When you understand the very dynamics of how technology is run in the world, then you know it is quite important to learn programming languages.

Programming languages are the ways where you interact with machines and there are three major kinds of programming languages: low level, middle level, and high-level programming languages.

If you are applying to a Web Design and Development Company, you would know that coding ability is a pre-requisite.

15 Easiest Programming Languages for Beginners to Learn:


HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. It is one of the easiest programming languages in the whole history of programming languages.

It is quite easy to use and when you use CSS along with HTML, you can make wonderful web pages.

You can use as many as templates you want and it makes web designing very easy.

✍ Features:

  • There are different versions of HTML since its advent but the basic ones cover all the paragraphs, headers, footers on the web pages
  • It can make interesting web pages and with the help of CSS, you can gain more access to colors and fonts.

✍ Advantages:

  • It can be a start point if you want to be a website designer or web developer
  • Great accessibility of websites

Companies that have used HTML: LinkedIn and some of the Fortune Companies use HTML5.

2. C

C is a great language to start if you a beginner. It is a general-purpose programming language and is been one of the topmost programming languages.

It was coded in assembly languages including the operating systems but it is a great inspiration for its succeeding programming languages.

✍ Features:

  • Middle level and general-purpose language
  • Can be used for low-level programming language
  • Can be used for a high-level programming language to such as scripting the software applications.

✍ Advantages:

  • It is the basis of Java and C++
  • It can access the very basics of your computer

Companies that use C: Apple, CISCO, Oracle and Microsoft.

3. Python

Python is the easiest programming language and is perhaps the most favored language with the developers and beginners alike.

It is a general-purpose language and can be used in any domain. Python helps to reduce the stress of the code and is syntax free. It is popular for the software as well as hardware developers.

✍ Features:

  • Huge and extensible libraries like Panda, SciPY, etc.
  • Suitable for open source projects

✍ Advantages:

  • It can be used in future technologies.
  • Used in Machine Learning and Data Sciences
  • Great developers’ community
  • You can use this language for any kind of technology-related work
  • One of the easiest and called as beginner’s programming language

 Companies that use Python: Netflix, Instagram, NASA, ESRI, YouTube.

4. SQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is another top programming language and it is a special-purpose programming language that is used in the database and managing systems. It also has its features and advantages and is a standard in ANSI since 1986.

✍ Features:

  • Contains some procedural elements
  • Can store, view or create elements from a database.

✍ Advantages:

  • Can be used to retrieve records or procedures from a database quickly
  • It is an ANSI standard programming language
  • Companies that use SQL: Google, Adobe, Facebook.

5. Go

Go is one of the top programming languages and is heading for major growth. It can help you in tackling some of the most practical problems like computational problems.

Google looks after this programming language and it has great potential.

✍ Features:

  • Can do things like structural typing
  • You can also try working on open source projects.

✍ Advantages:

  • Can be a mixture of C and other modern facilities looking in a programming language.
  • Very straightforward programming language and very convenient.

Companies that use Go are Google, Ethereum, Hugo.

6. TypeScript


One of the topmost scripting languages right now, TypeScript is hot and is used by every web developer there has been.

It is a superset of JavaScript and can be used to create large scale web applications. It was designed by Microsoft but a lot of companies use it.

✍ Features:

  • Easy programming language.
  • It can be helpful when you use cross-platform frameworks
  • TypeScript has classes and modules, ES6 features, class library API
  • It can be used if you cannot code in JavaScript.

✍ Advantages:

  • Great for multiple platform projects
  • Can help cover the drawbacks of using JavaScript
  • You can think of it as the best programming languages for web application and creating web components

Companies that use TypeScript: Developed by Microsoft but used by Lyft, Slack, and Asana.

7. Ruby

Ruby on Rails is one of the best and easiest programming languages that have been founded.

It is young and there is a great developer community thriving on this language. It is non-compiled programming language.

✍ Features:

  • The object-oriented language just like Python
  • Great language if you want to work in open source projects
  • Can be used to make Web apps

✍ Advantages:

  • If you are using ruby to make web design, then you can expect cost-effectiveness
  • Highly secured language
  • Promotes rapid and quick development

Companies who use Ruby: Amazon, EMC, Bloomberg, and several others use Ruby for their projects.

8. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the simplest programming languages and it is said that more than 94.9% of the web developers use JavaScript for their websites.

Also, there are a lot of platforms made from it which are again very helpful to make websites. It is a wonderful choice if you want to make some open-source contributions.

✍ Features:

  • Considered the easiest programming language.
  • High-level language and it is used with HTML, CSS using to build websites.

✍ Advantages:

  • Easy to use and can also be used for non web-based applications like desktop widgets.

Companies that use JavaScript: WordPress, LinkedIn, Yahoo.

9. C#

C# is pronounced as C-sharp and is one of the simplest programming languages.

It is completely object-oriented programming. It was developed for having a common language infrastructure and is almost a competitor to Java.

✍ Features:

  • A modern type programming language that helps developers in the projects of Windows and .NET platform
  • A lot of new data types
  • It has Indexers

✍ Advantages:

  • It supports preprocessor directives
  • It is type-safe.

Companies that use C#: Windows.

10. Java

Java is said to be one of the hardest programming languages to learn but it is one of the simplest programming languages.

It is a high level of language and can be known as WORA. It means that you write the code in Java once, you can run it anywhere.

✍ Features:

  • Used for client-server applications
  • WORA protocol on any things that run on Java
  • More than 10 million developers working on Java

✍ Advantages:

  • Easiest programming language
  • Can be used to make mobile apps
  • Platform Independent
  • Object-oriented

Companies that have used Java: Eurotech, V2COM, eBay.

11. PHP

PHP is a great language that beginners can learn. It is a scripting language that can be used to create pages.

They are used to make pages that can submit and transfer information on the web.

✍ Features:

  • You can connect to the databases and servers using the IP address.
  • It is an easy scripting language that is preferred by web developers

✍ Advantages:

  • It is a dynamic programming language which has the perfect blend of characteristics to manipulate data from a database.
  • 40% of the website have PHP backing them up.

Companies that use PHP: GE, Facebook, WordPress, and Google.

12. Matlab

MATLAB means matrix laboratory and is one of the easiest programming languages. It is a high-performance language and can be used for computational, statistical and algorithms.

It is mainly represented by mathematical notations but if you are a beginner, you can learn Matlab as it is one of the beginners’ languages.

✍ Features:

  • High-level language
  • It has built-in functions that can help in computation and visualization
  • It also has mathematical commands that help in making plots and calculations.

✍ Advantages:

  • It is an interpreted language
  • Matlab can be used for technical computing, visualization an also GUI development.
  • It has an easy to use atmosphere and there is lots of help all the time.

Companies that use MATLAB: Honeywell, Mercedes Benz, and GE.

13. R

R is comparatively new and it has been a great language for venturing into Data Science.

It is one of the most favored and easiest programming language a beginner can learn. It is used for statistical computing and graphical analysis.

✍ Features:

  • Used in data science and data analysis
  • It has an input database, variable labels, missing data
  • R is an interpreted programming language.
  • It can be an object-oriented programming language

✍ Advantages:

  • Highly extensible.
  • Comes as a free software package in General Public License.
  • Very easy to learn.

Companies that are using R: Dropbox and Google.

14. Swift

Swift is a new and modern programming language but it can be the easiest coding language.

It is slowly developing its mark from recent years and is a massive help for iOS developers. Swift is convenient to code for open source projects in Swift.

It is mostly for iOS applications but it can offer much more than that.

✍ Features:

  • Very easy to understand and flexible
  • Can be very fast
  • Functional programming language

✍ Advantages:

  • The language behind the iOS applications.
  • Very quick. In fact, can run the same implementation 4 times faster than Python programming language.
  • Better than Objective C

Companies that use Swift: Apple.

15. C++

C++ can the first programming language one can learn. It is a middle level and a general-purpose language.

It is highly object-oriented and succeeds C. C++ is still a great choice even after multiple programming languages have come up and it was vital for Windows and Mackintosh in their beginning.

✍ Features:

  • Rich library and highly portable language
  • Middle-level language
  • Great for graphical representation

✍ Advantages:

  • It allows exception handling
  • Powerful and quick to learn the language
  • It is a closer language to the hardware than the other programming languages

Companies that have used C++:  Amazon, Firefox and Google.


Thus, these are the easiest programming languages to learn. If you try learning one programming language completely, you will understand the basic framework and easily catch on the others.

You need to practice every programming language which you learn and until you put consistent efforts, you are not going to understand it entirely.

This also means you get to pick the programming language on the basis of its usability and purpose.