The captured photos are undoubtedly captivating and impressive, but to get most of their impact online. You need to have a WordPress photography website design that can do proper justice to your images. There are plenty of WordPress themes for photographers in the market. It could be a bit of a task for you to search for the appropriate one from the lot.

Choosing a definite WordPress photography theme that matches the needs of the photographer is the ideal solution. You need to search for WordPress photography themes, design, and typography that flatter your images rather than overpowering them. It is made possible with the help of various slider options and a myriad of customization options.

This article will help you to choose appropriate WordPress themes for photographers. Still, if you are facing issues selecting the appropriate one, you must contact experts in WordPress development services.

As they can help you find the best one from the lot, they can further assist you in integrating them into your website. So, let’s go through this list of the best WordPress templates for photographers.

What to be Considered While Choosing WordPress Themes for Photographers?

It can be challenging to choose an appropriate WordPress theme for photography that would do wonders for your website if you are exploring some of the best WordPress templates for photographers. It would be best if you did not opt for the ones that look amazing but take a lot of your time and effort to navigate.

There are loads of WordPress photography themes that rely a lot on animations or use galleries that do not work well when used as large house portfolios.

As a result, there might arise a possibility where potential clients find it a bit difficult to find your best work and services. As it might piss them off the slow-loading pages.

Considering the above discussion, these are some of the points you must consider before you choose a WordPress theme for photographers:

  • Easy and simple navigation
  • Multiple gallery options
  • In-depth customization settings

With some of the best WordPress photography website themes, you might also get the occasional premium gallery or slider plugin bundled together. These all can be handy, but your decision should not be biased toward freebies. Instead, it would be best to consider each WordPress photography theme’s core experience and ease of use for your future visitors.

10 Best WordPress Themes For Photographers:

Are you still not sure about where to begin? Here we have listed the top 10 best WordPress themes for photographers that could help you get started. But, first, opt for the WordPress themes as per the criteria mentioned above.

1. Oshine

Oshine is one of the well-known WordPress themes for photographers. It has some of the best WordPress templates for photographers. These templates can be used to build websites for artistic freelancers, photographers, and various creative agencies. These WordPress photography themes come equipped with highly intuitive visual page builders that enable you to develop web pages easily like a professional.

Oshine is one of the WordPress themes for photographers that comes with 43 beautiful demos and 100+ pre-built sample pages that can be installed in a single click. One was developed with top professional photographers in mind.

Thus it has stunning sliders, classy and modern design, password-protected galleries, carousels, and many more amazing features. It enables you to use unlimited layout possibilities. It gives you full control over colors and typography so that you can build your unique site with custom header styles, infinite menu styles, typography, and many more.

✍ Key Features:

  • It allows you to have customized websites.
  • Oshine comes with 43 beautiful demos and 100+ sample pages.
  • It provides users with highly intuitive visual page builders.

Pricing: $17.63 to $59

2. Novo Photography

Novo Photography is one of the best WordPress themes for photographers, agencies, bloggers, and photo studios. These WordPress photography themes help to develop a professional photography website in a period.

It is easy, basic, and simple to use. Users can easily configure the theme settings and modify the design as per their requirements. The designs can be modified without even disturbing any code or hiring a developer.

The WordPress templates for the photographer are equipped with great protection options like right-click protection, password protection, watermarks, and many more. These features and functionalities ensure added security to the work of photographers.

Moreover, it provides utmost protection from the work of copying and theft. Furthermore, these photos can easily be sold from your website as it has all the integrated features of eCommerce options.

Looking forward to building your brand new photography website, importing any predefined demos, and customizing it further to meet your distinct requirements.

✍ Key Features:

  • It secures data with password protection, right-clicks protection, and watermarks.
  • It allows professionals to sell their work from the website.
  • It is simple and easy to use.

Pricing: $17.63 to $59

3. Framed

Framed is one of the well-known WordPress themes for photographers. These WordPress photography themes come equipped with seven stunning website demons set to use for 1-click importation and customization. These available WordPress templates for photographers can also be used for different genres of photographers like travel, and wedding photography.

Framed provides users with advanced options for photo proofing and client management. It helps clients easily create their accounts so that they can access galleries with their usernames and password. These WordPress themes for photographers provide various styles of galleries like masonry, grid layout fullscreen, horizontal, and various creative sliders.

These WordPress photography themes have deep integration with the WooCommerce plugin. It allows you to buy and sell photos. These themes also come with Flickr and Instagram integration which allows them to display photos from your Instagram and Flickr accounts directly.

✍ Key Features:

  • It is equipped with seven website demos.
  • It allows one-click importation and customization.
  • Framed has advanced options for client management and photo proofing.
  • It allows Flickr and Instagram integration.

Pricing: $17.63 to $59

4. Kreativa

Kreativa is one of the well-known feature-rich stunning WordPress photography templates. With these WordPress themes for photographers, users get access to advanced features like full-screen slideshows, horizontal and vertical menus, Ajax likes, image and portfolio galleries, and many more. These features help you to build a professional photography website.

In addition to this, there are various other features like lightbox, client management, photo proofing, gallery thumbnail hover effects, and many more.

Suppose users wish to add more features and functionalities than powerful plugins like Yoast SEO, revolution slider, WPML, WooCommerce, and many more. In addition to this, if you want to build a website in a basic manner, that is possible with an inbuilt page builder. Thus, you can design your website by mixing and arranging the drag-and-drop elements.

✍ Key Features:

  • It comes with powerful plugins like WPML, WooCommerce, revolution slider, and many more.
  • It has an inbuilt page builder for developing a basic website.
  • Kreativa comes with various advanced features like lightbox, thumbnail hover effect, and many more.

Pricing: $17.63 to $59

5. Uncode

Before deep-diving into more reserved photography themes, let us share some facts about the last multipurpose WordPress photography themes. Finally, Uncode arrives with a final selection of various ready-to-go designs. In addition, it includes 30 exceptional choices for creative agencies and portfolio sites.

As long as style goes, Unicode’s design comes first as they rely a lot more on the transition effects for our liking which impacts navigation. Moreover, the front-end builder is not as flexible or in-depth as other options like Divi Builder and Elementor.

✍ Key Features:

  • It comes with a wide range of pre-built page designs.
  • It comes with a front-end page builder.

Pricing: $59

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6. Ohio

Ohio is a WordPress theme for photography designed especially for creative agencies and portfolios. It includes more than 20 ready-made templates that look fantastic on mobile devices in specific and look even better on desktops.

The one thing that makes Ohio different from other WordPress templates for photographers is its customization options, as it includes its theme customization panel with multiple setting options.

These varied options can help you customize almost every aspect of the theme’s style. In addition, Ohio incorporates more than 300 custom shortcodes and elements that can be used with the WPBakery Builder plugin if you wish to build pages from scratch.

✍ Key Features:

  • It provides an in-depth theme customization menu.
  • It looks great on mobile devices.
  • It integrates hundreds of custom shortcodes for adding particular page elements.

Pricing: $59

7. Bold Lab

Boldlab is an intelligent option to choose for art shops and photography portfolios. The WordPress photography themes and designs are a lot more modern than other themes on the list. This makes it a fantastic choice if you want your portfolio to look unique and creative.

By using Boldlab as your WordPress theme for photographers, you get to experiment with distinct portfolio layouts. But, of course, it depends on the way you want to showcase your photos.

This WordPress theme for photography includes a lot of micro interactions. It gives it a more dynamic feel without clogging up the navigation. If you want to experience better customization, it works excellently with Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder plugins.

✍ Key Features:

  • It works great with WPBakery and Elementor.
  • It provides various portfolio layouts you can choose from.
  • It incorporates good use of micro-interaction that makes navigation much more dynamic.

Pricing: $23.63 to $75

8. Reflector

If you are searching for a platform to launch a photography business, Reflector is the WordPress photography theme that makes your process a lot easier. This WordPress theme for photographers provides you with various portfolio layouts, galleries, and image sliders.

Moreover, it also allows you to set up the pricing pages, and it works great with WooCommerce. The results are the WordPress photography themes that can be used to sell your prints, services, and many more, all packed into classy design things.

✍ Key Features:

  • It works great with WooCommerce out of the box.
  • It incorporates pre-built service price inquiry forms.
  • It provides service price-lists for photography businesses.

Pricing: $10.13 to $39

9. Fluxus

Most WordPress photography websites make use of vertical layouts. If you want to move through galleries, then you are required to scroll down. Using Fluxus, you can switch things and use horizontal navigation to show your pictures in larger sizes.

While you go through the horizontal galleries of Fluxus, it feels fluid. Further, these themes allow you to use tags to filter the items you see. If you are not a big fan of page builder plugins, Fluxus will work great with Block Editor. It is an essential and simple theme that quickly sets up a fantastic but minimalistic portfolio.

✍ Key Features:

  • It works excellent with Block-editor.
  • It offers users a minimalist horizontal gallery layout.
  • It includes arrow essential gallery navigation.

Pricing: $13.88 to $49

10. Photography

Photography is a dream WordPress theme for photographers as it has everything a photographer would want in a digital age. This WordPress theme for photography allows you to choose from various pre-build designs and multiple portfolios and gallery layouts. All of it is impressive and alluring.

Photography is one of the best WordPress templates for photographers that put many extra features to its users. For example, you can set up client accounts with password-protected images, and private galleries by disabling right-clicking on your site, and many more.

It also allows clients to mark rejected and approved photos in their personal galleries as it can easily sync your pictures with Adobe Lightroom.

✍ Key Features:

  • It includes private galleries and client accounts.
  • It allows clients to approve and reject their photographs.
  • Syncs easily with galleries and Adobe Lightroom.
  • It will enable you to have password-protect images and disable right-clicking on websites.

Pricing: $17.63 to $59

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All the WordPress themes for photographers showcased above are some of the best free WordPress photography themes available in the market. With the help of any of these themes, you can build a unique and alluring-looking website that will boost your business.

All you require to do is choose from the 10 best WordPress templates for photographers listed above. If you are facing issues to decide the best one for your content, consult with custom CMS development companies to help you choose the best.

wordpress themes for photographers


While choosing the best photography theme, you should:
  • Focus on your needs
  • Responsive design
  • Easy and intuitive navigation
  • Captivating visual experience

Instead of capturing figurative subjects, abstract photographers concentrate on elements such as color, light, and texture to create an emotional impact. Abstraction is one of the great themes as it is free from the ropes of the literal. Moreover, it means that there is ample room for experiments.

There are various community sites like Flickr, 500px, and Instagram that are great. However, learning and understanding how to make a photography blog for yourself is a big task despite all the website platforms provide, especially for a photographer. WordPress and your dedicated hosting are highly recommended.