Whether you’re donating or doing a charity for a good cause, this will be counted in your Karma for sure. Many professionals create happiness, prosperity, art or would change the world.

These are organizations that would not sell products and make money like regular businesses. These non-profit organizations are working for a good cause, and you should donate to some charitable trust or for a good cause.

Some rainforest activists keep large corporations away from cutting down trees. Some bloggers publish motivating articles daily. These topics range from designers to writers, charities to politicians, always selling products or services is not the only equation.

That is the point where they bend to donations. Some well-known bloggers and developers work on donations. It is equally likely for churches, political campaigns, and non-profit organizations.

This program might seem like you are required to approach rich people and beg them for money. But all you require is a WordPress donation plugin and a few other elements.

These WordPress donation plugins will notify readers and other visitors that you accept donations. So that if they wish, then they can also donate to a such charitable trust or donate to some good cause.

If you already have a WordPress site, then these best WordPress donation plugins offer you simple solutions. Donation plugins WordPress and Fundraising provide you with the ability to accept payments in distinct currencies and build various campaigns and many more.

This article will provide you with insights regarding the benefits of the WordPress donation plugin for your WordPress site. Here is the list of the best WordPress donation plugins that will help you to collect your funds effectively. So let’s begin:

Why Would You Need A WordPress Donation Plugin?

One of the major advantages of custom WordPress development is the variety of plugins available. These WordPress extensions are a great way to expand the functionality of your website, so if anyone wishes to donate to a good cause, you can accept their donations through various payment gateway options.

There are various reasons to use WordPress donation plugins. As it provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Accepting payments from multiple payment gateway options. By allowing donors to use their best-preferred method.
  • Making it easy and effective for people to donate from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • You can easily and quickly integrate your WordPress site with various payment gateway options.
  • If you are a charitable organization, then donations are a major part of functioning your organization. Even if you are not a non-profit organization, there are still various significant reasons to consider using the WordPress donation plugin.

Functioning a website can sometimes be expensive if you cater to your users and visitors with meaningful and unique content. Then it would be best if you got paid for your hard work even if you are not providing a unique product for users to purchase.

Many people are more than happy and willing to support charitable websites. As they frequently donate to organizations, they believe in monetary donations.

Integrating a charitable WordPress plugin into your site is a gentle but effective way to inform your users that you accept donations while also making it easy for them to donate if they wish.

5 Best WordPress Donation Plugin

1. GiveWP

Give’s main motive is to “Democratise Generosity.” Isn’t it lovely? They have done a top-class job. GiveWP was specifically designed to provide users with a spontaneous, strong, and flexible solution for user’s donation requirements.

One thing that we derived is that Give is wonderfully and well-reviewed. Nowadays, it is a victory sign for the winner, but here are some reasons why Give differentiates itself from other WordPress donation plugins.

✍ These are some standout features of GiveWP:

  • It provides reporting solutions that are customizable via data range, exported directly to PDF.
  • The Give donation form appears professional and comprises donor management and reporting. All of it is for free.
  • Users can also pay for add-ons following the ones you would require.
  • Some of the default donation forms consist of basic recurring donation functionality.
  • You can also place custom goals and fields on your donation form to tempt more people to donate.
  • Its forms can be customized, and they look pretty good on any theme.
  • Give support documentation is impressive and provides a full page filled with demos before you pay for anything.
  • No transaction fees are charged from the users.
  • It is known as one of the best WordPress donation plugin websites.

2. Charitable

Charitable WordPress plugin for donation is one of the best free WordPress donation plugins as it provides users with support for simple updates, geolocation, user avatars, videos, anonymous donations, and an additional one year of premium support.

The developers of custom WordPress development ask that you only pay for what you want. Thus you have an option to support the charitable WordPress plugin or grab it for free.

Suppose you grab insights for the Charitable premium memberships. Then it ranges between $103.20 to $699 per year. It is a worthy pricing plan as users get access to newsletter integration, and gift aids.

It also provides you with quick support for easy digital downloads and premium payment gateway options.

✍ These are some standout features for Charitable:

  • It does not charge any fees for setup.
  • It supports requested donations depending on locations.
  • Even it does not charge any transaction fees.
  • It helps users connect with well-known payment gateway options like PayUMoney, Stripe, PayFast, and Authorize.net.
  • It also has a peer-to-peer fundraising extension that can expand your reach.
  • There are about 15 extensions that are sold with a motive to expand your donation form’s functionality.
  • You can also share your campaign updates with your contributors.
  • The online support and management include FAQs, documentation, a ticketing system, and a blog.
  • All of the charitable WordPress plugin premium plans allow for one site license and one year of premium customer support services.

3. PayPal Donations

PayPal donations might not sound like a WordPress donation plugin. But, surprisingly, the WordPress PayPal donation plugin is a sleek and powerful little gem.

It would make sense to say that PayPal donations know the best way to do the donation right. Since the company has been collecting donations for quite some time.

Paypal donations is a highly recommended platform for people who prefer to have simplicity in their products. Beginners can effectively use everything offered by PayPal. Users don’t have to face any problems while growing with your organization.

Please make a note that PayPal did not build this WordPress donation plugin. It uses the payment gateway, but one should not expect customer support from PayPal.

That being said, PayPal donations add on a donation shortcode at your WordPress dashboard. Because of this, you can insert the shortcode on any page and easily activate the widget in the footer or sidebar.

It is all there is to it. You must also link your PayPal account as it would take a few minutes.

Read more on how to build an app like PayPal.

✍ These are some standout features of PayPal Donations:

  • It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start gathering donations on your website.
  • The shortcode and widget are easy to search and add to a page, post, or sidebar.
  • There are about 15 transactions already built into the plugin. It eliminates the need to install any additional translation plugin.
  • The PayPal Donation Buttons were earlier designed for you as it cuts down on the WordPress development time. It’s a great plugin as many people recognize and have their trust in the PayPal brand.

4. Seamless Donations

Five-minute setup time appears to be all trendy. Thus it is one of the promises that are made by Seamless Donations as well. Taking further the trend of “free.”

Seamless donation charges, no commission, no donations received. It also allows donors to choose if they want to set up repeatedly or continue with automatic donations.

Paypal is provided out-of-the-box, and it supports the following language translations:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Portuguese
  • Norwegian

If you are not a big fan of widgets, then seamless donations would excite you a lot as it permits the integration of its donation widget in any location on your site.

Further, if you constantly maintain an email list, this WordPress donation plugin provides functionality to invite users to join your community.

✍ These are some standout features of Seamless Donations:

  • Recurring donations are build-in into the plugin. Thus there is no need to get an add-on for the same.
  • It supports dozens of currencies like Hungarian Forint, Thai Baht. It also supports different translations.
  • The WordPress donation plugin developer provides support through documentation, FAQs, video tutorials, and a forum.
  • These best WordPress donation plugins use standard post types for funds and donors so that it is easier to track what is going on with your donation site.

5. Donorbox

Donorbox features and functionality is not restricted to a WordPress donation plugin. It is capable enough to integrate with WordPress quite well.

The Donorbox can be used by several other website builders and CMS as well. The major advantage behind Donorbox is that it can be integrated into your website in a few seconds.

Further on, it can display a beautiful recurring donation system. This process would consume about 15 minutes, and it is all built on recurring donations.

The major disadvantage of Donorbox is that it charges a transaction fee once you start gathering more than $1,000 per month. The amount of 0.89% fee per month cannot be considered too high, but most of the best WordPress donation plugins do not charge anything.

The pricing for this platform is also free until you hit the $1,000 donation per month mark. After that, you can be charged up to $26.70.

Despite this, the recurring payment is pushed harder on the forms so that you can provide your donors with a one-time payment button.

✍ These are some standout features of Donorbox:

  • This donation plugin WordPress has its strong focus on recurring payments by eliminating the need to pay for the add-on. It also guides you to the business model that would be highly profitable for you.
  • You don’t have to pay a single penny if your donations are below the $1000 mark per month.
  • It accepts payments through ACH bank transfers, cards, PayPal, and Stripe.
  • All the donors get access to full control for their recurring donation plans. It means that donors can remove a monthly payment and adjust it to the payout per year.
  • It supports dozens of languages, currencies that would expand your reach to the world.


In this article, we have mentioned some of the best WordPress donation plugins that can help you to collect donations for your WordPress site. However, choosing from the list of the best WordPress donation plugins for online fundraising depends on your needs.

Suppose you are looking forward to creating a simple donation form with a recurring donation or one-time, along with the online payment gateway options for mobile apps like PayPal, credit card, net banking options, and various others. Then a custom WordPress development company can be your great help.

Further, suppose you wish to integrate your WordPress donation plugin with advanced features like tax-deductible donation receipts, donor management, campaign-level goals, incentives, and many more. In that case, the WordPress Donation plugin can be a great option to opt for.

Consult with custom WordPress development experts and find out which of the WordPress donation plugins would best suit your needs.

wordpress donation plugin


Here are some ways that can help you to build trust as a non-profit organization:
  • Show where the money goes
  • Release financial reports
  • Report on the impact
  • Foster a community spirit
  • Let’s change the world together

Process for installation:
  • Sign in or register into the WordPress site as an administrator.
  • In the main menu, go to plugins and select add new.
  • Look for PayPal Donation Button and then click install.
  • Configure values on the donation page.
  • Make a donation button on the button page.
  • Now you are all set to start collecting donations through PayPal on your site.

GiveWP WordPress donation plugin streamlines the entire process by allowing your donors to complete their donations directly from the website. By using an easy-to-complete donation form. Further on, as an admin, you have the customization option and reporting and donor management feature you would require to operate successful donation campaigns.