When you are a lawyer, all you focus on is, fighting for justice for helping people encounter legal challenges. One of the finest methods of enhancing visibility is by designing a highly professional and well-functional WordPress lawyer website.

Then again this is a digital world we live in where gaining exposure for your brand, business, or law firm is important. Developing a lawyer website is not very intimidating if you can get hands-on the correct tools.

WordPress development services one can easily avail these days for gaining professional help for website creation. Ranging from premium to free website themes, WordPress enables developers to create the best websites.

WordPress is by far the best website lawyer builder in the present times. As a lawyer, you can now stand out easily by promoting your expertise through a website.

Getting started with best lawyer website creation

It is important to hire a WordPress developer if you want the best law firm website design awards to be yours. But for getting started, you need to explain the picture you have in your mind to the developer.

Only then the professional can turn the idea into a reality. It is advisable to go through lawyer website examples to understand how you want yours to look. For instance:

  • The legal web template you choose must include the option of inserting videos. This will help in getting hands-on with more potential clients. The video will explain to the clients what you do and whom you represent if any. Also, you must showcase the logos of your previous clients as it helps in building trust.
  • If your expertise is for small business clients, then you can choose to create a minimalist website where you will put forward information in a concise manner. WordPress is the best website builder for a small law firm.
  • The landing page of the website must incorporate a bold headline and an appealing image that will instantly highlight the name of your legal team. The website must contain useful information for helping prospective clients select the correct attorney. They must be able to come across their respective legal rights.

Best website builder for lawyers:

There are manifold reasons why you must choose WordPress as the platform for developing your WordPress lawyer website. As when you avail of WordPress development services, the team consisting of project managers, developers, and designers takes care of everything.

Starting from buying a hosting plan and a domain name, the expert teams carry out every task of course after confirming with you.

They can even help you with gathering the content which will be a very important part of the legal website. Let us begin with the basics:

☛ A professional WP hosting plan:

Housing the best lawyer websites calls for selecting a suitable hosting plan. Hosting is very important as visitors can discover you online through this.

☛ Content

A WordPress legal web template can help you with ready-to-go content that can highly speed up the website setup. The premium lawyer WordPress themes enable you in importing demo layouts and content with just a click.

Hence, you can easily delete that content and opt for copying and pasting your information in those areas. Companies offering WordPress development services also include content writing services from which you can grasp engaging content.

Make sure the writer incorporates information regarding your practice areas, your logo, and images that you wish to include.

☛ Domain name

Accurate representation of you and your law firm is necessary for ensuring the popularity of the WordPress lawyer website. You can either put the company name or your very own name. It is also advisable to select a domain that incorporates the law area you specialize in.

The best is to select a .COM extension. Adding terms like attorney, legal or lawyer is possible in case the name you desire is not accessible.

☛ Premium WP theme

After you select the domain name and WP hosting provider, the next is discovering a premium WordPress law templates theme. The law firm website builder theme you choose must carry all relevant features that a lawyer will require.

There are uncountable and amazing WP themes that you can select from. These provide regular updates and premium support as well. Some of the finest WordPress lawyer website themes are as follows:

  • Potenza
  • Ultra – an all-purpose WP theme
  • Indigo
  • Divi – a WP page builder plugin and theme
  • OceanWP
  • Astra – WP multipurpose theme suitable for all kinds of lawyer websites

Customizing the WordPress lawyer website

After selecting the lawyer website WordPress theme, now is the time to set up the page. Theme customization is very necessary for your brand to reflect your expertise in front of your target audience.

We also mentioned that the quickest way of setting u the pages is by importing demo content. Then you can replace that content with your very own.

When you hire a WordPress developer, you will discover the expert creating the pages with Visual Composer. This makes editing a highly hassle-free affair for them.

In fact, the developer will have complete control over how to showcase that element after they choose it by clicking on the pencil icon. The plus icon permits him to add or replace additional elements by dropping and dragging them on the page.

The main aim of the best lawyer website developer will be to make complete use of sidebars. These will include Sliders, Practice, and Attorneys. Dummy content replacement is easily possible with the submenus.

Following this, you can paste on your own, insert numerous shortcodes for styling the pages, add any images, etc.

☛ Visual appearance customization

Following the content replacement now is the time to grace the appearance of the WordPress lawyer website. The developer will help you in coming across the few options under the appearance menu.

Here not just controlling the typography is possible but also uploading the background image and own logo. Default setting customization is very much possible for individual pages. Other tasks that you can complete include configuring the newsletter settings and inserting the social media.

☛ Taking the WordPress lawyer website to the next level

When your legal practice is in question, you must back the WordPress business website with powerful plugins. Some of the attorney website builder plugins are as follows:

Selecting WordPress as your law firm website builder gets you tons of valuable plugins. Events Manager is one such plugin that helps in configuring appointments and bookings easily. By this prospective clients will find no hassles in scheduling a consultation session.

They can also then discuss the particular case easily with you. Syncing this plugin with a calendar that assents to the iCal feed is probable. This makes importing the appointments into the calendar very simple. Never miss out on any session with the implementation of this plugin.

WordPress contacts manager is a plugin that helps you to keep track of the leads and clients. These tasks are highly cumbersome but when you invest in WordPress development services, it saves time.

Managing clients directly from the website is easier with this plugin. Along with this, keeping track of the present clients, prospective leads along previous customers is a piece of cake with this plugin.

Important tips to follow:

While building your WordPress lawyer website, you cannot afford to miss out on these valuable tips. The tips include:

☛ Utilizing a professional scheme of color

Color schemes that are professional always come associated with royalty and cleanliness. Colors like white gold and dark blue can do wonders. However, using more than 3 colors is not something you will want to do.

☛ Adding metrics

Adding the positive metrics of previous successful cases proves to be highly beneficial. Even you can share feedback from previous satisfied clients. This will help in building trust.


Securing more clients and sharing your knowledge and skills is promising when you create a robust WordPress lawyer website. The tutorial discussed in detail in this post will help you commence your website-building journey.

Also do not forget to choose WordPress as the lawyer website builder as it is rich in features and functionalities. It is the best website builder for lawyers as it includes lawyer website templates like no other.

Be it upgrading your present lawyer website or developing one from scratch, our WordPress development services can assist you. Leave all the work on us for an amazing WP lawyer website. Connect with us today.

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Website importing into LawLytics takes place from WordPress which is by far the best platform available.

4 steps can help you get hands-on with a high-quality WordPress real estate website. Select a domain name, a hosting account, a real estate WordPress website template, WordPress plugin, and you are done. However, fulfilling these processes will require help from WordPress developers and designers.

SaulsAttorneys is a customizable legal WordPress theme that will enable you to book several clients at once. It integrates seamlessly with the WP appointment booking system which is a highly flexible plugin.