The on-demand delivery apps have become a part of our everyday lives. The surprising part is, we don’t even realize it. Can you imagine going back to the times when you had to step out for the smallest of things? No, right? Yes, apps similar to Postmates have made our lives easier.

You may be having second thoughts about starting a new food delivery app. Of course, because the competition is cut-throat

It is always a good idea to build an app like Postmates. But you need to offer something that your competitors don’t. Your partner mobile app development services can guide you the best on that.

Did you make up your mind to get an app similar to Postmates? If yes, then this blog is for you! This blog is a step-by-step guide on how to make an app like Postmates.

However, first things first!

How to Use the Postmates App?

The best thing about the Postmates delivery app is that it is not limited to food delivery. You can get anything and everything on your doorstep.

The Postmates strategy was to deliver everything to its customers. They are slowly getting closer to achieving that dream. The availability of items will depend on where you live and the stores nearby.

Using the app is as simple as any other on-demand delivery apps. Scroll the main menu after opening the app. That will show you the available options closest to you.

There is also a ‘Party’ option. Under it, you can get free delivery from businesses that are popular currently. But you get only a few minutes before the list gets updated.

If you build an app like Postmates, you should consider a feature like the ‘Party’.

For some specific items, the search bar can help. Also, there is an option to search for a specific restaurant.

Postmates also have a Postmates Unlimited plan. The plan will give you unlimited free delivery as long as the order is above $12.

Factors to Consider Before Developing an App like Postmates:

It is necessary to research well on your idea of delivery service like Postmates. Follow the steps below to build an app like Postmates without any errors.

# Carry Out Market Research

Collect data about other food delivery service apps in the market. Analyze the data, and research on their promotion tactics.

Not to forget, you also need to know the needful metrics about these apps. Are you starting a food delivery business? Then keep in mind that market research will help in competing with your peers.

# Decide the Business Model

A business model is necessary for planning the day to day operations.

Before you get to the actual development of Postmates like apps, consider all the issues that will be connected to the physical parts of the application.

It includes getting onboard vendors and restaurants for it. Businesses with a delivery system may not be interested. So, you need to target the ones that do not have a delivery partner.

Highlight the benefits that your customers will get when they use your app. Managing payments can also be a problem. You need to give enough payment options to customers for them to keep using your app.

Moreover, there is also the angle of delivery boys purchasing things for the customers. How will you ensure that they ordered only those things that the customer asked for?

These are some of the important factors to consider as they will have an impact on working and revenue.

# Stand Out From the Competitors

Do you want to set up successful food delivery services like Postmates? Then come up with something unique that your competitors are not offering.

In order to come up with innovative ideas, market research is a must. We suggest taking up a survey from your target audience too. It will help you identify what they are missing from the available services.

Your unique feature will convince the audience to choose you instead of your competitors.

# Keep up with the Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends will make you the audience’s favorite. The latest trends could include using modern technologies or customization.

Some examples of modern technologies are chatbots, voice recognition, etc. These are welcome moves as the audience prefers convenience over everything else

An important thing to note here is that all these features will affect your final cost of development.

When it comes to customization, you can offer different customer and partner programs. You can decide on these programs on the basis of your target audience.

Primary Features of an App like Postmates On-Demand Delivery

To build an app like Postmates, you need to decide the features of each of the sub-applications in it. The sub-apps are for drivers, restaurants, and customers.

Not to forget there will be an admin panel too. The following features are essential in any delivery app like Postmates.

# Customer Version

✍ Registration/Login

Users will be able to login with their emails or social media accounts.

✍ Card Registration

You can offer support for multiple cards. The user can choose a card for completing the current transaction.

✍ Automatic Payments

You can integrate Apple Pay, Paypal, and Google Pay to give users the convenience of automatic payment.

✍ Order Details

Here, you can add an image of the item ordered as well as give the option for contactless delivery.

✍ Pick a Source for the Order

The customer can choose the source by placing a pin on the map or by entering the address.

✍ Delivery Destination

Again this can be done both ways. Place the pin on the map or enter the address.

✍ Order History

Customers can see their previous orders and their details. Also, you can give the option to re-order.

✍ Ratings & Reviews

Customers can rate and review any order/delivery.

# Driver’s Version

The driver’s version in any app like the Postmates courier app have limited features.

✍ Book the Order

The drivers will bid for the orders.

✍ Delivery Status

The drivers will be able to set a specific delivery status. For example, accepted, rejected, picked up, delivered.

✍ Booking History

A driver can see the complete history of completed deliveries.

✍ Registration

You need to make sure that a driver is identified and verified before they start delivering orders.

# Restaurant Version

The restaurant version will include an admin panel and necessary features for orders. You can also manage the notifications here.

✍ Admin Panel

The admin pane is web-based.

✍ Order Placement

The order will be placed only after a delivery boy accepts delivery.

✍ Notifications

Both the customer and delivery boy will be able to notify each other about the order details.

✍ Payment Menu

Here, you can create invoices and send them to customers via text messages/emails.

✍ Ratings

Businesses can check out their reviews and respond to them.

Tips to Build App like Postmates Successfully:

# Know your targeted audience

Know your target audience first. After that, decide on the features of your app like the Postmates app for couriers. Hire an Android app developer to guide you with what features work the best.

Moreover, if you can offer customizable services while keeping in mind your variety of audiences, that will help you stand out. That is because not everyone offers that option.

In the case of the menu, you can offer a wide variety of options. Higher the number of options, the better your reach among the people.

# Choose the right technology stack

Technology stack is an important decision in many ways. Firstly, it will help with scalability.

In the future, when the number of users increases, the technology stack will ensure that the app runs seamlessly. Secondly, it will affect the final cost of development.

# Relations with Restaurants

Try and form good relations with restaurants in the city/state/country. It all depends on how you are expanding geographically.

Keep in mind that you cannot add a restaurant to your delivery app without their permission. Also, friendly terms with local stores and farmers will help you give more options to your customers.

# Cut Down on Cost

While you are finding ways to increase your revenue, you also need to cut down on costs. One way to do that is to hire full-timers and part-timers as delivery personnel.

Confused? Analyze the timing and areas where you get maximum orders. You can hire full-time staff there and in other areas, you can have freelancers/part-timers.

In this way, you can optimize the expenses and not compromise on service quality.

The Bottom Line

We hope that we were able to answer your question, “How to create a food delivery app?”. The on-demand delivery services are popular among people of all age groups.

So, if you decide to build an app like Postmates, then it is the right time. But let us tell you it is not as easy as it seems.

You need to start with detailed market research. On the basis of that decision the features, you want to include, the platform for your application, monetization strategy, etc.

Also, you need to include some unique features to attract your target audience. After you are done making important decisions on your end, you need to look for a development team.

Hire iPhone app developer or Android developer as per your needs. Your app will finally go live after rounds of design, development, and testing.

Do you want an on-demand delivery app for both Android and iOS platforms? Consult our expert developers on [email protected]. They will guide you further.

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