A chatbot publishing platform is a publishing solution through which a chatbot can be reached and utilized by a user for a mobile app development company.

On the contrary chatbot development platform is a kind of application or tool that can develop a chatbot.

As per the figures shown by Statista, the worldwide chatbot market profits are likely to increase at a tremendous rate.

Back in 2018, it summed up to about $40.9 million, whereas it is anticipated that by 2027 it will increase and will hit the mark of $454.8 million.

There are various chatbots builder platforms such as WotNot, ChatFuel, Botsify and such that support you to develop a Chatbot.

Chatbot platform support users by offering the facility to insert extra functions to their bot by building a flow, delivering machine learning potentials, API collaborations, and much more.

How to build a chatbot?

It’s very simple to develop and understand a chatbot platform, the user just needs to execute a simple drag and drop procedure. This helps users with no or marginal technical knowledge to develop a bot.

Here are the 15 best chatbots of 2019:

1. Chatfuel

Anyone who does not possess any technical knowledge regarding coding can develop chatbot through Facebook Messenger with the help of ChatFuel.

It offers functionalities such as adding content and sharing them with your followers, collecting data in the messenger chats with form, and getting users to request information and communicate with your bot along with buttons.

The best thing is that it is one of the free chatbot platforms.

2. Botsify

Botsify is also a well-known Facebook Messenger chatbot solution. It utilizes drag and drops approaches to develop bots.

The properties which individuals desired to infuse while developing chatbots are simple collaboration through plugins, smart Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and analytics collaboration, and Botsify has them all.

However, Artificial Intelligence collaboration and machine learning would be difficult for people with no technical knowledge, it’s only the drag-and-drop approach that makes the whole procedure easy.

The Botsify solution is available free of cost for a single bot after which the user needs to pay for using it.

3. Flow XO

FlowXO is also a chatbot builder which offers more than a hundred plugins. It is well-equipped simple to use the visual editor.

With the help of Flow XO, the user can develop a single bot for different platforms.

Though it is restricted to a particular number of conversations, after which membership has to be availed for using it.

4. WotNot

WotNot is a kind of platform for building a chatbot that holds the potential to collaborate with the user’s website with ease.

It can be fully personalized as per the business specification of the user without any requirement of having knowledge about complicated UI.

WotNot holds a unique property in that it permits users to alter the conversation flow via Google Sheets which is an interface everyone is well-versed.

It offers users with individualized experience by permitting them to preview the chatbot of their website.

The bot can be used within no time with the information of the user communication which is placed in Google Sheets so that they can consider it in real-time and function appropriately.

5. Bottr

Bottr is an emerging and fascinating platform to develop a personal bot through social networking accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

In less than 5 minutes, Bottr develops a bot it builds questions instantly from the information on Facebook.

Bottr also offers the user an alternative to insert bot on their website. The user can also insert information from platforms like WordPress or Wikipedia for better data analysis.

6. Beep Boop

This chatbot platform offers an overall experience of developers which permits users to pay attention to developing outstanding bots.

It also supports Slack users making the process quite simple for them as the user only needs to explore and release the bots, rest of processes like development, collaboration, deployment, handling, and expansion is done by professionals.

Beep Boop majorly emphasizes on offering ideal, simple and more apparent Slack bots.

Initially, the user needs to arrange their codes with the help of GitHub, which is a famous edition control repository and internet hosting service provider.

Next, they need to store the codes on Beep Boop platform to connect it with Slack apps or Facebook Messenger. The bots can then easily communicate with their clients with real-time messaging and chats.

7. Motion.ai

Motion.ai is a chatbot platform to optically develop, train and hire chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Smooch, slack or their websites, it permits the user to sketch their interaction flow such as flowchart to avail a visual overview of the results of your bot interrogation.

Next, they need to link their bot to a messaging platform like Facebook Messenger, Slack or Go.

Motion.ai also permits the user to utilize codes of Node.js directly from the interface and various other plugins as well.

8. ChattyPeople

The ChattyPeople chatbot platform comprises pre-developed chatbots which are ready to use. The website includes plugins and templates for e-commerce customer care services and businesses assigned with food.

If the user opts for an eCommerce chatbot they only need to embed products, FAQs, and other general settings.

It also offers the facility to work with PayPal and API integrations. An elementary client question FAQ zone is also present.

ChattyPeople is ideal for business owners and marketing individuals of small establishments. It holds ideal technology which is appropriate for the clients of the business.

Users can develop a simple bot for tackling customer service interrogations or to collaborate it with Shopify to legalize their fan page Facebook.

9. QnA Maker

Developed by Microsoft, QnA offers answers or solutions to the questions and inquiries. The user needs to share the link to their FAQ page and the bot will be developed within no time with the help of data present on the FAQ page and standard data.

Moreover, the user can collaborate with Microsoft cognitive services to permit their bot to hear, see, analyze and communicate in a more humanly manner.

Developers of QnA also perfectly collaborated with other kinds of APIs and platforms and expands to be a well-known facet of a bigger bot or considerable free standing.

10. Recast.ai

Recast.ai is a bot building platform which permits the users to instruct, develop and function their bot.

By developing and handling their interaction logic along with Bot Builder, the visual flow management interface and API of Recast.ai, the user can develop bots which comprehend pre-developed inquiries and offer quick solutions.

They offer messaging standards and bot interpretation tools to improve the whole process.

It is an outstanding integrative platform to develop, instruct, use and assist smart bots.

11. Leadformly

Leadformly is not specifically a chatbot developed, rather it is utilized at Venture Harbour to conditionally bifurcated users into various bundles much prior to chatbots stepped in.

After some years of evaluation of chatbots on landing pages, it has initiated to have back to utilize conversational lead gen forms as they are swift with over-usage that is present at the chatbots and they have also collaborated more such landing pages.

Experts still opt for chatbots which are not lead development or conversion emphasized such as for customer support services but in case the aim of the web page is to vouch for leads, it will generally stress for greater conversion rates with properly designed conversational lead chatbot development platforms.

12. Sequel

Sequel helps users to initiate with chatbot templates and plugins that can be personalized with the help of drag and drop method.

The objective of a sequel is to develop chatbots which indulge with users on an interactive level and this comprises of two major components:

  • The Natural language processing technology of Sequel for the interactive facet of things,
  • Communicative content

There are various templates and plugins especially for publishers, individual guidance, a Gamebot, storybot and other templates developed for various indulgence reasons.

The objective doesn’t emphasis on leadership development in this instance but it stresses upon indulging the audience with the brand and its associated content of the user.

Sequel bots can be launched on platforms such as Kik, Messenger, Viber, Telegram and such.

13. Pandorabots

It is an outstanding bot builder platform, but it needs users to have some knowledge about coding. This offers users to have a massive proportion of versatility, permitting them to develop anything that the desire.

Pandorabots is not convenient for beginners but it is a robust interface which fastens the procedure of development for designers who hold massive skills and technical knowledge.

The user can avail up to 1,000 messages every month free of cost and they can develop up to two bots.

If the user id managing more than 1,000 messages, they are expected to pay about $0.0025 for every message for a range of 100,000 messages and can develop about 10 bots.

For more develop more than the above stated the user needs to connect with Pandorabots for rates and prices.

14. TARS

TARS is a kind of drag and drop bot development platform which can be used for building a chatbot for messaging, and interactive interfaces for your website.

It is extremely simple in usage, without any requirement of coding or development skills and there are several plugins which can be used to personalize or edit.

The main emphasis of TARS is to develop bots which produce leads and add ROI to your marketing strategies.

One of the major issue with TARS is that there exists no free edition and it is comparatively very costly than any of the other platform mentioned in the entire list.

Its cost initiates from $499 per month but this will offer you with a higher level of analytics and marketing chatbot platforms & tools.

15. Wit.ai

Wit.ai is the best ai chatbot which will support developers to create bots which comprehend human commands, inquiries, and comments.

This is surely for highly skilled and experienced bot developers who desire to develop both with the help of ideal knowledge of the technical sphere.

With.ai is constantly aiming to enhance its ability to comprehend and permits users to embed their training data do enhance outcomes. The best part is that it absolves for free.


Most advanced chatbot platforms are significant for building a chatbot. Along with the presence of platforms like these, anyone who doesn’t hold programming knowledge can develop an elementary level of chatbots.

But, for developing a smart chatbot, the user needs to utilize Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and natural language processing.

It’s anticipated that the development of chatbots is going to transform the future of this field by its lush properties. The satisfaction of clients is the major key for development, growth, and expansion of the market and Chatbots is the individual best solutions that opt for it.

It will decrease the chances of human bugs, offer 24*7 accessibility, alleviate the requirement for working with various ios app development services and it offers ideal user experience.