Much more short video-making app development like Chingari, MX Takatak, and so on came into the market after the ban. All these apps are making huge profits due to their demand. The mobile app development company also has so much demand to develop an app like Roposo.

Do you know that the number of users of an app like Roposo increased from 55 million to 100 million in one week after the government banned 59 Chinese apps?

People are shown the content according to their preference and hence they get more and more addicted to apps like Roposo video apps.

The Roposo video app has 5 lakh, new users, daily. After the ban on Chinese apps, Indians require app development like Chingari so that to feel the void of Chinese apps like Tik Tok, helo, etc.

All these things make it important for you who are looking towards developing short video-making apps to know how to make an app like Roposo.

If you want to develop an app like Roposo then you also need to know what is the cost to develop an app like Roposo so that you can develop an app like Roposo.

So, this blog will help in letting you know how to make an app like Roposo and what is the cost to develop an app like Roposo.

First, let us try to understand what is Roposo app.

What is ROPOSO App?

Roposo is an Indian short video-making and sharing app that is one of the most successful apps in India.

There is language support in Roposo that can be used in different languages like Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Assamese, and Odia.

The language support in Roposo is the most attractive thing as users from all over India can use it no matter what language they use. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

So, this was a short overview of what is Roposo app but to develop an on-demand sharing app like Roposo you must know how an app like Roposo works and what are the steps to create an app like Roposo.

How Apps like Roposo Works?

  • The first step is to download the app from the Google play store or apple store. The user can also download it from a web browser.
  • Now, the user has to open the app and make an account by adding details like your name, email id, and password. After that, the user can choose the language in which you want to use Roposo using language support in Roposo.
  • After making the account, there will be a home page in which the user can search for any genre or topic to see related videos.
  • The user can also post videos using the video button available in the Roposo video app. To make videos, users can use different effects and filters, and favorite music according to the kind of content they want to make.
  • The on-demand sharing app like Roposo also has features to share any content they make or they found interesting on different apps like Whatsapp or Whatsapp status.
  • The user has to pick the selective content selection before posting their video after completion.

So, this is how users can use on-demand sharing apps like Roposo. There are many other features of apps like Roposo that you will get to know later in the blog but now let’s see the steps to create apps like Roposo.

How to create a Roposo App?

Creating an Indian sharing app like Roposo can be a complex task. You can hire an iPhone app developer or hire an android app developer for the same.

You can also refer to video making app development company to create an Indian sharing app like Roposo. To develop an app like Roposo and to know how to create a Roposo app or an app like Roposo,

here are some of the steps to create an app like Roposo that a mobile app development company should consider:

  1. First, make a well-managed plan for the beginning of app development like Chingari.
  2. Understand the demand for the Indian sharing app like Roposo and develop your business model accordingly.
  3. Ask your video-making app development company to use a technology stack for the streaming of the videos to develop an app like Roposo.
  4. Add all the important and common features of apps like Roposo that are also mentioned later in this blog.
  5. Analyze the development of the app on different steps and make sure you make deadlines.
  6. Keep improving your app design and take feedback for achieving the best user-friendly app.
  7. Make your app in such a way that your users must have a personalized user experience.
  8. Hire an android app developer for publishing your app on the Google play store and hire an iPhone app developer for publishing it on the Apple store.

These were the most common steps for how to create a Roposo app that you can consider or tell your mobile app development company to develop apps like Roposo.

Unique and Must wanted Features of the App like Roposo

Now, you know how to make an app like Roposo but to know its development cost you must know the features of an app like Roposo.

#1. Login and Signup

The first and most important feature is to add the login and sign up when the user opens your video-making and sharing app for the first time.

It would be best if you integrate this feature with other platforms also like Google or Gmail account, and Facebook. The users should have their authorized login credentials so that they can log in to their accounts on any device and anywhere they want.

#2. Profile Creation and Editing Options

After logging into the accounts, users must have their profile which includes the details that makes them unique user so that they can be identified easily.

Along with the profile creation, the app should also have editing profile options so that the user can update their profile picture and other personal details.

#3. User-Friendly Interface

Make sure that the video-making app development company you hire make the user-experience friendly. This means that your app should be easy to use. The interface should be eye-catchy.

In apps like Roposo, it should b easy to follow other users and scroll through different videos. This makes the user spend more and more time on the app.

#4. Video Recording, Uploading, Saving, and Sharing

In a video-making and sharing app like Roposo, you must add all the features like video recording i.e. the user can record videos easily and effectively, and video uploading i.e. the user must be able to upload the video they have created or recorded.

The user must be allowed to save videos so that they can share them with their friends anywhere. They should also be allowed sharing videos directly from the app on different platforms. All these features make the app more interesting and engaging.

#5. Notifications

Notification is an important feature for any app these days. It binds the user with the app. So, in an app like Roposo, the user must be able to receive notifications related to likes, comments, followers, tags, and other promotional notifications.

If you hire an android app developer, tell him to add all these notification features to your app.

#6. Video Editing, Filters, and Effects

The most important part of the development of an app similar to Roposo is the creation of videos. So, the app must include all the important features that are needed to create an effective video.

There should be all the editing features like cropping, rotating, filtering, and changing the speed. The user must be able to use different filters and effects in the video like transition effects, animation effects, stickers, GIPHY, and other creative effects.

If you hire an iPhone app developer, tell him to add as many unique filters and effects in your app so that your app will be unique.

#7. Likes and Comments

Likes and comments allow users to give feedback to other users on their videos. It also allows them to take feedback and review videos that are made by themselves. So, it is a must-add feature when you develop an app like Roposo.

#8. Admin Page Or Profile Page

This is the page of the user, where they can see all their posts. Here they can delete, or edit any of their posts. They can also analyze their followers and if they want to block or delete someone. All these things should be available on an admin panel or page.

#9. Large Media Library

The media library in an app like Roposo should include a variety of songs, music, dialogues, and other sound effects that users can use to create creative videos.

#10. Getting verified (How to get verified on Roposo?)

You can allow your users to get verified or the blue tick in your app. This is an identification that the user with a blue tick is a popular content creator on the app.

Many people searched for how to get verified on Roposo when Roposo introduced this feature. How to get verified on Roposo is very easy to do. You can add this feature to gain popularity.

These were some of the most important features of apps like Roposo. Other advanced features that you can add to your app are:

  • The preview of some of the already made videos before registration so that users can get more attracted towards the app.
  • Using the Geo-location feature so that the user can see location-based content.
  • Real-time analysis.
  • Live video streaming.
  • Augmented reality filters.

Now, let’s see the factors that can or may affect the cost to develop an app like Roposo.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Develop App like Roposo

The main objective of this blog is to give you an idea of the cost to develop an app like Roposo.

The cost of development of such apps depends on different factors and hence can be between $5000-$35000 based on the different factors and features you use in your app.

There is no fixed amount. It depends on how you make your app.

To make sure you choose all the factors rightly and cheaply, you can consider the below factors and understand them carefully so that you can make the best app within the best and effective cost:

☛ Design

The design of the app is an important thing as it will attract users. It represents the user interface. The more innovative design is the more users have attracted to your app.

Innovation may cost you more money but that should be worth spending on. So, make your app design in such a way that it should be more and more attractive to users.

☛ Platform

The platform on which you are going to develop your app is also an important factor that affects the development cost of an app like Roposo. The major platforms are android and ios.

You can choose any platform according to your target audience. If you want to reach more and more audiences make your app available on both platforms.

☛ Features Used

The development cost of an app like Roposo is dependent on the features you use in the app. If you use more advanced features then it may cost you very high but you can choose your features according to your budget.

Make sure you add all the important features otherwise there will be no point in developing such an app.

☛ Development Team

The cost of the app is also dependent on the development team. If you choose a mobile app development company rather than a freelancer developer then it would cost you more.

But a company gives your assurance and also they have an experienced team that will help you to develop a successful app.

Now, you know all the things related to the development cost of an app similar to Roposo. But the question here arises does ROPOSO makes money? How you can use an app like Roposo to generate revenue?

Does ROPOSO Make Money?

Here are the points that will answer your question does Roposo makes money that you now know how can you generate your revenue from the apps like Roposo.

☛ In-app Purchases

You can allow in-app purchases in your app to generate revenue. You can do it by making users buy unique and interesting stickers, reacting emoticons, and much more. Once your app has enough users you can make them buy many things to generate revenue.

☛ Subscriptions

You can make available different subscription packs in your app that would include different pers accordingly. For example, there can different packs like a pro, ultra pro, and ultra pro max.

☛ Advertisements

Advertisement is another very useful thing that you can use to generate large revenue in your app. You can allow different brands to do advertisements on your app and charge them for the same.


Roposo has gained huge popularity, especially after the ban of the Tik Tok app. It has gained huge profits and hence many other apps are being introduced since then that are also gaining huge profits.

If you are also planning to develop an app like Roposo in the market then you should not give your plan a second thought. Just make sure you use the right technique and way to do develop the app add all the important points mentioned in the blog.

develop app like roposo


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The main window of Roposo and Tik Tok is very similar hence the videos are played in the vertical format and you can easily access it on Roposo as well. Unlike Tik Tok, Roposo has a feature where users can see the content based on the genre they choose on the home screen only.

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