The growth of the eCommerce industry is increasing every year, even every day. Online shopping now is among the most popular part of any eCommerce business.

As technology gets more convenient, the use of smartphones is also increasing, which implies that shoppers are also getting increasingly comfortable shopping on their mobile phones than on desktops.

According to a study by Statista, mobile apps generated 69.7 billion USD in 2015 and it will reach 188.9 billion by 2020. This is due to the unbeatable beneficial experience and lesser cost provided by the eCommerce mobile app.

If you’re working in eCommerce Development Services, you might be doing research into creating your own apps, so here’s a list of the top eCommerce app in the market today:

1. Amazon

Amazon is first on this list because they have an estimated 197 million visitors monthly and they provide the best user experience while shopping.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Amazon provides shoppers with a massive selection of products to choose from and buy.

The mobile app is light and fast, which allows shoppers to complete the whole process of shopping in a few clicks.

There are also multiple safe payment gateways that make the mobile app trustworthy and reliable.

Localization on this eCommerce App also allows users to get discounts and offers.

There are many benefits when using the Amazon app, such as notifications if anything in your wishlist goes on sale, image and voice search options, enhanced filtering functions and enhanced keyword recommendations, ship notifications when your orders are shipped, and managing your shopping list easily with the “Tap, Hold and Drag” action.

2. Sephora

Sephora is a global cosmetics brand popular all over the world. It is among the leading cosmetic retailers offering a wide range of premium cosmetics internationally.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Sephora has plenty of features on its mobile app – Mobile App Development Company making apps for beauty or lifestyle should take notes.

Sephora utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) in their feature called ‘Sephora Virtual Artist’ that lets users try on products virtually before buying them.

This helps users to decide which product is right for them. It actually gives them the confidence to buy products.

Sephora optimizes AR for customer pain points, facial scanning and so much more.

Localizing information is crucial for reaching international customers and they use this personalization to appeal to customers, and this has made their customer base very loyal.

They leverage collaborations to support and encourage smaller brands that could become distribution partners in the future. They also cultivate strong rewards and loyalty programs.

3. Lenskart

Lenskart is among the leading eyewear brands in India. They are also among the biggest e-commerce companies in India.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Lenskart, like Sephora, uses AR technology in their feature called ‘3D Try on’ that lets users see how a frame looks on their faces through photo before making the actual purchase.

This feature is possible to use both in the app and web formats. This feature also resulted in huge revenues for Lenskart since customers could now just sit at home and check how they look via AR.

Easy checkout, simple user interface, AR-enabled features to help users shop and many more are some of the benefits this eCommerce App provides.

4. Walmart

Walmart is a lot like Amazon, in the sense that they are both massive marketplaces where you can buy almost anything you want. Walmart’s mobile app provides an amazing shopping experience for its users.

☛ Features and Benefits:

On the app, customers can filter and search easily through the products and can also look at the local inventory.

Its mobile app includes QR code scanning, a voice-activated search feature to add more items to the cart or lists, price calculations in real-time, an easy process of checkout, and much more.

5. Nike

Nike is a global footwear, accessories, apparel, and equipment brand. It delivers creative experiences, services, and products to its customers, who they value very much.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Nike’s mobile app has a strategy that is focused on their customers that takes the digital conversion of linking the digital and physical environments.

This resulted in the immense sale of Nike products. The facility of barcode scanning lets users to check product availability easily and lets users make reservations for the same.

Customers can also choose to be a member of Nike Plus. Members of Nike Plus have the ability to access exclusive Nike items, special discounts, and offers, no delivery costs, obtain reward points for purchase in the app that is redeemable on the next purchase and so much more.

6. Nykaa

Nykaa is a lot like an Indian Sephora—they are both cosmetic marketplaces, except Nykaa sells cosmetics that are both from the luxury and drugstore categories.

In a few years, Nykka became among the most popular mobile apps among its customers because of its high offers and discounts on products.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Nykaa’s mobile app is a blessing for its customers. They have a try-it-on functionality that helps customers choose the correct product hassle-free.

The feature of push notification is wonderful too as it attracts customers by telling them about every deal that is going on that a customer shouldn’t miss.

Due to its multiple and safe payment gateways, it is trustworthy and customers often shop for their beauty needs from Nykaa.

When you sign up, you get many more benefits such as tracking orders, receiving notifications when a product is back in stock, secure storing of your address and banking details, and so much more.

Additionally, if you become a Prive member, you get added benefits such as no delivery charges under 500 INR, you get a gift if you purchase anything in your birthday month, and so on.

7. H&M

H&M is among the leading fashion brands in the world. Originally from the USA, H&M has a presence in almost every country in the world.

☛ Features and Benefits:

The app gives an incredible experience for both iOS and Android users. It is elegantly designed with automatic screen graphics and the product menu is designed like a book.

H&M has a user-friendly interface and it is designed attractively so it appeals to many customers who buy its clothes, accessories, etc.

It also helps users by offering several features such as sharing items on social media through barcode scanning, the feature of push notification provides you with timely alerts of sales. Users can also use the app to look for physical stores around them.

8. Wish

Wish is an American site that is popular for its highly discounted electronic gadgets, apparel, and accessories. Since almost everything is so heavily discounted, customers usually purchase instantly.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Wish has a good UI and the shopping experience is streamlined, which makes it popular among its customers.

Wish is available on both iOS and Android app stores, which makes it easily accessible to most smartphone users. Customers can buy from international brands and share products or lists with their friends.

Because of its excellent features, it managed to gain good reviews from customers which made it rise high in the list of eCommerce apps in the world.

9. Pepperfry

Pepperfry is among the most popular lifestyle and home stores, providing a massive selection of home decor and furniture products. Based in India, it has become a hit with most modern homeowners now.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Pepperfry’s mobile app is inspired by AR tech, which makes it simpler for customers to select the correct product.

With the assistance of this feature, shoppers can order virtual actual-sized products in their own homes to help them visualize decor and furniture in their space with their smartphones.

This allows customers to buy products with confidence that the furniture or decor will fit and look great in their homes.

The hassle-free and easy return policy also make it useful for customers to purchase without worry.

10. Groupon

Groupon is an online marketplace from the USA linking subscribers around the world with local offers, merchants, and resources relevant to services, travel, and goods. It is among the most used apps in the USA.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Groupon’s mobile app offers customers amazing discounts and deals on multiple products that coerce users to make use of them.

Promo codes are offered by Groupon also that users can either share with friends and family or redeem to avail awesome discounts.

Groupon app offers ‘deal of the day’ advice services for their shoppers. Users are tempted to avail exceptional offers on a diversity of things they want commonly (such as dining at a restaurant, shopping, or even a vacation).

11. eBay

The eBay mobile application has allowed users from around the world to bid when they want.

☛ Features and Benefits:

The search options are simplified to improve both the selling and buying experience.

The app includes features such as price comparisons through barcode scanning, guest checkouts, autocomplete searches, connecting Paypal and eBay accounts for faster transactions, and many more.

With alerts from eBay, you receive updates about new auctions, or if an auction is closing, or if you are getting outbid by another user.

12. Paytm

In India, Paytm is an amazing mobile application for e-commerce transactions. It works with the most popular operators in telecom across the country and allows users to immediately recharge their mobile connections.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Cashless transactions on Paytm also includes recharges for metro cards, data cards, digital television connections, paying bills, paying for cinema tickets, booking transportation and hotels, etc.

Besides this, you can avail of Paytm to receive or transfer money from other Paytm accounts. It also provides many cash backs and deals for paying via the app.

13. Starbucks

The Starbucks app was originally created for rewards and payments through mobile devices.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Users can attach funds to their loyalty cards and use their mobile devices to purchase drinks at any physical store, tip the baristas and gain loyalty points.

The Starbucks app can also be employed to download free games and music or to locate stores around you. Collecting ample Gold stars can also get you free food and free refills.

14. Trivago

Trivago is an app to search for hotels online and looks at their names, prices, images, availability, and reviews in particular locations.

☛ Features and Benefits:

When users use Trivago to make their choice, they are redirected to the portal of the hotel to finish the booking.

Furthermore, along with hotel searches, the app also offers interactive displays accommodations, and maps proximate to the current location of the user.

15. Uber

Uber is an amazing on-demand mobile app for cab service that links drivers to riders and utilizes GPS technology to access the precise course of the cab.

☛ Features and Benefits:

Uber lets you match the fare rates for various vehicles and you can also pay via mobile wallets. After the ride is over, both the passenger and the driver get to rate one another and leave feedback.


If you want to see your app get listed among the top eCommerce app, then begin working on them today to improve your e-commerce app by introducing the newest technology and trends that provide the best facilities to your users.