Nowadays, having productive iOS apps ideas for beginners is a hot topic. Taking benefit of these techniques and technologies through mobile app development is one of the best things to be done in the market. It will aid you in taking your business to new heights. Undoubtedly building mobile apps is one of the crucial things to be done to keep up with the market demand. By developing new app ideas, everything can come at ultimate ease, from scheduling doctor’s appointments, investing in academic courses, buying groceries, consulting, booking a holiday, or a restaurant.

As we all know that business is majorly about unique, simple, and good app ideas, but every time coming up with new app ideas is not easy and accessible. Thus, we have researched, analyzed, and listed some of the best and most simple iOS app ideas for beginners to invest in accordingly. If you still feel dicey about investing in trending app ideas. Here are some stats and data that can help you understand this better. According to the latest facts and figures of Statistica, there are more than $6.005 billion smartphone users around the globe. This will aid mobile apps revenue to reach $935 billion by 2023.

These are some figures, but these figures would also have helped you better understand the importance of mobile applications for your business. Reach out to a top mobile application development agency as they can help you to understand which of the mobile app ideas would be best for your business and why.

What is Meant by iOS App Development?

iOS application development is an entire process of building mobile apps for Apple devices. It includes iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and many more. The iOS software is inscribed in either Swift programming language or Objective C, and further, it is deployed in the app store for users to install it.

If you are a developer at an iOS app development company, you might have your schedule reserved for iOS app development. For example, each developer would require a mac desktop and other iOS counterparts that are expensive compared to Windows-based counterparts. In addition to this, once you are done with your app, it goes through the quality and performance review process before it is launched over the app store.

Despite all of this, if you have your customers, partners, organization’s employees, and hundreds of iPhone and iPad users around the globe, then you have a strong reason to engage yourself in iOS app development. Although having potentially high barriers to entry, still the task of developing an iOS app can be quite an easy thing, the same as developing an app for android. As powered by proper planning and appropriate resources, one can join the ranks of an iOS app developer.

Are you all set to try your hands-on experience with iOS mobile app development?

1. My Chef iOS App Idea

My Chef iOS App Idea

Priorities keep on changing from person to person. Thus, it has not been easy, to begin with, the list of top iOS app ideas. Food excites everyone, and it would be great to have a personal chef by your side. Hunger can be one of the most disturbing things, and a delicious homely preparation can satisfy all the anger and frustration.

Hence here is one of the most trending app ideas, i.e., A personal chef on a single tap. It is an app that serves users craving specific kinds of homely preparation or some special dishes that taste delicious if made at their mode. These app ideas will include an entire list of verified home chefs who have some listed specialties. Furthermore, users can rate the chef based on the recipe, method, etc. You can also list the most loved chefs for different dishes.

These iOS app ideas will be apt for urban customers who miss their homes and crave home-style food. These apps can incorporate features of booking the chef, sharing your location with the user, and providing them with a route map to locate user residents. Mentioned these iOS app ideas will fit perfectly with the Apple app store as all the users are well off and from developed countries.

2. eCommerce iOS App Idea

Ecommerce iOS App Idea
If you believe it is quite late to start with an eCommerce business, then you are mistaken as it is never too late. As the eCommerce market is equipped with numerous iOS app ideas and has reached almost every sector, they now have an eCommerce presence of their own. So if you have unique app ideas to make money, then the stage is all yours. One of the positive facts about eCommerce business is that it has no limits to potential buyers and visitors. Thus, if you can provide it with something that no one else can, you’ll succeed.

You need to search for a niche and build an app around it. For instance, in recent times, where IoT is becoming very popular, an ecommerce platform that would sell smart products will have an amazing value. Likewise, these days people are shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle, as nowadays it is trending to reuse second-hand products. If you step into eCommerce app development with such unique and new app ideas, you can make it a huge hit in your field.

3. Lyrics Tracker iOS App Idea

It happens with all of us. We often like a song and hear it multiple times, but even after that, we tend to forget the lyrics of that particular song. All we can remember is the humming part of the song’s composition. Although lyrics come to us suddenly in some situations, we have no idea which song it is. As in both situations, we crawl over our memory to find out which music or song it is. Here are the best lyrics apps for iOS and android.

Therefore won’t it be great to develop an app based on these iOS app ideas as this app can help you search the song from a few lyrics or just from humming? It would be much better if you sing out the portion of the song you know, as it can help the app to find the song and the singer effortlessly.

4. Grocery Delivery iOs App Idea

Grocery Delivery iOs App Idea
The iOS app idea that has been in the limelight since the global pandemic is a grocery delivery application. While we witnessed big companies like Amazon, Ola and others have started with their grocery delivery. We have also witnessed a shift in several local retail stores to online platforms. These apps have one thing: a vast market out there to sell a wide range of groceries. You can also develop a mobile app that could specialize in selling organic/natural grocery products or stick to selling frozen foods. So stick to an idea and begin with grocery delivery app development. Read more on best online grocery shopping apps.

5. Chatbots iOS App Idea

Chatbots iOS App Idea
Artificial intelligence-based chatbots enhance your client communication by responding to their queries and questions immediately. With tough competition in the marketplace, it is important to have multiple options for customers to select from.

Therefore, the probability of the customers waiting for the company’s response is low while using the mobile app or scrolling down from the website. Such situations need a lot of intelligence and smart app ideas like AI-based chatbots. It helps you with instant responses to customer questions and queries and ongoing live chat assistance to your mobile application.

According to research and study, chatbots eliminate 30% of the customer service expenses and provide more than 50% of consumers who prefer to connect with companies at their service 24/7.

6. Advanced Delivery Management or Logistics Management Applications

Stepping into an on-demand and logistics market is almost worth a trillion-dollar thing. But, as in this huge market, even the smallest optimizations could help you save your fortune. Preserving the efficiency of such systems can be a tiresome task, but thanks to digitalization, we have a new opportunity for this.

A user-friendly mobile application for logistics can help digitize and maintain the records of all the tasks and operations incorporated in the industry. This data and knowledge can make a way to reduce operational costs significantly.

Integrating features like route optimization, inventory monitoring, supply chain management, stock management, and many more could modify our perspective on the mobile application.


In case you have amazing new iOS app design ideas for beginners, it is worth keeping in mind that these ideas are just a single part of the way to your success. As further, it entirely depends upon how these ideas are implemented in practice. Thus it would be best to choose a great team to work on your project and take over the high level of responsibility.

Suppose any of these above-listed ideas have inspired you to develop a mobile app of your own. Then, you can reach out to a mobile application development agency. They have a team of experienced professionals who have custom-made solutions to provide you with quality results that can help you exceed your expectations.


These are some of the most in-demand apps:
  • Courier delivery
  • Medicine delivery
  • Fashion apps
  • Beauty service app
  • On-demand health services
  • On-demand grocery app

The average purchase per user on the iOS platform is much more, nearly double that of androids. With this being said, 16% of android application developers can earn over $5,000 per month with their mobile apps, and 25% of experienced developers can earn more than $5,000 through their app earnings.

These are some of the best on-demand apps in their niche:
  • Uber: Taxi app.
  • Postmates: Grocery delivery app.
  • Drizly: Alcohol delivery app.
  • Soothe Massage therapy app.
  • Rover: Dog walking app.
  • Zomato: Food delivery app.