In this modern digital world, video editing mobile apps have the buzz of the town. With high technology mobile phones and easy availability of the internet. Tik Tok was the first and the only app to get the attraction of people in this segment. Tik Tok is a similar app to Mx Takatak that offers users exceptional entertainment through interesting short video content. The success of a similar app like MX takatak has encouraged many users to find tablets for developing similar video content.

Looking at broader cyber security issues and tensions. Various Chinese apps in India, including Tik Tok, were banned. However, the support of the make-in-India initiative and other reasons have provided an opportunity to develop several Indian apps like the MX takatak app. These trending apps in India provide users with all the features and functionalities similar to tik tok.

Therefore, due to the rise of the Global pandemic, people are thinking about developing similar apps like MX takatak and other alternatives for Tik Tok. Here is a guide providing details about features, app development cost, design, and process. Reach out to a custom mobile app development company to get an estimated cost to develop a similar app like MX Takatak.

Know More About MX TakaTak

Mx Takatak is one of the new sensations built and launched by the OTT service MX player. It is one of the most similar apps to tik tok. It was launched on July 8, 2020, coming to an immense demand for homegrown apps in India. A similar app like Mx Takatak provides users with exciting videos to develop, edit, and share across multiple social media platforms.

These short videos have been a tremendous promotional ground for multiple genres like movies, gaming, sports, comedy, workout, etc. The primary reason behind the popularity of the MX Takatak-like app is its filters and range of background songs catered to the users. In addition, unique features and functionalities can help to make any app a significant hit. Some of these unique features and functionalities that helped Mx Takatak to stand out in the market are:

  • It provides users with a wide range of trending videos that provide them with content to browse and make dubbed videos.
  • Users can opt to make distinct kinds of creative and unique videos by using amazing editing features in the mobile app.
  • Saving content to the drive and sharing it on social media from the long list of status videos provided in the mobile application.
  • A great list of music libraries with top picks from the editors.
  • This app provides users with exceptional video editing options to develop distinct types of videos, modify the timings, merge them, tones and many more.
  • The beauty camera feature of this app allows users to select from the range of beauty effects and filters while recording their content.
  • This app supports videos in distinct languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, etc.

How Can You Make Your App Stand Out in This Competitive Market?

☛ Enforcing Ideas in The Market

With numerous trending apps in India, you need to research what ideas you should invest in to develop it into an app. If you do not consider this step, then the next upcoming step of the development part won’t turn out as expected. It is evident from the immense popularity of video editing apps that people of all ages love to record themselves over videos on these mobile apps.

This fun-loving young generation loves to stay updated over social platforms. Love to record themselves and share it over that platform. Therefore you have to make a plan about a similar app like Mx Takatak, what your target audiences will be, and what fun-loving features you will integrate that will entertain them in the long run.

☛ Features

Features and functionalities that are incorporated in the app will come out to be a game-changing element in the achievement of the app. The features and functionalities you integrate into hybrid app development should be intuitive and user-friendly for users so that they can effortlessly navigate and remain stuck with your app. Here again, research and analyzing is one of the critical aspects in developing it easier through the app development process and being one of the leading parties in the market.

☛ MVP Version

It would be a more innovative option to go with the MVP version of the app, as with this, you can get a fair idea about the app’s acceptance in the market. It would be best to allow your users to get accustomed to the app and use their reviews and feedback to develop new features. This will provide you with a guaranteed idea about the latest features that would boost the overall success of the Mx Takatak, like the app. The features and functionalities of the app must match up with the overall theme and purpose of the app which will guide the effectiveness of the app in the market.

☛ Uniqueness

There are many apps in the market with the same idea and features. Thus make sure that you are not entirely copying the app ideas present in the market. There are many similar apps like Mx Takatak, and the core idea of a successful app is to step into the market but not win only based on the uniqueness of the idea. Develop your video editing app uniquely so that it is noticeable except for the long list of similar apps in the market. Incorporate advanced features and functionalities by glancing at the budget restrictions while driving for creativeness in every possible aspect.

☛ Monetization

The majority of business owners will require to gain profits from their mobile apps. Thus there would be an entire monetization plan to profit from the mobile app. Performing these poorly will modify the app’s primary purpose while driving it to failure. This should be well-judged that comprises ideas like ads, in-app purchases, freemiums in the mobile app.

☛ Integration with Social Media

As each person who creates videos in the mobile app wants to display this talent on social media platforms, these features must be incorporated into the mobile app. Almost all types of entertaining mobile apps have social media integration features and functionalities in the modern digital era. Ultimately all the unique and exciting features, filters, and songs will have a great chance of reaching out to new users if they post them on social media platforms.

Must-Have Features of Similar App Like Mx Takatak

☛ Sign Up/Login

Integrate easy signup and login process by using phone numbers, email addresses, and social media platforms so that users can easily register in the app. For easy signup and login, a registered credential might be used.

☛ Privacy Settings

Privacy settings help users adjust their privacy and safety controls according to their needs as users can publish their video content to their friendly community of followers.

☛ Home Section

When we sign up and login into the mobile app home section will display, for easy access and ease, all pages are listed.

☛ Create and Manage Profile

The section on creating and managing profiles with details like image, contact information, name, etc. Users can also organize and modify their profiles.

☛ Create Video

Users can develop a video where they can display their creativity by lip-syncing the device’s audio file. They can sing, dance, share their expressions, say, teach, and more on this platform.

☛ Discover Videos

Here you can discover videos, search for profiles and hashtags, and use a single term; users will reach out for similar videos from other users.

☛ Apply Filter to Videos

Users will implement numerous filters accessible to their videos to publish them to their profiles. The choice of filters helps to enhance the visual impact of their work.

☛ In-app Push Notifications

Users will get constant alerts about famous hashtags, videos, the content of people they watch through in-app notifications.

✍ Customized Features of Similar App Like Mx Takatak:

  • News Feed
  • Song/Audio Selection
  • Dubbing And Video Selfie
  • Stickers
  • Multi-Video/Picture Sharing
  • Create Your Channel
  • Group Chat
  • Media Attachment
  • Report User

✍ Advanced Features of MX TakaTak Clone App:

  • Create and Edit Profile
  • Simple user interface
  • Short Musical Clips
  • Outstanding Innovations
  • Share in Social media

Estimated App Development Cost to Develop Similar App Like Mx Takatak

If you are looking forward to developing a similar app like Mx Takatak, it would cost around $5,000 to $30,000 if you want to add every essential feature and functionality for a single iOS and Android platform. On the other hand, if you plan to add advanced features and functionalities and develop them for various platforms, the estimated app development cost will range around $20,000.


The best short video app like the MX takatak app has developed a rush in the market with unique features, user-friendly and effortless functionalities. However, if you want to get insights into the estimated app development cost to develop an Mx Takatak app, you need to reach out to hybrid app development companies.

These companies have immense skills to build a wide range of mobile apps and make them successful in the long run. But one thing is sure you will get maximum ROI and reach for your mobile app to lead the competitive market.

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Mx Takatak is a short video-making and sharing app launched by Times Internet, owned by Mx player. It is ranked number two in the top-rated free chart for all mobile apps. The app was launched in the market on July 9. The major competitors of Mx Takatak are Moj (ShareChat), Josh (DailyHunt).

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  • Instagram
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  • VivaVideo
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