Do you know the Best ways to Leverage Customer Referrals? And, how it will grow your Business? Let’s Find out!

Best Ways to Leverage Customer Referrals:

☛ It Will Help You Get Traffic to Your Site

One of the benefits of having a referral program is it can drive traffic to your website. Traffic is essential to the success of a website.

It helps your website thrive, for it acts like the bloodline of your site. It is what your website needs to continue functioning.

With this, you need a system where you can quickly get traffic to your website. With referral marketing, you don’t have to think about that. It will happen on its own.

This is because your customers are the ones who will be promoting you.

☛ You Can Use it for Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Strategy

One of the easiest ways to grow your site is through influencer marketing. This is because you no longer need to prove that your brand can be trusted.

You will be recommended by influencers who have already gotten to know you and your brand. And all they need to know is to recommend it to other people.

This is what customer referrals can do for you. When influencers see that other people are promoting your website for you in the form of customer referrals, they will be far more likely to support you because of that.

☛ It Can Give Your Site Solid Social Proof

Social proof is essential to the success of any website. This is because customers no longer look at a product and buy it out of the recommendation of the marketer.

That hardly ever happens nowadays. Instead, customers are empowered to share the content with other people if they think that it can be trusted.

This is where customer referrals come in. It is where customers refer your products to other people.

Because they think that it is worthy of the recommendation, when this happens, your social proof is increased. Not only will more people know about your brand.

They will also get to know your products and services and get to trust you because of it.

☛ It Can Help You Get New Clients or Buyers

Getting new clients and buyers can be quite hard if you don’t know what you are dealing with. Fortunately, there is a way to get more clients and buyers through referral marketing.

Here’s the thing. When someone promotes your website, they do it not to anyone but to people that they know and that they are close with.

When this happens, their recommendations have more weight because they know and trust the person. With this, they no longer question what the person says. They go with what they are promoting.

This can result in the act of purchasing, which can result in a sale on your part.

☛ It Increases Your Customer Lifetime Value

Similarly, your target is not to get a customer for a time. You should aim to get a customer for a lifetime.

This can only happen if the customer not only liked your products and services, but they find that your brand is worth dealing with in a long time.

Customer referrals can help you in this area because they help you increase your brand’s social proof.

When they see that other people are using your products and services, they will know and like your brand, and they will most likely remember you when they need to buy something. This can result in a stream of repeat customers.

☛ It Can Result in More eCommerce Sales

Leverage Customer Referrals

ECommerce sellers are continually looking for ways to increase their sales. They need a way to stop shopping cart abandonment and a way to help them drive more traffic and sales to their site.

Referral marketing can help with that. Remember that referral marketing is done through word-of-mouth.

When this happens, more and more people will talk about your store, and they will think about your brand when they need to purchase a particular item.

☛ It Can Encourage User Generated Content

Another factor that you may want to consider is user-generated content. You see, it is not enough that you create your content for your website.

You may have done that already, but you’ll find that it is not enough. This is because what you say about your products and services is hardly reliable. You also need to depend on other people to create content for you.

This is where user-generated content comes in. It is the content that is created by customers for your website.

This acts as a review, but it does more than that. It even promotes your brand to other people.

☛ It Can Help Spread the Word About Your Brand

One of the things that you’ll want to increase when you first create your brand is to spread the word about your brand.

No one is going to buy from you unless they know your brand. So they must know about your brand along with your products and services.

This is the only way for them to remember you when they need to buy something.

☛ It Can Get More People to Trust You

Customer Trust

Similarly, you’ll need your target customers to know and trust you—no one likes to buy from a brand or person that they don’t know and trust.

Although trust needs to be built over time, it is not impossible. So you must have a system where you continuously churn out valuable content.

This content will let other people know that you are not just after the sale. You are there to help other people as well. When you do it this way, your target market will know, like, and trust you.

Once you achieve this, you can sell them anything.

☛ It Can Help You Network with Other Businesses

Having a business doesn’t mean that you should create it independently. It is impossible to create a company without communicating with other people.

In every industry, there will always be suppliers, clients or buyers, and the likes. You need to have a system so that these parties can work seamlessly with each other.

Customer referrals can aid you when it comes to establishing relationships with other businesses. You see, companies don’t want to work with just anyone.

They need someone who can help them reach their goals. So you must convince them to work with you. This can only happen with customer referrals.

Requirements for a Successful Customer Referral Program:

Now that you know how much customer referrals can help you, you need to know how to create one for your business. In this section, you’ll learn how to do that.

Here are the requirements of a successful customer referral program.

☛ A Clear Picture of Your Target Market

You must know who you are talking to before you even begin. You cannot just launch your referral program, thinking that it will appeal to everyone.

For this, you’ll need to define who your ideal referral is. This will help you know where to promote your program and what to do when you launch it.

☛ A Brand Message

A Brand Message

Next, you’ll need to craft a brand message. This is the message that you will send across all of your platforms.

Your message will depend on your target market. This is the message that you want them to remember so that they can easily find your products and services when they need them.

☛ A Way to Help Your Prospects

Creating a business is more than making money. You also need to do it to help people. Running a business is more about helping others.

For this, you need to think about how you can improve your customers. Focus on helping make their lives better. Be a positive force in their lives.

Focus more on their betterment and less on your profit.

☛ A Reward to Encourage Them to Spread the Word

A referral system can only be useful if you have a reward. This is what powers most referral programs.

You need to decide on the compensation that you will give away if you want to encourage your customers to spread the word. Fortunately, it is not that hard.

You can choose from the following: discount code, freebie, cash, free demo or trial, and free sample. This is a great way to get people to promote your site.

They will do it because there is a reward waiting for them.

☛ A Means to Do It

For this, you’ll need some referral software. This is the only way for you to set up a referral system without any knowledge of website development or coding.

You’ll need software that is compatible with your website. You may need to look into WooCommerce affiliate plugins and others to find the ones that are most compatible with your site.

How to Determine if a Referral Program is Successful?

Customer Referral Program

Once you launch your referral system, you’ll need a way to determine if your program is successful. For that, there are different factors that you must take a look at.

Here are the factors that can determine your success:

☛ Look at the Number of Visitors

One crucial factor is the number of visitors your website is getting. It is expected to grow once you launch your program. It is best to track this through an analytics tool.

PRO TIP: More than the number of visitors, you should also look at other factors such as bounce rate and others. This will help you know how engaged your market is with your website.

☛ Look at the Number of Subscribers

Next, you need to look at your subscriber count. This can only happen if you are giving away a freebie on your website. This is a better metric than traffic.

Traffic is the number of people who visit your site as a result of the promotion. But subscribers are those who sign up. These are people who have done more than visit. They have also taken action.

☛ Look at the Number of Buyers

More than visitors and subscribers, you also need to look at the number of buyers. This is the best metric for it will tell you if your website is profitable.

It will also tell you if promoting your website with referral marketing is worth your time. If you find that you are hardly making any money, it may be best to forego referral marketing and look at other options.

☛ Look at the Number of Repeat Buyers

As mentioned, referral marketing can increase your customer’s lifetime value. This means that customers are not only one-time customers but lifetime customers.

This means that they should buy from you over and over again. While different factors may be at play, such as how you handle the transaction and customer service, you’ll still want to track and see if this increases with the launch of your referral program.

This is another metric that you must look at if you’re going to determine the success of your referral program.

☛ Look at the Response of Those Who Use Your Platform

Another factor is the response. While the other factors are quantitative, this is qualitative.

You will take a look at not only the number of new customers, subscribers, and visitors you have gained. You will also look at the conversations revolving around your brand.

If you combine this data with the quantitative ones, you’ll have a more holistic view of what your customers think about your brand.


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Customer referral marketing is excellent because it is easy to implement, and your customers will act as your army of marketers. They will do all of the marketing for you.

This is a powerful way to boost your business. It is so effective that it is the method used by big brands such as Paypal, Airbnb, and Uber. This is the secret to growing revolutionary apps with no users.

It is a way to get more people to use a product that they are not familiar with.

Customer Referrals will help to Grow your Business