Why find what is the best alternative to Truecaller? Why not you make your own? Are you worried about the cost to build an app like Truecaller?

In this era of digitization, spamming calls and fake calls are very common. According to a study in 2018, India is the 2nd number in the rankings of most spam-plagued counties across the globe. So, what was the solution?

It was time to develop a caller identification app. The app development agency introduced such apps that can identify spam calls.

Using the caller identification app you are now able to know about spam calls before picking them up. Many apps like Truecaller, CallApp, TrapCall, and so on are available in the market.

Truecaller is the most popular app among these. Truecaller is a caller ID app that helps you to know about spam calls and messages.

You must be familiar by now that why we need apps similar to Truecaller. But do you know what is the best alternative to Truecaller? You can find many alternatives but the one created on your own can create wonders.

You have come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know how much does it cost to build an app like Truecaller and why is it so?

What is a caller identification app and how does it work?

Before knowing the cost to build an app like Truecaller, you must know what they are and how do they work. Caller identification apps provide you with features to deal with spam calls and messages.

Users have to make an account or sign up with their email-id on these apps. After this, you can search for any number to know to whom that particular number belongs to.

The app will access your contact list. You can also mark spam any incoming number on your phone.

When an incoming call comes up you will be able to see its name on your screen. But for this, you must have an active internet connection.

Cost to build an app like Truecaller

Coming to the main point of this article. The building cost of an app globally is about $27000 for an ios app and $23000 for an android app. But in India, the rates are lower.

The cost of building such apps varies between $3000 to $15000. This is a very predicted cost. The main cost of any app depends on many factors. So, you can’t say only one price. It varies from app to app.

So, below are some factors that affect the cost to build an app like Truecaller. This will give you a firm idea that what it will be going to take.

Factors affecting the cost of an app like Truecaller

#1. Who you hire to develop your app

The first factor would be your choice to develop your app. You can either hire an app development agency or a freelancer.

For such a complex app like Truecaller, I would suggest you hire a good and markable app development agency. Because these kinds of apps require a full developer team.

You can hire an android app development company if you want to make an android app only. For ios app hire an iPhone app developer or app development agency to build a cross-platform app.

It completely depends on what you want. So, different companies or agencies have different charges to build a particular app.

#2. Features of the app

Features are very important for an app. It decides what your app will be like. Usable features can make your app a successful one.

So, how does it affect the cost of an app? Complex features take more cost to build than simple features. This is an obvious thing. Complex features take more time and effort to be built.

Hence, their cost is also high. To build a caller identification app like Truecaller you must know about the feature. Truecaller features are very vast and complex.

Let us see some of the Truecaller features. You must get an idea that what features you can add to your caller identification app. Also, how those features are going to cost you?

✍ Identify spam and an unknown number

This is the most important feature. This is the main reason behind the development of these apps. This feature needs advanced coding.

This is because the more efficient the code for this feature would be. The more it will be able to identify unknown and spam numbers.

✍ Call history

The app should have a call history feature. So, that users can predict how many times they are being spammed.

Also, this feature is not very complex as does not need any advanced coding. So, this feature is not going to cost you a must.

✍ Integrating other apps

This could be a very expensive feature. But it is very useful for users. So this will give them a great engaging point to your app.

With this feature, you are providing users to go to other apps through your app. For example, Truecaller has this feature through which you can also access your text.

✍ Record phone calls

Since it would also be a calling app. Therefore, it must have a recording feature in it. As there is sometimes a need to record a call. This feature also comes in the category of simple features.

✍ Call Back Feature

Your app must have a callback notification feature. It should be customizable also. So, users can decide whether they want a callback notification or not.

✍ Allow users to block and report

Your app must allow users to block and report anyone they feel. This is also not a very complex feature.

✍ Camera Scanner

Many advanced apps are trying to incorporate this feature. If you add this to your mobile then it would be very easy for the users to scan any unknown number through their camera.

This feature may result to be complex. It depends on your developer. Make sure you hire an experienced and efficient company.

#3. Design of the app

Another factor that will affect the cost of your app is the design of the app. Now, the design of the app depends on the complexity of your project.

Remember, the more complex your design is the more expensive your app would be. Simple design apps mean it has standard, platform-specific elements. These are easy to use.

If you add some other custom animations to it then it will become a complex design. You should try to keep your design as simple as possible.

This is because most users are not technology-friendly. So, they can find it difficult to use your app.

To reach more people and less cost your Truecaller similar app must not be of a complex design.

#4. Project management cost

Project management is a very time-consuming activity. To get a general idea of ​​who project managers usually work with, see the following list:

  • Project Budget – Avoid over-budgeting
  • Scope of work – Make sure a project has a team doing the right thing and doing the right things
  • Schedule – Make sure the team completes all tasks on time
  • Quality – Prevent bad releases and set priorities for bug fixes and improvements
  • Resources – Make sure a project has the right team members so they can do their job well
  • Risk – Be prepared to stop them or fix them if they occur
  • Communication – Make sure all project members communicate with each other. They must bring value to their communication project
  • Problem Solving – Can solve any problem in the work process

All good software development companies offer project management as a service.

Payment patterns for this service are different. Some companies charge per hour, while others charge a fixed price.

#5. Quality of the app

Good Quality call identification app means that all the features should work in all substances. An app must be of the best quality. Otherwise, it won’t be able to attract users.

A good quality app needs a good investment also. But that doesn’t mean that it would be expensive also. You can generate a quality app within an effective cost also.

You need to find ways for it. Do all the app tests required before launching the app. One of the tests is QA Engineer Test.

It would need investment. But that investment would be worth doing. Imagine you comprise in the quality and then your app fails.

If this would ever happens all your money will become zero. So, it better is to invest in quality so that your app will not fail.


In this article, you came to know about what a call identification app is. How you can manage the cost of your app and how much it will cost you.

You also came to know about various features required by a Truecaller similar app. Apps like Truecaller are worth investing in in this era of digitalization. As many spam calls are increasing day by day. These apps can help users in many effective ways.

So, if you are thinking of investing in a call identification app like Truecaller then go for it. But you must keep in mind all the points mentioned in the article.

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