As Android and iOS become the most popular mobile platforms, cross-platform apps are a priority for most Mobile App Development Company.

Cross-platform apps are capable of killing two birds with one stone; therefore these frameworks have become every developer’s favorite.

According to SensorTower, App Store will have 5 million apps by next year; Google Play also sees similar estimates. So, it goes beyond the obvious that cross-platform apps will be the biggest trend.

Now, every app needs a framework to get built on, and this is where cross-platform mobile app development frameworks like PhoneGap become significant.

What is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is among the most popular technology for developing cross-platform mobile apps. PhoneGap is open source and it was created by Nitobu Software (known as Adobe now).

It lets developers create application utilizing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, but developers do not need to necessarily know the mentioned languages to develop apps.

It is a platform that lets you create mobile apps, especially, creates hybrid apps that use web tech and turn them into native apps that can be approved to Android and iOS app stores.

This implies you basically create a static website with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and then turn into an app with PhoneGap.

It is an extremely mature and useful platform, and it is utilized by almost every developer working on hybrid app creation.

PhoneGap lets you create native apps in a similar fashion to building websites.

This is good news since web technologies are simpler to work with and many people know how to apply them.

With PhoneGap, you don’t need to know many languages like Java and Objective C.

Understanding PhoneGap to use for your apps is critical; it can assist you in avoiding expensive errors due to confusion.

Whether you read this as a developer or are looking to hire another developer to create your app, you can make an educated decision for the project.

PhoneGap is great since it is easy to use, does not cost a whole lot, it has easy coding and you do not need to be the most experienced developer to get started.

Features of PhoneGap:

PhoneGap comes with some delightful features, such as:

☛ Robust and Strong Support

PhoneGap has a strong support system in the backend that speeds up the process of development tremendously and diminishes the efforts of a developer.

☛ Open Source

With this framework, you get the best features without paying anything. The community of PhoneGap compiles the latest modules and codes which are all free due to the Open Source License they have.

☛ Flexibility

PhoneGap offers amazing flexibility as developers can build any kind of mobile application without any significant efforts. Developers who know JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 can work with PhoneGap with no problem, and even those who don’t can work with it.

Benefits of PhoneGap:

Here are some of the advantages of using PhoneGap to make your mobile app:

☛ Easier App Development

We know PhoneGap is a framework that is cross-platform, so this alone is a benefit. You can develop on one platform and then distribute it on several other platforms easily. The whole process will not consume time and you are left free to do more work in reduced time and with less effort.

☛ Uniformity is Maintained Despite the Platform

Most businesses have to deal with a unified presence over every platform when they begin. An app created on Android will look different on iOS and the app created for Windows or Blackberry can look like something else on Android. However, when you develop apps with PhoneGap, they will look the same across every platform. This is an amazing, very useful benefit of PhoneGap.

☛ An Expert is Not Needed for Developing the App

Every company works on a budget, and they have to get the best out of the most, so if you want to save money on PhoneGap App Development, you don’t require hiring experts to save some money. PhoneGap development is not too specialized, so you don’t require hiring someone who will charge you a lot. Anyone with a basic background of JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML can create an app. Though the apps won’t be as great as most web apps, it would still be pretty effective.

☛ Native App Behavior

Basically, native apps are able to tap into your phone and take advantage of its features such as camera, geolocation, accelerometer, and so on. PhoneGap uses the capabilities of mobile hardware and offers amazing user experience during the process. It offers the highest experience quality to users who will never know the app was not created and optimized on a cross-platform foundation.

☛ Open Source

As mentioned, PhoneGap is open-source, so it makes it basically free. Any developers with the least knowledge of coding can get access to the platform and learn from it. There is a massive forum of developers who are always happy to guide newbies. Novice developers can even check out videos and recommendations from other developers in the community when they are planning to create an app with PhoneGap.

☛ Powerful Support

PhoneGap is backed by Apache Cordova and now it is under Adobe. The best sources back the framework and it makes the whole framework is very dependable. It provides tools and other amazing features that help developers long-term. With the aid of AEM mobile, developers are able to sync all the apps’ activities from one place. The content on PhoneGap works together in getting content from the app and store it. You can also test and review the modifications that you create on an app with the support offered.

☛ Simple Plugins

PhoneGap’s structure complies with several PhoneGap and Cordova plugins. Developers can increase the native features by making apps with PhoneGap.

Why PhoneGap is the best Framework for Mobile App Development?

It is critical for developers to understand the reason behind choosing PhoneGap when you have so many other frameworks to look at. So, here are some reasons why:

☛ Compatibility that is Cross-platform

Developing mobile apps is a very tiresome process indeed, and it is extremely important for developers to select the right platforms. PhoneGap is a dependable cross-platform framework and it is consistent with several other platforms for application development such as Blackberry, Bada, Tizen, Symbian, iOS, WebOS and Android. Therefore, the developer only needs to write one code diminishing the work that comes with writing various codes for different platforms.

☛ Cost-effective

If the budget is limited, and you want the most with the least investment, then PhoneGap is for you. As mentioned, it is one code for every platform so it saves you money and effort.

☛ Native API Access

PhoneGap offers developers with Native API access so that your application can use hardware capabilities like contacts, geolocation, accelerometer, camera and other native functionalities. It helps users to experience native apps that are better than other applications.

☛ Large Community

If you want to try anything new, then it is crucial for you have the best support. The development community of Cordova is among the biggest community and is increasing constantly. The people in the community are open, amicable, so you can get the answer for many problems. There are many examples, solutions and several experienced professionals who offer amazing support.

☛ Flexibility

Apps on Cordova are created by using among the easiest languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You don’t need to learn any new language when you plan to begin development of an app with this framework. You can use languages that exist already and write programs easily. For a long time, PhoneGap has been available, so it means you have several frameworks and libraries to help you. There are many options for you to try to improve your programming.

☛ Best Backend Support

To quicken the process and diminish efforts, PhoneGap has strong backend support. They also offer novices with guides to understand the whole project better.

☛ Development Agility

The developers, with PhoneGap, acquire amazing flexibility and agility as the whole process of app development becomes easy. There is no requirement of putting in considerable work to carry out the process of development. Fundamental knowledge of the language we have mentioned before is enough.

☛ User Interface Libraries

Viewing a web page that is only compatible with tablets and computers is an issue that is common for many mobile users. Scrolling and checking pages and other tasks take up a lot of effort and it is hard to access pages. But with user interface libraries in PhoneGap, the UI of the web pages and mobile apps are extremely improved. This helps in giving an improved viewing experience for various targeted users.

When to Use PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is a great choice if you want to develop an easy mobile web app that is almost like a native app.

PhoneGap has the ability to access native APIs, however, if you want a stronger native app, then it might not be for you.

So, if you want easy web apps with native apps, then it is for you. Basically, it all depends on what you want.

If you have experience with app development, PhoneGap is handy and you can create an app which is more interactive than web apps.

The interaction is remarkable, and you can enjoy frameworks, such as Shensha, JQuery to make your application look distinctive and stand above other apps.

This framework is also cost-effective, so if you are struggling with budget cuts, then PhoneGap is the right choice.

The UI of PhoneGap is automatic, so newbies can begin learning development with PhoneGap’s help.

Popular PhoneGap Apps:

Below are some examples of apps created on PhoneGap that have been offering remarkable UX for users.

☛ Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia application, and it is used by many people all around the world. It is created on the PhoneGap framework and it works like any native applications.

☛ DHS Program

DHS Program is big data for smaller screens, and its full form is Demographic and Health Survey. The application was created by Adobe and offers information related to survey and health data.

☛ Paylution

It assists in making payments internationally easily. Hyper-Wallet technology is integrated into this application for making payments. This application is an impressive replacement for payments instead of writing cheques or wiring.

☛ Trip Case

This is a clever mobile application that helps users when they travel. It is among the best and smartest applications developed on PhoneGap.


In today’s digital world, most businesses want their presence felt across various platforms and they want mobile apps that can reach people.

So, as a developer, you need to know how to develop cross-platform apps which work great, look great, and don’t put a serious dent in a tight budget.

Therefore, PhoneGap is an excellent choice for app development.