Most business houses are witnessing the necessity of building an on-demand delivery application. Although it’s a fresh business model, the on-demand delivery app is rapidly becoming famous across the globe.

Every year a greater proportion of clients join hands to use the on-demand business app. As per the study conducted by US NTRS Research in 2017, the usage of on-demand services is increasing from 24.9 million clients in 2016 to 41.5 million in 2017.

As per the stats presented by statista, the proportion of monthly active users of on-demand food delivery applications in China, from the period which lies between January 2018 to June 2018. In June 2018, about 77.9 million individuals residing in China were active users of on-demand food delivery app.

The main objective of the on-demand app is to tackle routine issues. These applications link sellers and customers together along with ease of delivery of products and services.

On-demand delivery application ease lives by serving most continent services like meal delivery or transport delivery services.

Read on to have the 25 best ideas for on-demand startup apps in Business:

1. Transportation

Technology has modified ways of interaction. The initial preference of startups is to avail applications for the On-demand delivery app like Uber. The user can use the Uber clone application or develop a fresh app for themselves.

on-demand delivery services for public transportation like buses and metros are extensively becoming successful within no time and using these in your startup business, proves to be initially struggling but would ease out the remaining tasks.

By including the properties which are appropriate for users by delivering them ideal mobility through buses and metros.

2. Packaging

Such kinds of On-demand services app are also referred to as Courier applications and are generally used to deliver any kind of goods.

One of the chief examples of a packing deliver application is Roadie, which links individuals with products to send to courier services.

3. Grocery

Grocery On-demand delivery service app is the one that offers users the swiftness to order groceries online and get fast deliveries.

In the present techno era, the user can shop for groceries online. For this, they require signing up on the application and order products as and when required.

4. Store Owner

Store owner application holds internet-based portals to check fresh orders and details of the delivery boy. Order will only say to be finished when the delivery boy confirms delivery.

It also facilities notifying the client when the order is accepted and ready for delivery.

5. Food Delivery

Food delivers On-demand delivery applications and is the major player in the on-demand platform. Placing order for foodstuff from online without any restriction of time has boosted the popularity of on-demand food delivery applications.

Irrespective of whether it is a large chain of restaurants or a small cafe, online food delivery application is on the go and using this will help the business to prosper.

6. Taxi Services

On-demand taxi service applications or delivery driver apps offer the facility of GPS and navigation to permit users to avail a nearby cab and secure time, users can interact with drivers, a feedback mechanism is available so that drivers and clients can rate each other, and much more.

7. Plumbing Services

Establishments these days are required to induce something which is strong, efficient, and unique.

Think about plumbing services to offer users 24×7 services.

Customers must sign up and then select the services. Being a fresh concept, users have greater opportunities to be popular.

8. Renting Car

On-demand car rental application help in getting a car on rent very quickly.

Customers have to select a car from the alternative available, preserve it for an hourly or daily basis, avail roadside 24×7 guidance, and also can grab the facility of a pick and drop.

9. Flowers and gifts

On-demand delivers applications also serve the purpose of delivering flowers and gifts to your near and dear ones.

Presently, flower delivery application is one of the major gateways to step into the industry of on-demand services.

These apps grab major customers due to their stunning features like a wide range of products, arranging for the desired delivery time, doorstep delivery.

10. Fitness & Health

A great business ideal for startup business into step in for fitness and health application. Presently, customers are getting highly health conscious but may not spare time for gym and associating with experts like nutritionists. Although, possessing to have a fitness expert and offering customers with a genuine exercise schedule to perform while being in the comforts of their homes through an on-demand delivery app is the ideal idea to initiate your business.

11. Salon Services

Beauty is forever, and these days it is becoming the prime concern of women across the globe. Women, definitely spare some time from their busy schedule for saloons.

An outstanding idea for the on-demand delivery app is offering female segment, a handy saloon on-demand services.

Moreover, developing a mobile application reduces the requirement to wait for their turn to avail of services.

These applications offer the facility of easy booking and using services whenever the need arises.

12. Laundry

Back in time, people actually have to visit a laundry outlet, to avail services.

As technology underwent development, it enables business owners to develop an on-demand laundry service app.

This will help their customers to get clean clothes as and when the need arises through a mobile app.

13. Health Specialists

Health is the major concern among the majority of the population, but sometimes it becomes hard to figure out a specialist. Residing in the remote areas further chops down the chances of seeking medical expert’s guidance.

Hence, building the application and offering health care assistance from the online platform reduces the requirement of physically visiting a doctor. Through the app, the patient and the doctors would be linked.

14. Logistic

It’s a great idea to develop an application which supports the management of products, track goods through online ID and offer notification on delivery and shipping of goods. This is a successful and fascinating on-demand delivery app for startups.

15. House Cleaning

Possessing a busy schedule, it’s not easy to keep houses in perfect conditions, neat and tidy. In such cases, deploying individuals through application to help users in cleaning their houses is the best possible alternative. Investing in an On-demand housing cleaning app is worth it and it’s best to set commission so that the staff works in the best possible manner.

16. Pest Control

There are a massive amount of pest management techniques, but they prove to be hectic to perform, to eliminate this issued, on-demand app builder have initiated a concept of a pest control app. It links the service provider with the service seeker.

17. Electricity

Being a vital part of our routine, a simple break down of electricity offers massive problems. Moreover, it’s hard to figure out an electrician. Developing an on-demand application which links people in need with electricians will offer the user with the massive customer base and promising return on investments.

18. Body Massage

A body massage help in eliminating stress and worry. But it’s not always possible to visit saloon for spas and body massage.

To eliminate this issue, an on-demand body massage app can be build which facilitates customers to access specialists and acquire services. This type of application boils down the necessity of customer visiting saloons to avail relaxation.

19. Teachers

By developing an application which links a student with teachers holding specialization in a certain genre.

This is a method of offering students the versatility to acquire lessons as per their convenience.

Teachers are paid on salaried terms and rest is the commission of the app owner.

20. Maids

Currently, it’s hectic to get maids. It’s time-consuming to figure out an appropriate one and they demand huge wages for small jobs. Offering customers a chance to avail maid services at ease terms is one of the most captivating ideas for on-demand delivery applications.

21. Computer Repairs and Renewals

These days majority of individuals use computing devices and the internet and over the period they likely break down.

Figuring out someone who to mend your computing devices becomes utmost simple with the on-demand application.

It bridges the gap between the service seeker and the service provider. Acting as middlemen will help them avail huge profits.

22. Tow Truck

Accidents can happen anywhere. In that chaotic moment, all you require is a tow truck establishment which would support you in carrying your automobile to a safe place.

So, here is a stunning business idea of developing an application which offers emergency towing services. Although there are some uncertainties but also massive opportunities of being successful as well.

23. Dating Apps

People of this generation are willing to meet new people. There are some dating applications reciting their success tales. Youngsters are surfing the internet all day long and offering them a place to meet strangers and associate with them as per their convenience is an ideal startup concept.

24. Mechanics

People may be utmost cautions while driving and must be taking appropriate care of their automobile.

But, the fact remains that the automobile undergo damages and here is where the need for mechanic arises.

Although it is simple to figure out one in their own city, it’s not that simple to figure out one in another city or on highways.

An on-demand application for mechanics is a great concept. In the application, customers need to choose their current location and will get a mechanic soon. If you are looking for inspirations to initiate your on-demand business, nothing can beat this one, remember that.

25. Tax and Invoicing

Sometimes it becomes really tedious to chop off your tax payments and there arises a need for a tax accountant. One of the ideal on-demand apps is for tax and invoicing. This will help in measuring the amount required to be a paid as tax.

It clears up the business hassle by producing invoices. Customers can easily calculate their taxes and produce invoices for all their transactions.


On-demand delivery applications are the new buzz of the Mobile App Development Company and are anticipated to have a long future.

While the developers of highly popular on-demand delivery applications avail some fascinating merits, these applications also help the local economy to prosper.

In the upcoming future, they will have a greater proportion of services with high demands. But the dynamic nature of the market conditions presents struggles which are required to be interpreted with precision.

Along with innovation and fresh business concepts, building applications needs the know-how of the technology, related skills and right type of expertise.

Only then will the business of on-demand delivery app will reach greater heights and will be successful.

While taking into account building an on-demand delivery application, Hire App Developer with care as employing an ideal team is the initial step for building a successful on-demand delivery application.