflow Pro plan.

To understand why PayPal has earned so many customers and users, let’s look at their features:

  • When requested, PayPal provides extra protection services for fraud, buyer authentication, and recurring billing
  • Since PayPal doesn’t recognize INR yet, you will have to pay a conversion fee when you receive payments from international customers
  • No fees for withdrawals, however, you do need to have a Foreign Remittance Certificate which will act as a certificate for every payment and remittance received in India from other countries
  • PayPal has a very easy documentation process
  • It is available on Android and iOS for now
  • Magento, Zoho, Shopify are all supported by PayPal

6. Atom Paynetz

Right now, Atom Paynetz is among the leading Indian payment gateways. It has more than 265 options of payment and over 100,000 merchants affiliated with it. They have tailored their services based on the scale of business.

For startups, they don’t charge a setup fee and provide support for all domestic credit and debit cards. For enterprises, they do charge a setup fee of INR 5000 and provide support for domestic and international cards.

Now, let us look at some of Atom’s features:

  • No fees of withdrawal
  • Accepts international cards
  • Does not support multi-currency
  • Consolidated dashboard to observer transactions in real-time
  • Supports major e-commerce CMSs like Magento and WordPress among others
  • Currently, the app only supports Android

Shoppers Stop, Spicejet, Flipkart, and Big Bazaar are the major Atom Paynetz’s clients.

7. Paytm

Over the years, Paytm has earned significant demand and thus the Business Paytm model is fairly secure. SMEs can be benefitted a lot with Paytm Payment Gateway.

They are the pioneers of QR-based mobile payments. Paytm works easily and is among the most user-friendly payment gateways in India.

Some features of this popular payment gateway include:

  • No fees for maintenance
  • No setup cost
  • Zero AMC
  • Charges a flat fee of 0% every transaction with an extra 18% GST
  • Support all domestic credit and debit cards
  • Supports net banking of more than 50 banks
  • Supports only INR for now
  • No fees of withdrawal
  • No support for international cards
  • Excellent customer support, available every day of the week
  • Both business registration and bank account details are needed
  • Plug-ins for important e-commerce platforms like OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Currently, Paytm is available on iOS and Android

8. PayUbiz

The PayU payment gateway offers its lighter version called PayUbiz for mobile apps. The plans they offer are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Startup.

The fee for integration is different for multiple plans. Additionally, the transaction fee is different for variable transactions. Currently, every plan has a fixed AMC that is INR 2400.

Some of PayUbiz’s main features include:

  • Net banking, domestic card and debit cards are all supported by every plan, however, only international cards are supported by the Platinum and Gold plans
  • The Gold and Platinum plans also support EMI
  • No fees of withdrawal
  • It doesn’t support multi-currencies
  • UPI payments are accepted
  • Subpar customer support
  • Supports all major systems of CMS
  • The app can be integrated with iOS, Windows, and Android

Jabong, Ola, Bookmyshow, Redbus, Zomato, and Snapdeal are some of PayUbiz’s major clients.

9. Stripe

Stripe is among the popular e-cash services. Also, it has become equivalent to “ease” in the world of payment gateways. This is due to the fact that they make things easy for merchants, customers, and developers. Stripe lets one do one-click purchases, shop straight from apps and with subscriptions.

Besides, due to the current API, it will allow purchases directly from Twitter feeds without needing to exit Twitter. Stripe is remarkably user-friendly with precise documentation and simple and smooth integration of mobile applications with service.

Some main benefits of Stripe include:

  • Supports both iOS and Android platforms
  • Integration with social media for the payment process can be requested
  • Customized forms of payments best suited to your business needs

10. Braintree

Among every payment gateways manufacturers in the world, Braintree is considered the safest on the e-commerce market. It is relatively new since it was only launched in 2010 and soon gained popularity due to its feature of accepting a wide range of payment options.

They accept traditional modes of payment such as debit or credit cards as well as Venmo, Android/Apple Pay, and also cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

A big advantage of this payment gateway is that you don’t need to sign a contract and you are the only one who owns your customer information.

Some key features of Braintree include:

  • High-quality protection
  • Quick swindler detection
  • Direct consolidation with PayPal
  • Compatible with 7 programming languages
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) compatible
  • Supports multi-currencies (about 130 currencies)
  • Available in 40 countries
  • Amazon Payments

Amazon is, undoubtedly, a major player in the online market for shopping. Launched in 2007, Amazon Payments’ goal is to provide the same experience to customers as they do on their other sites.

How does this all work? Very simple, actually. Amazon Payments provide your customer the option, when they have an Amazon account, to populate all their shipping and payment details on your site.

Even if the customer is using your site for the first time, you can bring them a step closer to a one-click checkout. This feature is helpful, especially when it allows you to improve conversions while lessening chargebacks.

Here are other notable benefits to Amazon Payments:

  • Standard price list
  • You don’t require a contract


This was a comprehensive guide on payment gateways, so when you choose yours, consider each option carefully and find the right fit for you and your business.

Also, it becomes essential to have a payment gateway that runs smoothly within your mobile application which can be developed by the mobile application development company. We have studied the issues in real time and compiled a list of payment gateways for mobile apps.