Lone workers are employees who carry out their tasks by themselves, without the help of other colleagues or direct supervision. For this reason, they are vulnerable to certain risks regardless of the specific type of tasks that they need to complete.

Fortunately, there are already certain lone worker apps that ensure their safety while they are on duty. 

This article delves into the details on why lone worker safety apps are important.

Powerful Deterrent

One of the primary reasons why lone worker safety apps are important is that they are considered a powerful deterrent to any threat or risk. They may face while they are fulfilling their tasks and duties.

In this case, the digital experts behind Oracle CMS suggest that you go for a lone worker app that leverages cloud-based technology that requires no additional devices such as lanyards, which can add to the risk of their job.

Also, go for a lone worker app that can send a notification to the police to head to your location if necessary.

Audible Alarm

Another reason why a lone worker safety app is important is that most of these feature an audible alarm. In this case, the alarm can startle an aggressor or an attacker who targets a lone worker.

The audible alarm also works in sync with the panic button, which means that even company administrators are notified.

These administrators are also allowed to listen to the situation as it unfolds. Allowing them to act accordingly to aid their lone worker in duty.


Most of the lone worker apps are equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) location functionality. That allows authorities to determine the exact location of the lone worker.

This will make it easy for them to reach the lone worker in need of help immediately. This is important because once a panic button is pressed, time is already crucial.

Some are also equipped with an NFC functionality that notifies administrators that the lone worker already checked out or checked in at the location.


Finally, lone worker apps prove to be beneficial when it comes to routine welfare checking. In this case, administrators are updated on whether the worker showed up at the location or otherwise.

Administrators are also able to check the exact time that the worker arrives or leaves at their workplace.

This is not only essential to ensure the safety of their workers, but it also provides them with the data that they need in certain instances of customer concerns, as well as payroll issues.

Rest assured that most lone worker apps adhere to the standards imposed by legislative bodies when it comes to the particular type of data collected.

Best Lone Worker Safety Apps

There are now several lone worker safety apps for you to choose from and the ones that are considered the best are listed below.

☛ Crystal Ball

With Crystal Ball, you will be able to gain full visibility of your lone workers because of its real-time live mapping feature that leverages GPS technology.

On the side of the lone worker, they will be able to send you a notification from time to time to inform you about their current condition. This is referred to as the routine welfare check.

Crystal Ball is also equipped with automated panic alarms that are activated when the lone worker fails to respond within the routine welfare check time frame.

☛ Guardian24

Guardian24 allows multiple ways to engage and alert but its main feature is the SOS alarm that utilizes a designated button to immediately open an audio channel that is connected to the administrator.

It also features a log activity feature wherein the users can connect to the system and from there, they will be able to provide details regarding their location, the activity they are performing, as well as the time they have begun and ended.

Other features of this app include fall detection, text activity, as well as a welfare check.

☛ Lone Alert

One of the main features of the Lone Alert app is a dedicated panic alarm, along with providing a GPS location with privacy controls. Aside from this, the app can also instantly record and report the activities being performed by the lone worker.

It also includes user reminders and prompts which prove to be beneficial when it comes to routine checks. Just keep in mind that this app is ideal for low-risk or infrequent lone workers.

☛ SoloProtect

SoloProtect entails the use of an identification badge that is easy to wear. It features a discrete panic button, as well as GPS functionality. This makes it ideal for lone workers who are not only faced with physical and environmental hazards but social risks as well.

The reason behind this is that the lone worker only needs to push the panic button. They will be instantly connected to a monitoring center. That is not only listening and monitoring their call. But escalating it to the proper authorities as well, who are in the best position to help.

☛ StaySafeApp

StaySafeApp is a quick and easy to use lone worker safety app. That still maintains personal privacy while ensuring the safety of the user. The app features a timed session that can trigger a countdown or activate a satellite GPS tracker. that is visible in the main hub.

The lone worker can also set a fixed check-in period within these sessions to confirm that they are safe and secure. When a lone worker fails to check in within the timed period, a missed checked-in will automatically be raised.

The app also features a panic button that enables the lone worker to send an alert in case they need immediate assistance. Otherwise, a panic alert can also be activated discreetly using the power button of the phone.

In case a lone worker has not moved for a prolonged period, a non-movement alert is automatically triggered. The app also features an audible alert as well as a duress pin.

General Safety Tips for Lone Workers

Employers of lone workers have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their staff working alone.

Thus, they need to come up with appropriate policies and helpful training. It will help their lone workers handle challenging situations. It may compromise their safety while they are on duty.

Alongside this, lone workers also need to practice general safety tips to mitigate risks that they may encounter in their workplace.

☛ Identification of Potential Hazards

Lone workers must be trained to scan their workplace for potential hazards even before they begin carrying out their duties. The span of the environment that they need to scan varies from one lone worker to another as they carry out different tasks.

Nevertheless, the most common conditions that you need to focus on include weather risks. The use of chemicals as well as how they are stored, as well as any situation that may lead to slips, trips, and falls.

Apart from the physical environment that they are in, lone workers must also be able to identify the possibilities of social risk. While it is true that they are working alone, they may come in contact with other people outside of their company.

In this case, there is always the risk of verbal abuse or physical assault. When lone workers are fully aware of the risks that they may face while on duty. They are in a better position to protect themselves and ensure their safety.

☛ Health and Wellness Priorities

Because of the increased risk that lone workers may face in their workplace. They should be trained to prioritize their health and wellness.

The reason behind this is that they are in their best condition each time they report for work. They have a greater chance of being able to help themselves should they be faced with an unfortunate situation.

After all, as lone workers, they have nobody else to rely on but only themselves.

Lone workers must also prioritize their health and wellness particularly. Because people who are subjected to isolation are more vulnerable to mental health problems.

A lone worker should be fully aware of how his job will affect not only his physical health but his mental health as well. As soon as he does, he will be able to exert the extra effort to maintain his overall health even outside of work.

☛ Leverage Technology

Apart from the lone worker safety apps that can be readily installed in smartphones. Several other devices can help keep lone workers safe.

For instance, wearable safety gadgets also prove to be beneficial for lone workers carrying out their duties. There is also the option for them to utilize other safety devices. Which can be suitable for the environment that they will be working in.

You should be able to provide your lone workers with multiple technology resources for their safety. You should also train them on how to use these devices. So they will be able to utilize these gadgets in actual situations when necessary.

When you make safety resources available for your lone workers and train them on the proper usage of each. Then you are making your lone workers more capable of handling any situation that they may face while on duty.

Lone workers can now take advantage of technological innovations. So they can ensure their safety and protection while they are fulfilling the duties required by their job roles.

Apart from ensuring their safety, these apps are important. It comes to empowering the workers and providing them with the confidence they need to finish their tasks.

Just keep in mind to go for the best lone worker apps from reputable developers. It will ensure that the app works.

Oracle CMS


Lone worker safety apps are important to ensure the safety and protection of workers. They are carrying out their tasks solely and more often than not, unsupervised.

However, no two lone worker apps are created the same. That means that you need to exert extra effort to ensure that you go for one. That is most suitable according to your needs.

Also remember that apart from lone worker apps, you also need to keep in mind some general safety tips to ensure your safety.