With the rise of smartphones, apps have thrived and transformed into a profitable and dynamic business.

The time an average user spends on mobile apps has grown to a surprising 92% – which is approximately five hours every day!

While mobile app downloads have been estimated to pass 255 billion USD by 2022.

If you provide App Development Services, you know this is time to develop apps and earn revenues from them. However, like every product out there, apps also need marketing to reach people and make profits. So, in this blog today, we will talk about the mobile App User Acquisition Strategy.

Selling a mobile app takes more than simply letting social followers, family and friends know that it lives, it needs commitment and a powerful mobile user acquisition strategy.

Designing a flourishing app is not simple; recent researches imply that fewer than 0.01% of apps published will be deemed a commercial success. The app marketplace has become increasingly competitive over the years and making a mobile app stand over the others is a biblical task almost.

Even if your app is valuable and awesome, even if you are ranked the Best Mobile App Development Company, it still needs to be discovered by people – potential users. This is where user acquisition (UA) comes in.

How Does Mobile App User Acquisition (UA) strategy Work?

The term to attract users to download or buy an app and keep using it is mobile user acquisition. Acquiring users can occur through organic or paid media such as social advertising (on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), mobile ads, and others.

A major UA marketing strategy for any app begins with the soft launch of the app. This is when developers pre-launch the app in select markets to gauge monetization and retention before the actual launch.

During this time period, the campaigns of user acquisition strategies can offer information on which supply channels and creative are working most efficiently and will ensure high-quality users for the most inexpensive price after the app is actually launched.

App developers continue mobile app user acquisition campaigns to attempt and usher valuable users who will keep communicating with the app and produce profits via in-app ads and purchases.

Tips for Mobile App User Acquisition

After burning the midnight oil on your app, now you are thinking: how to get users for your app? Like marketing for any industry, there are some tried and tested strategies you can use as well to boost your app sales.

Here, we divide user acquisition strategies into two sections: free and paid user acquisition marketing.

Free User Acquisition Strategies:

☛ Optimize the Pages on Your App Stores

Pages of app stores, whether they’re Google Play or iOS, are the new store windows. It’s among the primary points that possible users will assess you on so your page requires to look excellent. Does the app have an accurate name?

How does the icon appear on mobile phones and tablets? Are you applying SEO keywords? These are all significant determinants. Users have to find your app or game and be interested in it from the app store page itself. A helpful app store page is important to encourage downloads.

☛ Start With a Wide Selection of Channels

When releasing an app, it’s necessary to spread the net of your app user acquisition strategy distant and scattered. When you promote your app on multiple channels, it helps in figuring out what serves you best. After some time, you can concentrate on just the most thriving acquisition channels.

The other benefit is that your game or app may be flourishing in unconventional acquisition channels. Profit in an unconventional acquisition channel indicates more limited competition and heightened awareness for your game or app.

☛ Launch a Mailing List

Email is among the most marketing channel still for online companies. It has several benefits over other kinds of online retailing and you do so without spending anything. Let your users know when there is an update.

You can do additional cross-promotion of other apps or games that you’ve generated. Among the important advantage of mailing lists is that users can further reach you. This is an excellent way to obtain feedback and enhance your game or app.

☛ Optimize Social Media

Directly behind email, you will encounter social media. Social media are great for using your app user acquisition strategy as it’s simple for users to share the app or game with their friends on social media accounts.

There’s also zero cost associated and it demands limited time expense. This is additionally a prominent channel to share videos and visuals about your game or app. Plus, you can communicate with possible and popular users in a style they find natural. When your customer communication on social media is good, it will attract new users.

☛ Shun Cost-Per-Install

This may appear counter-intuitive but there is solid evidence to support this point. Cost-Per-Install is a popular means of mobile app acquisition for mobile developers. The issue with Cost-Per-Install is that it rarely ever works.

While it may appear like a natural course, it can be real cash under the drain and precious time lost. With a multitude of other choices accessible, you must withdraw from it for now.

☛ Word of Mouth

Even though this method might not be the most straightforward to put in position, it’s powerful. As provided by a report from Nielsen Company, word of mouth is the most relevant type of marketing.

So how do you make sure Word of Mouth is going to work? The exclusive solution is to create something deserving of the talk. There is no purpose in releasing an app if it doesn’t attract users.

☛ Analyze Metrics

Once you commence obtaining users, metrics can tell you the most dependable way to proceed. Estimating withholding rates, ARPPU, ARPU and conversion flows will show you how to enhance your game or app moving ahead and present it to be more engaging to users.

There are many ways to analyze your app metrics. The most essential point is not to grow dissuaded if the aggregates don’t match with your expectations. Apply them to your benefit and renew your app user acquisition strategy.

☛ Strive for Virality

Going viral is the same as word of mouth in the online world now. Unlike word of mouth, you can do a lot of fun, quirky things to make your app go viral and make it a buzzing topic in social media circles.

The best tip to use virality in the user app acquisition strategy is to go viral by targeting influences in your niche. Have you created an amazing game that everyone needs to play? A tweet on Twitter by a notable person in your niche will motivate others with similar interests to check it out.

☛ Playing Before Paying

This method isn’t truly something that you can set in a position currently. But being aware of it is helpful for the future. In the near future, you will be allowed to apply this method to obtain relevant users.

Play before Pay is basically allowing users to demo your app or game before they buy it, similar to desktop applications. This indicates that mobile acquisition will shift into more of a meritocracy, which is great news for every mobile developer.

Paid User Acquisition Strategies:

☛ Make a Budget

If you want to gain users fast, then you may need to spend some money on it. Establishing collectively resources for your app user acquisition strategy can increase your returns in many forms.

You can offer some multimedia content on advertising, collect data on users or manage ad campaigns. It is recommended to collect important data that a simple budget can help you reach. Having a budget is important because if you don’t allocate some funds, then why would you spend so much time in development if no one ever gets to use it?

☛ Run Test Campaigns

Test campaigns have many advantages. The main one signifying that you can A/B test various tactics prior to beginning your app user acquisition strategy on a more large-scale basis. For instance, practice A/B testing to understand what sort of home screen users favor.

You can obtain data on how prepared they are to do in-app buying; even you can ask them directly. You don’t need to wait after the launch to get feedback.

☛ Compare Expensive and Cheap Users

After some time, you may require to choose if you want to focus on cheaply acquired users from whom you make little money even though their size is reasonable or if you want to focus on a smaller number of users that spend more money. To figure this out, you will have so some testing on a particular platform.

For instance, you can run two ad campaigns on Facebook, one for both types of users, and then analyze the return on investment to see which section of users is worth your time and effort. Not every channel is made equal, so figure out what kind of users gets you the highest ROI and then concentrate your app user acquisition strategy accordingly.

☛ Execute a Burst Campaign

When you spend a lot from your marketing budget in a limited period, it is called a burst campaign. The objective of such a campaign is to boost your game or app in the rankings by attracting and retaining enough users to guarantee sustainability.

Obviously, this is a beneficial strategy if your game or app meets specific demands. If your game or app is projected at a niche market, the mass appeal is something you don’t need to spend your app user acquisition cost on. It is possible that negative reviews from users that do not belong in your chosen demographic could do more harm than good to your app.

☛ Design Video Advertisement

Making video ads can be an excellent way to engage possible users. Videos by the character are engaging; they pull our attention and users require finding them on mobile devices. Obviously, you can utilize a video advertisement on various platforms.

The best thing about advertising on video is that the great quality promises you with rewards. You can gain users in a much-accelerated speed if you have the budget and capacity for video ads. For instance, in the 2015 Super Bowl, the two most successful ads during the halftime shows were for mobile games. Video advertisements are a certified winner.

☛ Hire UA Manager

If your budget allows and you still have not found the strategy that works best for you, there is only one other option left. Hire a user acquisition manager to do all the work on your behalf.

Customer acquisition can get crucial, so a trained person can be a necessary demand at times. Plus, as mentioned, if the budget is flexible, then why not hire an expert to ensure your app brings in the best results?


There is no one sure-shot way of success when it comes to mobile app user acquisition, so you will mostly need to try more than one method mentioned here.

So, don’t wait for any longer after your Hire Mobile App Developer to start on your own acquisition strategy now!