Millennials prefer ordering online. They want everything from the comfort of their homes. Starting from their groceries to home decor and apparel. Millennials want everything to be available at the click of a button.

So, why would medicines be any exception? Millennials don’t need to be taught “How to order medicine online”. They would just look up a medicine delivery app and get started.

They could be ordering medicines online for either themselves or their parents who live far away. In any case, if you plan to build a medicine delivery app, millennials will be your major audience.

All of this seems simple from a bird’s eye viewpoint. But before discussing the cost to develop an app like 1mg, you need to figure out the basics. An app development agency can help you with the technical aspects but other things are on you.

Why Invest in Medicine Online Shopping Sites?

Well, this is actually one of the most frequently asked questions. Online drug delivery apps already exist in the market.

So, what will you achieve by developing another one? Before COVID there was only a certain segment of the population that ordered medicines online. But times have changed.

People are now more dependent than ever on on-demand applications/websites. So, it will be safe to say that this is the right time to opt for on-demand medicine delivery app development.

Other than the advantage of the current scenario, there are other benefits too. A business can expand its customer base or geographical reach.

An app like the 1mg mobile app will not get you immediate results. But if you play your cards right, profits will increase within a short time.

Revenue Models of A Medicine Delivery App:

# Commission-based Model

It is one of the most common models of revenue that on-demand applications follow. A medicine delivery app will give a platform to pharmaceuticals and healthcare providers to sell their medicines/products.

In return, you can charge these companies a commission. The commission can be on the number of units sold or daily sales. The percentage of the commission will be decided in advance.

# Featured Listing

It is a separate section visible in a medicine delivery app. Featured listing can be seen on the homepage or search bar. These listings are actually sponsored results from medicine stores or pharmaceutical companies.

# Advertising

Advertising is another great way to earn revenue from your online medicine delivery app. You can sell advertising space to the following:

  • Pharmacy companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Insurance companies
  • eWallet companies
  • Hospital chains & brands

Features of an Online Medication Delivery Application:

Features of an on-demand application can make or break the app. A customer will be drawn towards your application primarily because of the features.

Also, keep in mind that the total number of features will have an impact on the total cost to develop an app like 1mg.

# User Panel

✍ Registration

This is the initial step before anyone starts using an app. A customer will register themselves on the platform using the email or social media profile.

After entering the credentials, they get an OTP to confirm registration.

✍ Medicine Search

The search option will allow customers to search for a specific medicine by typing its name. They don’t need to go through the entire list of medicines available.

Just a few clicks on the smartphone/PC and the medicines will be delivered.

✍ Upload Prescriptions

Not all online pharmacies give customers this option. But you can include it in your eCommerce for an online medicine shopping project. A customer can upload his/her prescription.

This feature will make the whole process simple. Also, pharmacies can schedule deliveries and refill the customer’s stock without any errors.

✍ Add to Cart

Once a customer finds all the medicines, he/she can add them all to the cart and place an order.

✍ Expert Counselling

This feature may slightly increase the development cost of pharmacy an app like 1mg. But the feature is worth it.

As customers will be able to consult an expert doctor about their doubts, they will keep returning to your application.

✍ Fitness Meals

Do you know why 1mg is such a popular app? That’s because apart from the medicines, it promotes the idea of healthy eating habits.

As customers start eating healthy, their need for medicines decreases.

✍ Track Order

The customers can know the status of their orders with the help of this feature. It can either be in processing, dispatched, or the estimated delivery date. Everything will be visible here.

✍ Return Policy

The return policy feature will help you build trust among potential customers. If customers are not satisfied with the order, they can return or exchange the same.

✍ Push Notifications

Subtle notifications every now and then will make sure that the customers don’t forget your app. You can keep them updated about the latest offers or trending products with the help of push notifications.

✍ Loyalty Points

When a customer uses your app and starts trusting it, he/she is going to refer it to their group. You can offer such customers loyalty points.

The loyalty points will be some sort of benefit to the loyal customer.

✍ Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is the final step of completing the purchase. More payment options mean an increase in cost to develop an app like 1mg.

The usual payment options are cards, cash, eWallets, and online banking.

# Admin Panel

✍ Registration

Just like the customers, store owners need to register on the platform too. They can register using an email ID or social media account.

✍ Manage Information

The app owner will be able to manage/edit all the details available on the website. It includes details about the medicines/products, partner pharmacy stores, and their contact details, etc.

✍ Manage Products

The store owners can add/remove items as per their convenience. They can manage product information like benefits, nutritional composition, chemical composition, and much more.

✍ View Ratings & Reviews

This feature will allow the store owner to check the feedback of customers.

✍ Manage Delivery & Shipment

The store can schedule orders as per demand with the help of this feature.

✍ Manage Discounts

This feature will allow store owners to offer discounts, coupon codes, or any other similar attractive offers.

Advanced Features of Online Medicine Delivery App:

It is optional to include optional features in your app. Of course, adding advanced features will result in an increase in the total cost to develop an app like 1mg.

Check out here some of the interesting advanced features that you can ask your partner Android app development services to add:

Affiliate Marketing

On-demand apps have become a preferred option for affiliate marketing. This feature will help customers to locate nearby diagnosis labs. Also, they can book an appointment.

Refined Search

This feature will allow your customers to search for medicines in specific categories. Some examples of categories are body aches, colds, coughs, migraine, diabetes, etc.

Associate Medical Store

This feature is beneficial for both – the customer and the store owner. Customers will get the option to pick up medicines from a nearby store. The store owner will get the benefit of associating himself with the best online medicine store in India.

Required Team Structure

We can never emphasize enough the importance of the right team of developers. A skilled team can make your app flawless.

On the other hand, an inexperienced or unprofessional team can cause huge losses. Following are some of the team members you will need onboard:

# Project Manager

A project manager will use his managerial skills to ensure that the project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Mobile Application Developer

You can hire an iPhone app developer or Android developer depending on the platform you choose. It is essential to verify the expertise of developers for the success of your application.

# Designers

The website/app designers are responsible for the UI/UX of the platform. UI/UX is how the application will look and feel to your target customers.

# Quality Assurance Experts

The role of quality analysts is to make sure that everything is working perfectly. It includes everything right from design to minute functionalities.

Everything said and done, let’s come to the final section of this blog.

Here we will answer the question – What is the medical delivery app development cost in India?

Cost to Develop App like 1mg

It is difficult to give a precise cost to develop an app like 1mg as it depends on a lot of factors. The final cost primarily depends on client requirements.

After the list of features and types of design are decided, the development team can give the total cost to you.

Moreover, the cost of the project also depends on the location of the development team that you choose and their experience.

The hourly charges of developers from different countries vary. Higher the experience and skills of the developers, the higher their hourly charges.

The app platform and other backend technologies that you choose will also contribute to the final cost.

So, it is recommended for you make decisions after keeping all these factors in mind.


To still give you a rough idea, a basic app for a single platform can cost you approximately $10000. On the contrary, a hybrid app that works on both platforms will cost $25000.

For a more complex app, it is better to talk with your partner development team.

Do you have an out-of-the-box idea for an online medicine delivery app? Do you want to discuss it with experts? Talk to us on [email protected]! Our developers will make your idea come alive on the screen!

Cost to Develop App Like 1mg