Is cooking one of your hobbies? If not, then there might be some culinary fans among your bunch of friends. Nevertheless, you might have experienced before that searching for an appropriate recipe on the internet takes a lot of your time. And once you find the recipe, users face the problem of saving the recipe. Writing the entire procedure of your food recipe is quite old-fashioned and bookmarking the page is quite unreliable.

The best solution to this problem is all types of food recipe apps. These best Indian recipe apps help a lot in cooking. There is immense importance of recipe apps, and they have high demand among their users. So it is pretty justified to start your food recipe apps. What are your thoughts on it?

Doesn’t it sound tempting to you? Thus this article will teach you how to create a recipe app and what would be the cost to develop a food recipe app, and many more. Here we will provide you with valuable tips that would help you to compete in the expanded cooking app market size. So let us dive in:

What Is Meant By Food Recipe Apps?

The best food recipe apps are mobile apps that make cooking easier, faster, and much more convenient. On the other hand, these apps are the ones to rely upon in the kitchen. It is a kind of digital kitchen maid. These food recipe apps are a cook that helps you give advice and opportunities to consult with other visitors. Once you try this recipe or method, you can share your experience with them.

It is pretty evident that the apps in question vary in their features and functionalities in one way or another, but one of their things is common. So it is that these kinds of food recipe app documentation provide users with helpful cooking content and help you to boost their culinary skills.

Are you well-versed in the most remarkable thing about this application? It covers a wide range of audiences. Their audience base comprises all men & women, older adults, teenagers, families, or singles who love to cook. These all are the people you should be part of your target audience, all you require to grab their attention is introducing your solution to the market. It sounds great.

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How Does The Best Food Recipe App Work?

Initially, you are required to attract your target audience and convince them to install the application:

  • Once you open the best Indian recipe app, choose your desired recipe from the top or new recipes list. Apart from the list, users can also use the search engine to and complicated their process to develop food recipe apps.
  • Once users decide on the recipe, they like it and note down all the ingredients required to make that particular dish. The app also explains the difficulty level of the cooking process.
  • If everything works great for the users, then they began with the cooking. After that, they do the plating and post a photo of a ready-to-eat meal and share it with their friends and social networks.

The process of developing a food recipe might sound a bit elementarily priced, right?

Let Us Begin With Developing A Food Recipe App:

All the above data might make you think that the cost to develop a food recipe app must be high, but one can eliminate it by having an appropriate development process.

Let us discuss step by step the process of developing a food recipe app.

  • Choosing Appropriate Technology Stack For Your Food Recipe App Development. Opting for a mobile operating system, in essential words, you need to figure out at the initial stage that your mobile app will be launched on which platform, iOS or Android.
  • Native Development Vs. Cross-Platform Development

If you want your recipe app growth, you need to determine whether your mobile program should work on both Android and Apple platforms. So opting for a single platform is an excellent tip for the initial stage. Once your business brings in profit for your firm, you should look forward to expanding its capabilities. For that, you need to choose your development approach in advance:

  • Native Platform: In simple words, you can develop your mobile app with the help of the native programming language of a specific operating system that is distinct for both Android and iOS. This approach takes a lot of time and thus involves many costs to develop a food recipe app.
  • Cross-Platform Approach: It enables the company to simplify the development process and create a food recipe application supported by different operating systems. The cost to develop a food recipe app will be less as you are building your service only once.
  • For the choice of Application architecture and design, there are two primary options:
  • Monolithic Architecture: Here, with this architecture, we can develop a single interconnected system. These kinds of systems are many times complicated and less convenient to use.
  • Microservice Approach: With microservice architecture, the system comprises various services that communicate under some defined protocols. These methods are easy and convenient to manage since these services are less dependent on each other.
    • There are numerous options for choosing a programming language to write an application. It is pretty impossible to list all of those options. We have covered only a tiny fraction of a developer’s problems in the cooking recipe app development process.
    • Technology stack affects the cost of developing a food recipe app.
  • Application Efficiency: As the development method you opt for plays a vital role in the speed and performance of your program.
  • Scalability of the Application: It implies that the technologies you choose for your app affect further development.
  • The Development Cost: The technologies you choose majorly affect the cost to develop a food recipe app.

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Some Basic Features that are required to be Integrated Into Food Recipe Apps:

☛ User Panel Features:

  • Profile management, registration, and sign in
  • Search panel for recipes
  • Customized recipes
  • Easy subscription management
  • Look at recipe lists
  • Check on nutrition facts
  • Video tutorial for recipes
  • Photo gallery
  • Save and print food recipes
  • Add a calculator to find appropriate ingredient quantity
  • Able to add personal notes to good recipes
  • Rating and reviews
  • Upload videos and pictures
  • Build a community for sharing
  • Plan weekly or daily meals and make a diet chart
  • Go through content that is related to cooking recipes
  • Push Notifications

☛ Admin Panel Features:

  • Safe and secure login
  • Easy management of Chef/User/Cooking Experts
  • Manage recipe categories and cuisines
  • Easy management of subscription packages
  • Manage special considerations
  • Manage ratings and reviews
  • Easy addition of recipe and video tutorials
  • Easy payment management
  • Manage community
  • View reports and earnings
  • Upload Magazines for recipes
  • Push notifications
  • Content Management

Advanced Features that Could be Integrated Into Your Food Recipe App:

☛ Social Signup/Login

Social login features permit the users to quickly sign up for the app with their social networking accounts, like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

☛ Auto-Lock Screen

Auto-lock screen feature is one of the vital features of this kind of app. It enables the users to cook without any diversion as they often constantly wake up their phone screens. So that they can cook using step-by-step cooking tutorials with cooking.

☛ Cooking Video

The features of videos enable users to easily view step-by-step cooking tutorial videos with basic and easy cooking descriptions.

☛ Voice Assistance

The feature of voice integration can be incorporated into the best food recipe app while cooking. The users can immediately get their queries resolved with the help of voice assistance without even using their hands.

☛ Effective And Efficient Backend CMS

Backend CMS is one of the features that is constantly required to keep the content reviewed and updated. It enables the app owners to easily manage updates to keep people occupied with the recipe app growth.

☛ Filters And Smart Search

With the feature of advanced search and filtering, users can easily search for their preferred recipe by entering the name of the dish or ingredient. If the user enters the name of an ingredient, the app shows them a list of dishes that have that ingredient in ints making or is one of the main ingredients. The intelligent search feature also pops up auto-suggestion and can search recipes by different characteristics like sweet, gluten-free, low carb, and many more)

☛ Sharing

The feature of sharing allows the users to share their favorite recipes that they have tried making. Further, you can integrate a social button for people who wish to share from the app, as it will help boost engagement.

☛ Plan Meals

The functionality of plan my meals allows users to plan meals for each day and add recipes for the consecutive meal. Users prepare this sheet as per their preferences.

☛ Community

One of the importance of recipe apps is that they bring users of the same interest together by interacting with one another. This option can be built by the community option. Further, the users can interact by sharing ideas, asking questions, providing suggestions, and many more.

☛ Manage Payment

Users can easily make payments for subscriptions with the help of payment gateway options; they can also buy from the app store and many more.

☛ Technology Stack For Best Indian Recipe App Development

  • Server: Nginx
  • Frameworks: Laravel
  • Database: Redis, MySQL
  • Hosting: VULTR, AWS
  • Cross-Platform: Flutter, React
  • iOS: Objective-C and Swift
  • Android: Kotlin, Java
  • Pre-made database API: BigOven, Edamam Recipe Search, Yummly, Spoonacular Recipes, Pearson, Food2Fork
  • To integrate and manage the list of ingredients: Spoonacular Food Products, Spoonacular Ingredient, and Nutrition, Edamam Nutrition Analysis, Foodpairing
  • Search feature+autosuggestion: Qloo API
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets: Google places API
  • Push Notifications: Firebase SDK, Apple Push Notifications

Learn How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Food Recipe App

The cost to develop a food recipe app depends on several factors like features, app sizes, complexity, platforms for which the app is developed, and many more. Thus it is pretty evident that there is no standard cost to develop a food recipe app. Although here we have mentioned the estimated cost to develop a food recipe app depending upon the most critical aspects that would influence the final cost. Further, if you opt to integrate more features and boost the app’s complexity, the cost of your app might increase.

The platform for which the app is developed affects the pricing a lot. As the app development cost for iOS is comparatively more than the app development cost for Android. If you want to develop an app for both platforms, it will double the cost as then you have to hire two teams to develop the app. Thus the cost would be double. Your android mobile app development company location, experience, expertise, and skills also affect the app development cost. Generally, the app development team is comprised of

  • Project managers
  • Front-end and Back-end developers
  • iOS developers, Android developers or both
  • Quality Analysis experts
  • UI/UX designers
  • Marketing team

Therefore after considering all the distinct factors, the average cost to develop a food recipe app with available features and a single platform would revolve around $50,000 to $60,000. Further, if you want to integrate advanced features and increase the complexity, developing an app for both iOS and Android, it might cost you around $1,00,000 to $1,20,000.


The development of cooking recipe apps is a great way to invest your money. Looking at the cooking app market size, there lies a great scope for opportunity and revenue. Food is a basic need for humans, and nothing can replace cooking. Thus investing in a food recipe app is a great idea.

Through this article, you must have realized that it can be quite costly to develop one, but it will have a significant return on investment later. If you are here to find out how to make recipe apps in android studio or the cost to develop a food recipe app or what features should be integrated to make a user-friendly and profit-making app, then you are at the right place.

The top mobile app development company will explain the entire procedure and develop the best Indian recipe app with exceptional custom-made solutions.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out and discuss your ideas and get exact quotations to develop a food recipe app.


To develop a food recipe app like Yummly, the cost resolves around $5000+ depending upon various factors that would affect the cost. Various factors range from designing an application to sizes, features, and the platform of the app. These are some of the most critical aspects that would drive the final cost of the app development.

These are some of the basic features that should be integrated into food recipe apps:
  • Profile management, registration, and sign in
  • Rating and reviews
  • Upload videos and pictures
  • Build a community for sharing
  • Push Notifications
  • Easy management of Chef/User/Cooking Experts
  • Manage recipe categories and cuisines
  • Easy management of subscription packages
  • Easy payment management
  • Manage community

These types are:
  • Advance level of app functionality
  • Multi-purpose app
  • Food cooking mode
  • Grocery shopping mode