Proper monitoring & administration of software applications performance is paramount. Application failures can ruin businesses. This calls for installing the correct Application Performance Management tool. Among Application monitoring tools, choose the one that matches your business’s IT support approach. Other major factors included are the IT budget & the size of the organization.

Irrespective of the field or department of the company, a massive proportion of clients are demanding application monitoring tools.

Application performance monitoring (APM) solutions are among the essential tools for IT today. Application monitoring tools ensure that developers are on the right track to developing applications.

To gain a competitive advantage on the app, you need to provide an excellent user experience by ensuring that those improvements are based on real user feedback and the performance of the application and infrastructure in the mobile application development services.


APM tools such as New Relics have witnessed a stunning development rate and were successful in fetching a revenue of $263 million in a year. After which it has witnessed 45% growth every year.

Organizations from all verticals like banks, web applications, e-commerce platforms, and even third-party connections require to be cent percent sure about the accessibility and functioning of their applications as well as software, as no one desires to offer an inappropriate user experience.

The foremost priority of any organization is to make sure that their apps are functioning with optimum efficiency, with no possibility of bugs, and for this application performance, monitoring tools are at their rescue.

The market is flooded with Application Performance Management tools, each offering different features.

The IT environment in which the user function comprises a blend of different platforms, operating mechanisms, networks, applications, and much more.

☛ Other significant elements consist of the following:

  • Expenses incurred in licensing
  • Plugins and integrations
  • Reporting and alerting alternatives
  • Supporting mechanism for fresh technologies
  • Programming networks
  • Worldwide monitoring networks
  • Supported frameworks such as Ruby, AngularJS, Python, Java, Node.js, and much more.

Along with the above-listed elements, Application Performance Management tools must rapidly unveil which set of characteristics are important for a specific firm.

The applications should be such that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world, through different browsers, connection speeds, and devices.

Figuring out an APM tool or platform which offers the facility of real-time visibility on websites, web services, networks, and infrastructures along with properties that cater to the monitoring goals of the user like testing performance is important for building and launching a top-notch quality of the application.

Application Monitoring Tools In 2020:

Let us check out the top 10 most popular application monitoring tools establishing their dominance in 2020.

1. CA Technologies

CA Technologies was founded in the year 1976 and has its headquarters located in New York, USA. It has more than 12000 employees working under it with a turnover of $4 billion.

CA Technologies APM tool supports cloud, mainframe, web, and mobile. This makes it a very trustworthy application monitoring tool.

It monitors the performance of applications and offers a better consumer experience as well. The tool is accessible on-premises for all enterprise customers.

Chief characteristics:

  • The metrics of this tool are noteworthy. It is commendable in comparison to other application performance management tools
  • The tool discovers and resolves issues in a fast manner
  •  The tool helps in decreasing efforts & time as problem discovery takes place fast
  • Right from mobile to mainframe, the tool protects the application performance

2. Stackify

Stackify was launched in the year 2012, with the main objective of facilitating developers in figuring out errors and bugs, and problems associated with troubleshooting production, optimizing application performance, and enhancing coding.

Applications monitoring tools like Stackify Retrace facilitates most of the general framework and can explore all the applications running on the server automatically as well as support in observing, alerting, and notifying certain teams through customized e-mails and message alerts in case any problems are detected.

The client also has the alternative to develop their own personalized standards and examine the performance counter to ascertain downtime and uptime, memory, disk, CPU, and network usage.

Chief characteristics:

  • Stackify Retrace helps in facilitating different frameworks such as Java, .NET, and much more.
  • It can collaborate with other kinds of tools and supports various mechanisms.
  • It is particularly built to cater to the needs of developers and is a SaaS-based APM tool.
  • It helps in handling the smooth functioning of different applications and servers.
  • It is efficient in ascertaining the issues by making use of detailed code-level performance traces.
  • It gathered the data of all kinds of applications and ascertains their effects on the performance.

3. New Relic

New Relic was established in the year 2008. It is known to be a multi-tenant platform as it offers users deep knowledge and interpretation of every particular facet of the environment they are functioning in.

A developer or a business executive will always need to use the best network monitoring tools. You can enhance the application or software performance with this tool.

New Relic provides artificial as well as Real User Monitoring (RUM) alternatives along with faculty or organizational grade protection.

Chief Characteristics:

  • Transaction breakdown
  • Response time, error rates and throughput
  • Deployment analysis, comparison & history
  • Performance of peripheral services
  • Cross-application tracing
  • The tool supports languages such as Ruby, Java, PHP, .NET, etc
  • The tool offers performance monitoring for the following:
    • Developed Browser Performance
    • Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Mobile Apps

4. Lightstep

Lightstep answers why things happen. Not only do they instantly detect everything from minor fluctuations to major deployments anywhere in your system.

They also provide before-and-after snapshots of service health to help you understand how newly-deployed changes upstream or downstream impact the performance of your service.

Cutting reactive investigation time down to minutes. They were founded by the creator of Dapper and co-founder of OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry, so they know what they are doing.

Chief Characteristics:

  • Unlimited tracing
  • Unlimited cardinality
  • Access to runtime metrics and logs
  • Automated root cause analysis
  • Automated real-time deployment analysis
  • System-wide service diagrams
  • Intra-service operations diagrams
  • Alerting
  • Integrations: PagerDuy, Slack, Istio, and many more

5. AppDynamics

Developed by Cisco in the year 2017, AppDynamics offers a platform for Businesses and application monitoring for modern-day organizations.

The platforms of AppDynamics consist of artificial and Real User Monitoring (RUM) products to facilitate end-user, functional visibility, and performance of the business to support in handling optimum performance.

The perks of application monitoring tools are too many. This includes decreasing revenue risk and bettering business continuity.

You can get hold of the best APM software from AppDynamics. It also functions as a fantastic web server monitoring tool.

It offers the real-time and end-to-end performance of distributed & complex applications.

Chief Characteristics:

  • As a user starts using AppDynamics, he can discover the primary cause of any problem, and also he can fix it.
  • AppDynamic supports language such as .NET, Java, Python, Node, C++, PHP, etc.
  • The app can discover the normal elements related to the performance with ease. It uses responses and alerts for this purpose.
  • The tool monitors all the code lines. Due to this, it can solve challenges related to production app performance.

6. SolarWinds

Earlier the world knew Traceview in the name of Tracelytics. AppNeta acquired this and now this is a part of the renowned SolarWinds.

SolarWinds as the best application monitor tool is not known to the world. You can use it for web applications.

You can get a very deep insight into applications with this tool. The tool also ensures an enhanced end-user experience. This is an inexpensive back monitor application tool.

The AppOptics solutions facilitate cloud and hybrid atmosphere and offer monitoring and clarity into functionality and applications as well as facilitate standards and interpretations.

Chief Characteristics:

  • SolarWinds not only supports online but phone & email support as well.
  • The tool supports PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, .NET, etc
  • SolarWinds always fixes even the most massive challenges.
  • It does so with the help of a real user monitoring system.
  • Users can check SaaS applications & web applications with SolarWinds.

7. Dynatrace

Dynatrace was established in the year 2005. It serves different kinds of testing for a variety of issues associated with the performance of websites.

The dynatrace app monitoring tool is one of the best system monitoring tools. Its features are turning heads right now.

The tool has the potential of managing the performance of any software application. The tool also guarantees the accessibility of the software application.

Chief Characteristics:

  • The tool identifies performance challenges by employing Artificial Intelligence.
  • Dynatrace APM functions by code-level & end-to-end monitoring.
  • The proactive approach of the tool is what makes it unique. It solves problems before the user gets to know them. The tool helps in decreasing the time for resolving the challenges. It even saves resources that the team uses for the identification of the issue.
  • The tool delivers an enhanced digital consumer experience. The tool understands how an application’s performance handles accelerating business growth.

8. Datadog

DataDog was developed in 2010. It serves the facility of reviewing website performance from an exhaustive dashboard.

Datadog makes it utterly simple to detect issues and amends the performance of applications across different platforms such as servers, databases, hybrid cloud apps, and web apps.

You can enjoy cloud-based scrutinizing for applications, event logs & infrastructure. This web server monitoring tool is fantastic.

You can sign up only for the app performance monitor. Also, you can use all three systems together for enhanced service visibility.

The services are chargeable & this cost will depend on the number of hosts that you are operating. The systems are capable of monitoring cloud-based, hybrid & on-premises systems.

The datadog pricing is decent which allows users to freely use this APM tool. In 2018, A beta version of Datadog Synthetics was made available for usage.

Chief Characteristics:

  • It aids different web frameworks such as Gin, Spring, Django, Ruby on Rails, and such.
  • It uses machine learning to monitor bugs.
  • It sends alert collaborations through, HipChat, Slack, and Campfire.
  • It is well-equipped with more than 250 plugins such as AWS, Azure, Jira, Microsoft Team, GitHub, Docker, Apache, java application, Kubernetes, and such.
  • It observes containers, cloud instances, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures.
  • It provides a Map Data flow and a personalized dashboard.

9. Smartbear

SmartBear facilitates developing tools for advancement, testing, and operating teams to observe software apps and websites.

Their application performance monitor tools comprise software testing performances, API lifecycle products, application monitoring equipment, and code integration, and amendment tools.

Lately, SmartBear was successful in fetching a constant testing platform, along with Zephyr which is a test management solution.

They have declared a fresh cloud-based platform for load testing in 2018 known as LoadNinja.

Chief Characteristics:

  • It is a cross-browser testing platform that functions on selenium based tests in the cloud.
  • Develops and reviews script with the help of InstaPlay Recorder for the testing load.
  • It functions with API testing trends SOAP and REST.
  • Artificial monitoring mechanisms are offered for websites and API monitoring.
  • It has DejaClick integration for click and point scripting.

10. Alertbot

AlertBot is a well-known service of infoGenius and has a well-collaborated could base Application Performance Management platform which helps in observing websites, web, and mobile apps, other kinds of web services to facilitate end-user.

When a bug is raised, the service sends an instant alert, providing a suitable team with the proper time to mend the problems before they affect the masses.

Chief Characteristics:

  • It is a basic level of HTTP monitoring and offers full-page functions.
  • It offers server monitoring such as TCO, FTP, IMAP, OPO3, IMCP Ping, SMTP, DNS, Telnet, and personalized ports.
  • It observes multi-steps procedures with the help of TrueBrowser recorder.
  • It facilitates examining Real browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and such.
  • It sends personalized alerts through e-mails, messages, voice notes, or team member escalation.
  • It helps in examining mobile apps and websites.
  • It offers an error interpretation report in form of waterfall charts.

11. Uptime Robot

Established in 2015, it offers the facility of basic website uptime examination from various worldwide locations via a simple user interface, altering IT squads, in respect of any bugs which may take place.

It is well-versed in severing its product via free-of-cost plans and pro-level plans for clients who desire to avail of special properties like SSL monitoring, an enhanced notification mechanism, and short examination intervals.

Chief Characteristics:

  • It offers various plugins such as Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, and Telegram.
  • It facilitates in HTTP examinations.
  • It offers support in keyword checking.
  • It offers aid in Ping requests.

12. eG Innovations

eG Innovations is the best for IT infrastructure & application performance monitoring.

This is an industry-leading website monitor freeware tool. It has the capacity of monitoring more than 180 applications. The names include SAP, Office 365, Java, SharePoint, .NET & a lot more.

You can solve challenges like downtime, capacity issues, and slow apps with this tool.

Chief Characteristics:

  • This application monitoring tool helps businesses to track the digital experience of consumers. It will be easier for you to identify when the user experience is in effect.
  • Discover the primary reason for performance slowdowns. The tool does this with machine learning & built-in correlative intelligence.
  • Attaining code-level perceptibility into applications is possible by utilizing distributed transaction tracing. Identifying reasons for code errors and slow remote calls are also possible.
  • The tool enables businesses in auto discovering dependencies. Identifying is possible between fundamental IT components like cloud & network. Also comes the applications for constructing topology maps.

13. Sematext

When you run a business, you need to keep on improving the customer experience. This is possible when you use sought-after cloud monitoring tools.

Sematext APM is a fantastic tool. It offers end-to-end & real-time visibility into the performance of web applications. It traces business & individual transactions for detecting the slowest portions of the application.

Chief Characteristics:

  • The tool displays inter-component communication & their throughput, error rates, and latency.
  • The tool helps in assessing the way applications interact. The elements for interaction are principal components, external services & databases in real-time.
  • The tool carries the capacity for tracking & filtering database operations. It also monitors slow SQL for detecting transactions that can take a lot of time.
  • Real-time vigilance features of this tool are noteworthy. This helps in identifying the anomalies even before the end-user comes to know of them.

14. ManageEngine Applications Manager

Are you worried about the IT infrastructure of your company? Are you also concerned about its functioning?

To ensure this, you need application tools. These IT management tools help in meeting optimal performance. This will include servers, desktops, networks, and applications.

Chief Characteristics:

  • Discover & dodge the root cause of challenges in a speedier manner. The tool also assists with automated application discovery, diagnostics, and tracing (ADTD).
  • Monitoring depending on an agent with code-level diagnostics & byte-code instrumentation. This is for .NET, Node.js, Java, Ruby applications, etc.
  • Estimate upcoming resource use & growth with analytics. This is possible due to Machine Learning.
  • Extensive support offered by the tools for more than 100 applications & infrastructure elements.

15. Dell Foglight

Are you looking for an effective server monitor open-source tool? Quest Software by Dell Foglight can prove to be useful.

Dell Foglight offers many analytical dashboards and cross-mapping between the database and an application. It provides enhanced user experience as well.

Chief Characteristics:

  • Foglight tracks the health of the application by capturing user transactions
  • Java, AJAX, and .NET are languages supported by Foglight
  • The tool assists in enhancing compliance with end-users
  • The tool can track database monitoring, app performance, and storage platform performance


The need for using Application monitoring tools is enhancing. This is due to the increase in application complexities.

High-level business objectives call for using the correct tools. When your business is customer-centric, your application performance must be on point. There should be no sluggishness.

To transform your business today by integrating powerful APM tools. Pick the best application monitoring tool that ensures the proper functioning of business operations. Each tool offers a few varied feature sets.

Choose the one that meets your specification requirements & budget. The comprehensive tool must analyze the performance of the end-user experience. Keep this goal in mind & get started today.