The Internet has become the fourth necessity for mankind after food, water, and shelter. Internet is a part of our daily lives, both professional and personal. It is an essential component of transferring data, uploading information, communication, and trade. The application of the internet is endless and very important nearly for everything that we require for carrying out our activities.

A study has shown that:

  • Asia has a large no. of internet users compared to other developed countries like the United States of America or Europe.
  • About 50.1 % of people are dependent on the internet in their day to day lives.
  • The usage of internet is rising by 3-4 % every year and will be available in every household by the year 2030.

Internet of Things:

Internet of Things or shortly known as IoT is of key importance when it comes to digital business.

☛ What is the internet of things?

Basically, IoT is the extension of the internet on various devices which are used in our day-to-day life such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, electronic machinery in factories, etc.

They have special sensors or devices that help in communication or transferring data as per the controlled device’s requirements.

IoT is essential components which help in making things easier in operating any specific equipment which functions with the help of internet.

Following are the examples of some Internet of Things Applications:

1. Consumables

These are the items which are used for performing daily tasks in households by simple means. They are:

  • Smart systems
  • Security sensors
  • Elderly care appliances

2. Commercial

IoT applications are also used on a commercial level for routine operations. They include:

  • Medical equipment
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Graphic designing

3. Industrial

Applications of IoT are mainly required for industries in the fields of:

  • Production
  • Agricultural uses
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Environment

Applications of Internet of things:

As IoT is used in a wide range of fields, you can also promote your business by taking skillful advantage of it.

Nine out of ten people use IoT based devices for making their business a huge success.

IoT can make commercial processes simple, whether you are giving a small-scale service or a large one.

The following devices comprising of IoT technology can make things easier for you:

☛ Smart Locks

Security and safety should be your preliminary objective of the business. In case your company is providing electronic goods, you can choose to embed smart lock technology in them.

For example, if you manufacture mobile phones then it is advisory to include fingerprint scanning mechanism or password encryption for the security of the user.

Such technology is also applicable to management systems installed in buildings which have a code at the entrance door for the safety of the people working or staying inside.

No outsider can breach through such devices easily. You can really think of this option if your business totally depends upon the sale of physical goods or infrastructure facilities.

☛ Use of Barcode or RFID Tagging

Over a billion products in the world have now barcode tags to identify correct data which includes important information such as type, name, nature and other factors of the product.

Many products like grocery items, electronic goods, medicines are secured by barcodes.

A barcode scanner will scan the purchased item immediately feeding its information into your computer thus you can keep a track of your sold products and avoid any loss.

With this technology, your inventory control method becomes a piece of cake.

☛ Supply Data Logistics

Does your company keep a record of inter-departmental transfers? Then you must opt for this tracking system for keeping a record of your supply.

If you are the one to manufacture a large variety of products in a plant it comes down to tracking each and every process taking place across the various units.

Multi-functioning is vital in such cases and it is not feasible every time to do the work manually.

Supply data tracking systems will help you to make a note of each and every action taking place in your facility.

From the supply of raw materials to transfer of mechanized equipment, labeling and packaging each process will be automatically recorded on these devices.

☛ Mobile Card Readers

Not only for mobile operations but these devices prove to be a great substitute for cash registers. Going the digital way altogether and reducing paper money is the new trend in the business market.

Similar to credit card machines these type of IoT devices pull out a kind of processing fee but keeps the transaction safe and secure.

Also, the payment is processed faster and with the help of payment applications on your mobile phones, it makes easy for your customers as well as you to maintain accounts in a computerized system.

☛ Sensors

If your company undertakes facility management or you need safety provisions at your own workplace, sensors will assist you in predicting problems or misfunctioning in your systems.

The best example is fire or smoke detectors. Even faulty electric circuits flash a warning message on your device connected to such sensors.

Interlinked devices with the safety systems in the building make it easier to take action immediately before any major accident or loss.

Be your business small or large, your office or manufacturing plant needs to have such sensors installed for the safety of its assets which includes both – the products as well as the employees.

☛ Virtual Assistant System

This technology is something that four out of five people use regularly.

The virtual assistant system is a kind of software mechanism which involves least physical involvement and the task is completed in no time.

Cortana for Windows, Siri for Apple or Google Assistant are the best examples.

Mainly equipped with voice recognition this technology helps to simplify your task.

If your business involves complex mechanism you can look out for the development of such an IoT device with the help of a software developer.

What are the main uses of the internet?

Our lives have tremendously changed with the upcoming graduation in internet technology.

It is a revolutionary step in IT. We can access limitless information with just a few clicks.

Education is largely based on the proper use of the internet. Even many businesses are launching their own websites for marketing and sales which are obviously backed by the internet.

This, online transfer of data has changed the world around and making big progress in the life of everybody.

The main uses of the internet are clubbed down to data transfer and control.

The top 5 uses of the internet are:

☛ Access to Information

One of the unimaginable access that the web offers us is that the ease with that through its totally different search engines we will have access to any info we wish in a very matter of seconds.

Either to browse some news that interests America or to seek out info a couple of relevant topics that we like in any language or device and from any place all over the world.

This speedy access to info and perpetually calls out there to all or any folks that have access to the web has junction rectifier to a generalization of content.

That is, all the data may be disseminated quickly, in order that it permits awareness campaigns, among others.

☛ Communication

We use the web to speak with one another. Rather than causation written letters, currently, individuals send e-mails.

Web communication applications; like Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook enables people to create calls to different users of the appliance freed from value and replace the standard phones.

Additionally, these applications supply the chance of constructing a video decision that enables individuals to visualize one another throughout oral communication.

☛ Amusement

People use the web for an amusement purpose. The supply of digital music has modified the approach of individuals hearing music.

Radio stations broadcast online to extend tune and different websites like iTunes enable you to stream and transfer music.

Rather than making a visit to the native video store, many of us watch online movies and television shows.

The web has brought a brand new level of video and pc games, permitting individuals to play online against friends and foreigners around the world.

☛ Online Surfing

Want to order a pizza or acquire something at the same time? Individuals use the web for online searching. The web has modified the approach that firms operate.

Several firms and people have web content of the corporate to push their merchandise and have a choice to search online.

This presence on the web presents the business to a broad audience and might increase profits. The supply of online retailers permits customers to buy while not exploit the comfort of their homes.

Customers will use the web to analysis their choices before creating purchases.

☛ Web Education

The most positive impact of the web in today’s world is that students use the web for their instructional functions.

Today students use the web to reach faculty. Academicians use the web in their school rooms for educational, amusement and analysis functions.

Several teachers also post assignments, grades, and different info online in order that parents grasp what their kid ought to be acting on.

In addition, the introduction of online courses has modified the approach many of us receive their education.

Here are some Benefits of IoT Applications:

☛ Communication

IoT encourages communication between devices.

The physical devices are ready to keep connected and therefore the entire transparency is offered with lesser inefficiencies and larger quality.

☛ Automation and management

Due to physical objects obtaining connected and controlled digitally and centrally with wireless infrastructure, there’s an outsized quantity of automation and management within the workings.

☛ Information

It is obvious that having additional data helps in to create higher choices.

It is easy to understand what to shop for at the market or if your company has enough widgets and provides, data is power and additional data is best.

☛ Money

The biggest advantage of IoT is saving cash. If the value of the tagging and watching instrumentality is a smaller amount than the quantity of cash saved, then the net of Things is widely used.

IoT basically proves to be useful to individuals in their daily routine by creating appliances that communicate to every alternative in an efficient manner thereby saving money.

Some Disadvantages of the Internet of Things are:

☛ Compatibility

Presently, there’s no international commonplace of compatibility for tagging and watching instrumentality.

☛ Complexity

The network of operating things is quite complicated.

☛ Security

With the transfer of such a high amount of data, it is quite difficult, to stay protected from malware or cyber-crime.


The Internet of Things is surely a boon to the modern world relying on science and technology and proper use of it will gain control over the right transfer of data. You need to understand your need and choose the right IoT devices for optimum efficiency.