Online drug delivery apps will become a necessity in the post covid world. The primary reason for their popularity is social distancing restrictions. So, this is the best time to go through the cost to develop an app like PharmEasy.

Secondly, there are times when aged people or even millennials can’t rush to a physical store every time they need medicines.

So, medicine online shopping sites have become popular in the last few years. Do you own a pharmacy store? Then this is the best time to go online with your business.

Inquire about the cost to develop an app like PharmEasy and get going! Hiring the right mobile app development services is crucial for the success of your dream app.

Before we dive into the details of on-demand medicine delivery app development, let’s understand the advantages of a medicine delivery app.

Benefits for the Audience:

  • You can get medicines from the comfort of your homes
  • An online medication delivery application offers great discounts and sometimes free delivery too
  • Set reminders for your medication needs
  • Get access to information about medications

Benefits for Pharmacies:

  • Pharmacies get an online presence and opportunity to expand their customer base
  • Expand the geographical reach of the business
  • Search for prescription medicines and also their alternatives
  • Pharmacies can manage their inventory digitally and get reminders for expiry dates too
  • Offer an exceptional customer service

We are sure that these benefits have made you curious. The next section is about the PharmEasy business model. After all, every business is established to earn revenue.

Business Model of PharmEasy

You can easily call PharmEasy, the Grofers of medicines. It will deliver medicines locally. The Pin Codes are bifurcated as per the customers.

The company makes sure that it matches with the medical stores of that area. The app usually gives a 20% discount on each order.

However, as there are a lot of regulations on Schedule H drugs, PharmEasy doesn’t deliver them.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of people still don’t e-pharmacies. So, it is necessary to gain the trust of your target audience.

When it comes to revenue, the major revenue stream is advertising. You can display sponsored results on the homepage or on search results from different pharmaceutical companies.

These advertisements can also be from different sectors like eWallets, telecom companies, or diagnostic centers. A unique example of such an advertisement is when PharmEasy conducted an online contest for the movie “102 not out”. The winners get a chance to meet the actors.

Another mode of revenue is a commission from the sales of medicines and health equipment. It is actually a guaranteed means of revenue.

Most of the eCommerce portals use this revenue model. The commission percentage should be pre-defined by you. The commission can be decided to keep in mind the current market scenario.

At the same time, in the race to earn more, don’t forget that the prices of medicines on your platform should be competitive. It is both – challenging and necessary to find the right balance between both.

Basic Features of an App like PharmEasy:

Did you make up your mind to build a medicine delivery app for your business? One of the initial questions an iPhone app development company will ask is about the features.

Also, don’t forget that features constitute a major part of the total cost to develop an app like PharmEasy.

So, decide on the features keeping everything in mind. The following are the basic features to include:

☛ User Panel

The user panel is a necessity in an eCommerce for online medicine shopping project. Your customers will be able to easily access the desired section and do the needful.

☛ User registration

Usually, this section is user-friendly so people can easily sign up or log in.

☛ Medicine search

If users can find the medicines they need with fewer efforts, they will keep coming back. So, it is inevitable to make the search option convenient.

As soon as the customer reaches the search box, he should be a few clicks away from ordering his/her medicine. You can also give the option to upload a prescription.

Such an option will also make the ordering process seamless. Make sure that you keep the add to cart button next to the medicine name.

The customers can add the selected medicine and complete the transaction.

☛ Expert Counselling

Expert counseling can be one of the special features. Just to be sure, a customer will be able to consult a doctor through your website/app.

☛ Trending Fitness Meals

There is no denying the fact that healthy eating habits can reduce the number of medicines a person takes. Therefore, a dedicated section to fitness meals.

Of course, you give an option to order those meals too. But this added feature might raise the cost of pharmacy an app like PharmEasy.

☛ My orders

Here the customers will be able to access all details about their current and past orders.

☛ Track order

It will work just like the PharmEasy track order The customers can check whether their order is out for delivery or still in process.

☛ Return Policy

In this section, all the terms and conditions and processes to return order will be mentioned.

☛ Loyalty Points

Now, this is a feature that cannot be called absolutely necessary but it will help attract more customers. You can offer loyalty points to customers who order regularly from you.

They can keep a track of their earned loyalty points and benefits of the same.

☛ Monthly medication refills

This feature will prove to be useful to everyone irrespective of their age. In the current scenario, when everyone is too busy hustling, there are high chances of forgetting to order the medicines.

The monthly medication refill feature will ensure that customers get their medications every month. Not to forget, the monthly refill will depend on the validity of the doctor’s prescription.

Advanced Features of an App like PharmEasy:

If you decide to add advanced features to your app then the cost to develop an app like PharmEasy may increase to a substantial extent. Check out some of the advanced features to consider:

☛ Refined Search

A refined search option means the customer will be able to search for medicines in some specific categories. The specific categories can be cold, cough, migraine, fever, etc.

☛ Upload prescriptions

The option to upload descriptions has been mentioned earlier. Apart from the prescriptions, you can give the option to upload reports too.

Moreover, customers can also have a conversation with the doctor after the appointment.

☛ Self pick up option

In this feature, you can give customers an option to collect medicines from the nearby store. The vendor will also get benefit from associating themselves with the best online medicine store in India.

☛ Chatbot integration

Chatbots have proven to increase customer engagement and retention. Integrating chatbots in your app will allow customers to immediately resolve their problems as well as increase sales.

We are quite sure that by now you have understood the basics. So, let’s the go-ahead to the main question – What is the medical delivery app development cost in India?

Cost to Develop App like PharmEasy:

There are a lot of factors that contribute to deciding the final cost to develop an app like PharmEasy. Some of the most important factors are the platform on which you choose to launch your app.

Next is the number of features you decide to integrate into your application. Thereafter, significant investment will go to the team of developers that you hire for your dream project.

Last but not the least, comes marketing of the app/website and related activities.

You need to decide on the app platform on the basis of your target audience. An iOS app can cost you a little more than an Android app.

The simple reason is the high criteria in the iOS App Store to go live with an application. When it comes to design and features, a well-thought list will enable success in the long run.

Furthermore, the right Android app development company or an iOS app development company will play a crucial role in the success of your app.

The location of your development team will also contribute to the pharmacy app cost like PharmEasy.

Resource Team to Develop An Online Medicine Delivery App

  • UI/UX designers
  • iPhone developer
  • Android developer
  • Web developers
  • Business analyst
  • Quality analyst
  • Project Manager

Technology Stack to Develop App like PharmEasy

Push Notifications – Twilio,

SMS, Voice, & Phone Verification – Twilio, Nexmo

Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress, MailChimp Integration

Payment Gateway – Paypal & Braintime, Stripe, E-wallets

Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure

Real-Time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM


Many people who are not aware of online pharmacies often search for how to order medicine online. So, creating awareness about your app is equally important.

The online pharmacies industry is believed to soar in the coming years due to the change in shopping patterns of consumers.

In the post covid world, an app like PharmEasy that is user friendly and convenient has higher chances of success.

When you start inquiring about the cost to develop an app like PharmEasy, keep in mind all the other factors discussed above.

Some initial research from your end will also help in understanding the dos and don’ts of creating a successful application.

If you don’t know where to start, a simple competitor’s analysis can give you a clear picture of the market scenario.

Do you want to get started with your dream app right away? Our team is here to help you out! Give us a brief about your requirements on [email protected] now!

Cost to Develop App Like PharmEasy