About 40 years ago Nobel-Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman spoke about the quantum mechanics and now there are stunning quantum computing applications that have more value in 2019. According to Chief Microsoft Corp., Executive Officer  (CEO) Satya Nadella, quantum computing is going to reshape the world and is one of the three most influencing radical technologies. Quantum computing application is the future and firms like IBM, MIT, Oxford University, and Los Alamos National Laboratory are developing it too.  So what is a quantum computer and why quantum computing application will have more value in 2019? Also, what will be the benefits of quantum computing, the mobile application effects on quantum computing and This article will try to provide an overview of all these above and why it is going to be more valuable in the coming years.

What is Quantum Computer?

A simple way that a quantum computer can be described is as a type of computer that uses quantum mechanics. This enables the computer to do computation more efficiently compared to a regular computer.

So how is it different from regular computers? Information stored by a regular computer is in a series of 0’s and 1’s, which is called bits whereas Quantum computers use qubits instead of bits.

☛ Quantum Computing Explained

Quantum computing is about developing computer technology on the basis of quantum theory and quantum physics principles. These principles provide an explanation of the behaviour and nature of energy and matter on the atomic and subatomic level, known as the quantum. In quantum computing, the laws of quantum physics are followed this enables enormous processing power. It also allows the computer to perform multiple tasks in multiple states with all possible permutations simultaneously.

Why Quantum Computing Application Will Have More Value in 2019 and onwards?

As many experts say that quantum computing and new quantum computers will reshape the world in a radical way with its methods. Though the process of building quantum computers started only in the late 1990s it has only taken a giant leap in progress around the last decade that has seen the creation of larger and more powerful quantum computing machines. As a result, the stunning quantum computing applications have more value in 2019 and the years to come. To help you understand why quantum computing is the next big thing here are some facts about quantum computing:

  • Virtually unbreakable encryption: The landscape of data security can be changed by quantum computing by creating hackproof replacements. While they will be able to crack the encryptions that are used now, however, it will be almost impossible to crack the encryption created by quantum computing.
  • Different problem-solving ability: The purpose of quantum computing is not to replace the classical computers that have a better ability to handle task related to email, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and etc. Quantum computers have better ability to solve optimisation problems like the best route for delivering a product for a logistics company, scheduling of the flight and things like that.
  • Way faster: Google recently revealed that it has a quantum computer that can work 100 million times faster compared to any classical computer it has in its lab.
  • Processing big data: In general every day 2.5 exabytes of data is produced, which is almost equal content produced by 5 million laptops. In this age of big data, quantum computers will have the ability to process this huge data and information.
  • 460 degrees Fahrenheit: Quantum computers require the cold temperature to have stability hence the inside of D-Wave Systems’ computer has to be maintained at 460 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Superposition: Quantum computers to have the ability to have a quantum state. This is a state in which particles can cohabit and exist at the same time in multiple states. This allows quantum computers to analyse and compute multiple variables at the same time.
  • Consumes less power: Despite the increase in functionality a quantum computer uses less electricity, reducing power consumption between 100 and 1000 times. This is possible because of the use of quantum tunnelling.
  • Multiple algorithms: Quantum computers use several types of algorithms for it’s functioning. Already several algorithms have been developed like Shor, which is used for factoring large numbers. Also, Grover has been developed that is used for looking into the unstructured database.
  • Accelerate machine learning: 2019 is likely to see the development of stable quantum computers and once that happens machine learning will rapidly accelerate. This will result in solving problems in seconds rather than many years.
  • 1 trillion moves per second: In 1997 IBM’s Deep Blue was able to defeat Gary Kasparov, the chess champion because in a second it was able to examine 200 million moves. Now IBM’s IBM Quantum Calculating Applications with IBM Q the first universal quantum computer that is being developed for business and science the possibility of conducting more moves in a second. It is estimated that a quantum computer can calculate in a second 1 trillion possible moves.
  • Quantum Supremacy: According to Google in the next five years it will reach quantum supremacy with the production of a viable quantum computer. This will have 50 qubit, which will surpass the supercomputer’s ability, as well as present quantum computers, which are at 20 qubit.
  • Quantum machines in a year: IBM will launch its quantum machines for commercial purposes equipped with IBM quantum calculating applications within the next year, i.e. 2019.

Benefits of Quantum Computing:

Though theoretically it has been shown that quantum computing will be able to perform almost any job that a classical computer does. But in reality, it might not be able to outperform the classical computer in every task. For quantum computing to work new algorithms need to be developed so that it can exploit the quantum parallelism.

While formulating such algorithms are not easy but there has been a breakthrough in it. Peter Shor has created the quantum factorisation for AT&T Bell laboratories. This is a difficult task to solve that it is used for RSA encryption, the one, which is mostly used today. Even NASA created a quantum computing system that solved their problems way faster than the classical computers. It is believed that there will be several advantages of quantum computing in several fields and the stunning quantum computing applications have more value in 2019.

☛ Machine Learning:

This is one area that is witnessing considerable arrangements that are being done on various platforms for the consumers. We have already started using it in almost every stage and every day with applications that cater to voice, image, handwritten recognition and such. However, it requires multiple numbers of computations and the level of difficulty to produce a good machine-learning product is quite high. It is also quite expensive to provide a product that has high accuracy. But because of the potential payoff, lots of research is conducted and it is said that quantum computing will be able to make machine learning better with its ability to compute and analyse multiple variables at the same time.

☛ Computational Chemistry:

Richard Feynman stated that using quantum computing could help to simulate the quantum mechanical process. This will help in augmenting the process of chemical interactions to develop new material or find more characteristics in the existing material and use it more efficiently. With quantum computing, there can be large payoffs for example in:

  • Finding materials that can be superconductors at room temperature.
  • In the production of ammonia for fertilizers replacing the Harber process.
  • Finding a catalyst that can improve carbon sequestration efficiency.
  • Finding battery chemistry that will improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

☛ Financial Portfolio Optimisation:

In the finance industry there is a constant simulation are being run that can project returns, assess the risk and other factors in investments. With the help of quantum computing applications in finance and the technology, one can find quality solutions as well as save time. Classical computers consume a huge amount got time to compute these. In a market that manages billions of dollars even 1% improvement has the potential of returning a lot of money.

☛ Logistics and Scheduling:

As of now classical computers are used for computing the tasks of logistics and scheduling in any industry. Mainly in sectors like an airline in which the service provider requires to find the best service for its customers at the lowest cost. Or an automobile company that needs to find the optimum price with multiple car and service options. They also need to provide maximum satisfaction to the customer yet benefit and profit the company. Even a production line can benefit from quantum computing, as a factory manager is required to find maximum output in a limited time while minimizing the cost. He also needs to take into account the constant change and mix of machinery, inventory, production doers and people who work for him. But they do consume a lot of time and also fail to do the job to utmost satisfaction because of the task being too complicated. Quantum computers will be able to provide a much better solution.

☛ Drug Design:

Pharmaceutical companies can use quantum computing skills to save a ton of money as well as time if they can use the system to identify how a drug will react. Instead of having a proper simulation most drugs still go through trial and error method while it is being developed.

☛ Cyber Security:

Quantum machine learning process will have the ability to recognise the cyber security threats at earlier compared to the traditional methods. The machine will also have the capacity to mitigate the damage. According to the experts, quantum computing has virtually unbreakable code thereby reducing the possibility of cyber threats and risking the cyber security.

☛ Code breaking:

Shor’s algorithm has already been able to break the RSA encryption and the search is now for finding post-quantum cryptography. This will result in quantum computers be no longer vulnerable to breaking and hacks.

☛ Circuit, Software and System Fault Simulation:

In developing a software program there are millions of code or in a large ASIC chip there are billions of transistors. With a classical computer is impossible as well as is immensely time-consuming to check every single code or transistor in a simulation. This not only put the software or the chip open to errors since everything cannot be checked. One also is unsure of what happens when the system is running normally, or if there is a hardware issue or other error. Also, there will be no answers to how and when will the systems detect the recovery mechanism and will it be able to mitigate the problem. There are many software and system that requires being error-free as both billions of dollars and life can depend on that software. With quantum computing these simulations can be done that will result in a better fault-free software and system.

These are some of the benefits of quantum computing and in the next few years, it is likely that the potential impact of quantum computing on the society will be immense and quite beneficial. The progress in developing quantum computing is on and with powerhouses like IBM, AT&T, Google, and other quantum computing will have an impact on mobile application development services too.

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Mobile application effects on quantum computing

Since still, quantum computing is in the process of becoming fully functional for the public there is not much scope that mobile applications will effect quantum computing. However, IBM is looking for people to help them with their quantum computer and computing system. You can access IBM’s new quantum computing processor from an app either from your tablet or smartphone. Share your ideas with the researchers of IBM to accelerate the process while also discover the new technology and applications for the quantum computing technology. It is a cloud-based service hence you can experience the IBM Quantum Experience and run the algorithms and also experiment with the IBM quantum processor.

Modern day quantum computers can be accessed through clouds that enable many people to use it simultaneously and learn it to understand and solve new problems as well as conduct researches. Stunning Quantum Computing Applications have mow value in 2019 as they can provide many breakthroughs in various disciplines. They include optimisation of the complex system, artificial intelligence, drug and material discovery and many more. In 2019 and the following years quantum computers will be used widely and the information processing can be reimagined.