WordPress video plugins are video plugins for WordPress. WordPress video plugins are useful to add videos to your content.

The need for video plugins can be proved by the fact that people tend to attract videos more than anything else.

Are you thinking of making your own WordPress plugins video player? For WordPress plugin development you can hire a WordPress developer.

WordPress video plugins are used almost on every website these days. Whether the website is for entertainment or business purpose, video plugins are used everywhere.

Moreover, Blog which uses WordPress plugins video player is considered more engaging than blogs that don’t.

So, you can easily predict the importance of WordPress plugin development and WordPress plugins video gallery.

This article contains the top 5 WordPress video plugins in 2020 so that you can easily choose what to use and what features do you need to tell when you hire a WordPress developer for WordPress plugin development.

Here is the List of Video Plugins for WordPress

#1. Embed Plus for Youtube

Embed Plus for Youtube is one of the best video plugins for WordPress. This WordPress video streaming plugin allows you to embed youtube videos to your website.

You can easily upload or link youtube videos on your website using Embed Plus for youtube.

In this WordPress video streaming plugin, you can also easily embed your channel to the website. The main feature to be mentioned here is you can also display a youtube live stream on your website.

The embed plus for youtube do it for you. Whenever you stream live on your channel, it will be also shown on your website using this amazing WordPress video streaming plugin.

It has about 200 thousand users that are active with 4.5-star ratings. It is compatible with various editors too like Classic editor and many more.

So, you can easily edit your videos too. Talking about video plugins for WordPress, this is one of the best WordPress video player plugins of all time.

Some of the other features of Embed Plus for Youtube include effective security policies, privacy settings, localization, creating your own channel or playlist, and so on.

You can also have some other advanced features by upgrading to the Pro version available at $29.9. You can also use it for free that will have limited free versions.

So, if you are searching for a video plugin that can help you to stream your videos too then this is the best option for you because it is not only allowed to upload your videos on your websites but also allow you to live-stream your youtube channel on the website.

#2. WordPress Video Lightbox Plugin

WordPress video lightbox plugin is a video plugin software that allows you to upload videos on your page. It uses a lightbox overlay display to do so that’s why it is named as a Video lightbox.

This is a very simple plugin which does bit have many advanced features but it can be very useful too.

You can edit videos, display images, flash, Vimeo, iFrame, and many more in this. It is very user-friendly and simple to use. This is why it has about 70 thousand active installations.

You can say that it is moreover for normal users rather than technical ones. It is the best WordPress video lightbox plugin for all your needs.

Though it is not used for lie streams live streams are needed when you have a youtube channel. If you don’t have it only then there is no need of doing it.

It is less expensive and best for people who just want to add videos to their blogs and nothing else. It provides you will all the features you want to edit or make a Vimeo video.

#3. FV Flowplayer Video Player

FV player is one of the best video plugins for WordPress. This is because it is reliable, easy to use, and comes with a lot of features.

It can add Youtube videos, Vimeo, HTML links, Adds, and Captions too. It is the one-stop destination for all the things you need in a video plugin.

You can upload all the videos in the MP4 format. This plugin has over 40 thousand installations with 4.5-star ratings.

You can create playlists, adjust video position according to you, and some more other unique features you can get with it.

It is also free and one of the best WordPress video player plugins you will ever see. It mainly comes in the category of WordPress video upload plugin.

This is because it allows you to upload any type of video you want or your website or page.

Talking about its other features, it includes 98% of web browser coverage. It also uses the Lightbox overlay display. This WordPress video upload plugin also allows you to have searchable transcripts which are very important these days.

People will connect to your site more. This is the best WordPress video upload plugin for making your site the most attractive one.

It also has a pro version which includes more advanced features and facilities.

You will have a custom HTML 5 video with flash if you use these video plugins for WordPress. The license version or the pro version of the FV player starts at $75.

This upgraded version will have features added to it like slow motion, keyboard titles, Retina screen support so that users will be able to see your video without any hesitation of getting affected by it.

#4. YourChannel

YourChannel is one of the best youtube video plugins you will ever want. It will show all your youtube videos, streams, and content to your page.

You just need to add your channel login details in YourChannel and that’s it. All your videos and stuff will be automatically shown to your site.

It also uses Lightbox technology. If you are a struggling YouTuber then this is the best plugin you will ever need to make your efforts effective.

You will able to reach more and more people and showcase your talent to them. The only thing you need is this plugin.

For making it worth you can also add some attractive designs and features to your page using this.

The upgraded version of YourChannel starts from $19. This plugin has over 10 thousand active users with a rating of 4.5.

So, what are you thinking? Your wait to become a successful Youtuber is over.

Just adopt this plugin and you are ready to go. Make sure you take the upgraded version for better reach. But that depends on you.

You can take benefit from the free version as well because it is very effective.

#5. YouTube Gallery

Last but not least youtube Gallery is the best WordPress plugins video gallery. This is the only WordPress plugins video gallery you will ever want. It helps to showcase your videos in the form of a Grid or gallery form.

It is the best known for customizing the effects it provides. You can customize your videos in many ways that are very much attractive and effective too.

This will help you in increasing traffic to your site as it also involves SEO factors in it.

Your users will also be able to show your comments and reviews. They can also give their reviews. It is the most important thing for growing and building trust. Hence, it is one of the best video plugins you can use for your site.

Not only do these things also have many more advantages to it. You can say it is the only helping tool you need.

It is best known as the WordPress video review plugin because it allows users to give reviews also.

This WordPress video review plugin is the best thing that will ever happen for your page.

The WordPress video review plugin also provides various attractive themes, WordPress shortcodes, and a page builder too.

You can avail of all these things at the amount of $39 only. I think you should not waste your time thinking about how can you increase traffic on your site.

Just use the YouTube Gallery Video plugin and enjoy its perks. It will do everything for you.

So, this was our list of the best 5 video plugins for WordPress.

You can also refer to some of the best WordPress plugins video galleries like GalleryBox, Huzzaz video gallery, Responsive video gallery, Video Grid, and Vimeography if you want a particularly video gallery plugin.


These video plugins are very useful and effective. You can use them to increase traffic on your websites or telling people about your product or company.

Many business companies use video on their sites to demonstrate to people about their product. This tends to attract people more towards the product.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these amazing WordPress video plugins and you can also hire a WordPress developer for your WordPress plugin development.

The digital world is getting stronger and stronger day by day. You can not deny the fact that people tend to check things online first before buying them these days.

So, you must also adopt these things with time to make successful your website, business, or any other thing you are doing.

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