Are you also looking out to develop a mobile app similar to Zoomcar? Many efficient mobile application development services can help you to develop a Zoomcar app. However, before starting app development, you need to know the process and cost of developing an app like Zoomcar. Therefore, it would be best to be vigilant about what you should consider while developing an app similar to Zoomcar.

As per research and some stats, the car rental market service like the Zoomcar app will reach approximately $124 billion by 2022. People prefer to use cabs and rented cars in current times, as the car sales are meeting saturation point. The possibilities of this industry seem much brighter than before. Business owners are desperately looking to grab this opportunity and make immense amounts of profit out of it.

The estimated cost to develop an app like Zoomcar is likely to range between $22,000 and $27,000. Furthermore, the prices might fluctuate based on the app developers, technologies, and features you choose to opt for and integrate into your Zoomcar business model.

For instance, an extended car rental app like Zoomcar has a set of advanced and luxury-oriented features that might cost you about $35,000 to $45,000. So now, let us move further and get some deep insights into the Zoomcar business model, features, and cost to develop an app like Zoomcar.

Zoomcar Business Model:

Zoomcar buys its stock of cars and, together with this Zoomcar app, enables car owners to give their cars on rent to the customers of Zoomcar. Customers are allowed to choose from the list of cars to choose the car as per their preferences.

The Zoomcar-like services allow users to rent the car for a few hours to a few days as per their requirement. Once done with their use, they can return the car to the destination. Apps similar to Zoomcar earn back money by charging a fee for renting the car.

Several other car rental services successfully meet the requirements by minor changes in the Zoomcar business model. Getaround is also one of the well-known car rental apps that work on the principle of peer-peer car renting. It is quite similar to Zoomcar. Earlier known as RelayRides, Turo is also a peer-peer car rental platform, and online marketplaces like Airbnb inspired its concept.

There is one more startup model called ZipCar. However, it has a bit of a different business model. If customers want to get the service of ZipCar, they need to get a monthly or annual membership of ZipCar. After that, only customers can get access to ZipCar vehicles around the city for an additional charge.

Why Is It Required to Develop a Car Rental App Similar to Zoomcar?

Nowadays, people face a lot of difficulties due to heavy traffic and car maintenance. In metro cities, less than 15% of people own a car, and at that place, car rental services like Zoomcar play a major role by providing people with the benefit of accessing a car without owning it. Zoomcar-like services enable people to rely on public transportation or car rental companies for short-term trips or hangouts.

Car rental apps similar to Zoomcar have gained immense popularity and acceptance in the past few years, as here, users get access to cars without even owning one. Zoomcar-like services have evolved the entire way by providing customers with convenient, affordable, and quick transport systems. Following such features and functionalities can get you to a profitable deal to develop a car rental app. These features are:

  • It could effortlessly reach out to mobile users.
  • It ensures more reservations.
  • Zoomcar provides users with easy and convenient booking options.

Here are reasons why self-drive rental cars are better than taxis and cabs.

Some Facts and Figures of Car Rental App Development

Self-drive car rental platforms continue to be the first choice for many travelers when they were launched in the market. The car rental industry is likely to set a trend that will shape the route for car rental businesses in the upcoming years.

Car renting platforms similar to Zoomcar have established their mark in many cities, and they continue to expand their reach. The entire car rental companies could overturn vehicle change the all-over calculus of car ownership for the upcoming ten years:

  • A study by GBTA Foundation states that in July, it was found that the most popular form of ground transportation for business travelers remains the rented cars, and the other 36% of the users opt to buy their vehicle.
  • As per the study and research by Frost & Sullivan, by 2025, customers will reach about 36 million, providing an annual growth of 16.4%.
  • A study from Global market insights states that the value of the global car sharing market in 2024 will be around $ 16.5 billion.
  • User penetration of 1.9% in 2019 is likely to reach 2% by 2023, And by 2025 the rental vehicle fleet is expected to reach approx 7.3 million units all over the world.

How Does the Zoomcar App Work?

Car rental platforms similar to Zoomcar follow a peer-to-peer renting business. In the Zoomcar business model, the owner rents the car to customers who want to use the car for a specific amount of time, and at last, once a task is done, it returns the car to the owner. The Zoomcar-like services come with various features to ensure that the app is user-friendly and feasible.

  • It provides booking functionality.
  • It existed with search functionalities.
  • These apps provide various payment gateway options.
  • It also displays the entire information of drivers.

Must-Have Features, Panels, And Cost To Develop An App Like Zoomcar

☛ Admin Panel

✍ Analytics Dashboard

With these features, the admin gets to know how the business is performing. Here, the admin gets access to daily/weekly/monthly reports of revenue and analytics.

✍ Customer Management

Admin can effortlessly manage users’ information. Furthermore, The admin gets to reject and confirm their customer reservations.

✍ Car Management

Here, the admin gets access to manage the car, and he can add or remove the car, update car specifications, and many more.

✍ Payment Manager

The payment manager section enables admin to store and manage the payment details of their customers. The admin can also book the rates for cars. Thus he can increase or decrease the km/hr rates for the reservations.

✍ Real-time Reports & Analytics

Admin gets access to review real-time reports like the number of bookings. Payments received for car booking and many more.

✍ Manage Car Category

With this feature, the admin gets to manage the car category to delete or add the cars and update the car availability for users.

✍ Manage Fares/Location-based Charges

This feature helps the admin update or manage to rent car fares as he can modify the rates as per the locations or heavy demands.

☛ User Panel

✍ Register/Login

Users can easily sign up for a Zoomcar app using their mobile phone, social channels, or email id, and social channels. For safe and secure login, the OTP feature has been used to make hustle-free and secure login.

✍ Start time/End time

On their home screen, customers can note their start and end times as per their requirements.

✍ Search Cars

Once they set their start and end times, users will get a list of available cars at their time and as per their requirements.

✍ Choose Car

After scrolling through all the cars, users get to choose a car, book it and get to know further details like free km, the price for km/hr, and many more.

✍ Fare Calculation

As per their estimated distance, users will be able to calculate the estimated fare for their ride.

✍ Payments and Receipts

Once users make payment from payment gateway options, they get a ride receipt.

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✍ Alerts and Notifications

After customers book their ride, they get alerts, notifications, and SMS for their booking confirmation.

✍ Cancel Booking

With this service, users can cancel the booking in the defined period.

✍ Car Pick-up Point

With this feature, users will get a specific location from where they have to collect their booked car.

✍ Doorstep delivery

The feature of doorstep delivery is introduced to enhance the car riding experience of the customers.

✍ Check Car Availability

Customers can check the availability of their desired car location-wise.

☛ Some Advanced Features For Apps Similar To Zoomcar

✍ GPS Tracking

Here the Zoomcar app is incorporated with Google maps API to navigate the locations directly from the car rental application.

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✍ Cloud Environment

With the help of the Cloud, users can store their data on the online storage provided in the application. Here, every customer gets access to a specific amount of storage that they can use to store their data.

✍ Promos and Offers

It is one of the significant parts of the application, as the admin can list all the promotional coupons, offers, and special discounts to attract your customers’ attention.

✍ In-app Chat

The in-app chat feature allows the customers to have a conversation with the support team or the app support directly in the app.

✍ Subscribe

The Zoomcar like services provides a feature of subscribing. This can be availed with the premium account. In addition, it has various other benefits like rides provided by the company and many more.

✍ Payment Gateway

Various payment gateway options allow customers to pay through third-party payment gateways like e-wallets, net banking, PayPal, credit/debit cards, and many more.

Some Major Factors That Affect The Cost to Develop An App Like Zoomcar

These are some of the major factors and functionalities that majorly affect the cost to develop an app like Zoomcar:

☛ Mobile Platforms

The well-known car rental apps named Zoomcar and Zipcar are developed for both Android and iOS. Thus the cost to develop an app like Zoomcar depends on the type of platform you choose to launch your app. However, the app development cost for Android platforms is less than iOs as it has an easy development process and testing methods.

☛ App Design

The cost to develop an app like Zoomcar depends on various factors, and one of them is the type of app design choice for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. On the other hand, the designer requires expertise to implement the vision of distinct graphic elements and various resolutions.

☛ App Features

The app development cost for car rental apps like Zoomcar and Zipcar depends on the factors they have implemented in the app. Once a certain amount of discussion has taken place regarding the app features data. Further, the developers analyze the project’s scope and finally decide the cost to develop an app like Zoomcar.

☛ App Team

If you are searching for a team to develop an app similar to Zoomcar, it would require a lot of experience and skills to think out of the box as precise and perfect planning helps the business meet its objectives and goals in the desired time. The Zoomcar cost keeps on varying depending on the type of development team you hire. On the other hand, rich experience development charges more than less.

☛ App’s Payment Options

The cost to develop an app like Zoomcar varies on advanced features like QR scans, payment gateways. As with this, the app works great with payment transpiring directly, eliminating any kinds of issues. Incorporating such features requires a budget, but it comes out with its comfort.

Technology Stack Used to Develop App Similar to Zoomcar

  • Sketch
  • Xcode
  • Android
  • AWS
  • Fabric iOS
  • Android Studio
  • FCM
  • Geo-fence
  • Google Analytics
  • Google API
  • MEAN Stack
  • Mantis BT
  • Sass
  • sendinblue
  • Google Webmasters
  • stripe
  • swift iOS
  • ZOHO

Estimated Cost to Develop An App Like Zoomcar

The cost to develop an app like Zoomcar depends on several factors. Such as the geo-location, complexity of the app, app development team, features integrated, the platform you opt to launch your app, testing, app design, and the experience of the development team.

These are some of the factors that majorly affect the cost. However, there are many more of them. Therefore, we can’t know the exact cost to develop an app like Zoomcar. Rather the estimated Zoomcar cost could be somewhere between $20,000 to $45,000.

For exact quotation, you are required to reach out to hybrid mobile app development companies as they will listen to your idea and provide you with an exact quotation for app development cost.


The app quality is referred to as the foundation for the success of your app. Thus you need to make sure that you develop an app from top mobile application development services. Experienced developers can guide you best and put effort into turning your ideas into reality. In addition, they will have the capability to shape your ideas the way you desire.

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Many factors affect the app development cost of car rental apps. The estimated cost to develop an app like Zoomcar ranges from $22,000 to $27,000. Further, the cost can fluctuate based on the developers, technologies, and features you opt to incorporate. Developing an advanced car rental app like Zoomcar/Zipcar can cost you about $35,000 to $45,000.

The car rental services of Zoomcar eliminates the burden of ownership costs like maintenance, insurance, repair cost, and many more. Moreover, the prompt availability of a range of cars to choose from attracts users to shift to using rental cars instead of buying their own. It also helps the customer when they shift their perception of changing the vehicle based on the requirement. Convenience is one of the essential factors in the success of any car rental platform.

These steps explain to you How Zoomcar works:
  • Book your preferred car from the Zoomcar app
  • Upload your license and pay a security deposit at the bank.
  • You will receive an SMS 20 minutes before pickup. It is required to be unlocked.
  • You are required to fill the start checklist in the app.
  • Once done with purpose, return the car to the drop point.