There are around 2.6 million Android applications in the Google Play store. Even more than 2 million applications are in the Apple App Store. Roughly 2-3 billion cell phone users all around the world are using it.

No doubt these figures are increasing each year with the increased demands of such applications. Therefore, if you are going to opt for any digital marketing services or hire an iPhone app developer make sure to take care of all the parameters.

How would you hang out in a packed field of contenders? What’s more, maybe more significantly, how would you get your application to rank high in App Store searches? Ensure it coordinates the aim of app store searches in the App Store look.

Well, the only key to that is to learn the best app store optimization techniques with the help of which you can make your ASO app store optimization and play store optimization very strong.

Therefore, in this ultimate guide, we have listed the best app store optimization techniques with the help of which you can easily make your apps rank higher on the play store. You can also go for mobile app development services to get the best app design for your app.

What is App Store Optimization?

Application Store Optimization (ASO) is also commonly known by various other names too, including App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO.

The main motive of App store Optimization techniques is to master the asset of the application. It is improving the positioning of portable (applications) straightforwardly inside application stores (like iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store).

The objective of ASO is almost consistently downloaded application, yet supplemental objectives can include:

  • Expanded brand openness
  • Positive application audits and evaluations
  • Crowd commitment
  • Extra showcasing channel enhancement

☛ How to find and download mobile apps?

Individuals are generally chasing explicit applications in application stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. An incredible 70% of portable clients use search to discover new applications. Moreover, 65% of all downloads happen straightforwardly after a hunt.

Usually, application store search is the most well-known strategy for finding new applications. The inquiry positioning situation of an application straightforwardly corresponds with the number of downloads.

The higher your application positions in the indexed lists, the more significant it appears to clients. Higher positioning applications likewise get more downloads since clients typically don’t look through each output.

They generally take a gander at the initial 5 or thereabouts. That is the reason why you should accomplish the best app store optimization techniques. Without the App Store Optimization techniques, you are passing up the biggest showcasing channel for versatile applications and games.

Top 10 App Store Optimization techniques:

Application Store Optimization techniques, or ASO, is a method of guaranteeing your application meets application store positioning measures and reached the highest point of a query items page. Yet, how improves discoverability in an application store?

#1. Comprehend your client and opposition- most important app store optimization techniques

An all-around framed ASO system depends on agreement on how your clients utilize your application, alongside a profound perspective on your serious scene. For example –

  • What language do my customers naturally use?
  • How would they describe my app?
  • What are their top reasons for downloading and using my app?
  • What is my competitive advantage?
  • Which keywords do my competitors target?

It’s similarly imperative to overview your opposition to distinguish which catchphrases are being focused on by applications like yours. You would then be able to decide if it bodes well to focus on these equivalent keywords or a different arrangement of catchphrases remarkable to your individual offer.

So, if you are going to opt for mobile app development services make sure that all these questions are answered. And will eventually increase your app store optimization techniques.

#2. Pick the best application name

Thinking of a novel name for your application isn’t simply an issue of marking. For best outcomes with ASO app store optimization, incorporate applicable relevant keywords inside your title, as this content vigorously factors into application store list items. Overall, 10.3% higher than applications without a title catchphrase.

#3. Need to use best keywords

No doubt, this is the most important app store optimization technique. As a considerable lot of these procedures apply in all cases with regards to the diverse application stores, the App Store and the Google Play Store have two altogether different methodologies with regards to ASO keywords.

✍ The App Store

The App Store keyword has a 100-character keywords field. It solely utilizes the title and whatever keywords or catchphrase phrases you remember for these 100 characters to figure out which search strings your application will appear for.

In light of this present, it’s imperative to utilize the entirety of the distributed characters and cautiously research your keywords to augment your natural traffic.

✍ Google Play

Then again, the Google Play Store adopts a strategy more like present-day SEO. Google gets rid of the predetermined labels and outputs your application’s portrayal to remove significant keywords.

In this situation, you’re given 4,000 characters to depict it in common, client-confronting language. Without attempting to stick however many catchphrases into this content as could be expected under the circumstances to the detriment of your informing methodology, attempt to sprinkle important keywords where they sensibly bode well. 

#4. Create catchy description- App store optimization techniques

Except for a couple of the previously mentioned deliberately positioned keywords, your application’s depiction should be focused on your client base, as opposed to a web crawler list. Your depiction should be seen as a source of inspiration for expected clients.

Portray what it does in basic and brief language, list the remarkable advantages it offers, and propel the peruser to download it. Implementation of this app store optimization technique will get you more and more traffic.

#5. Make a unique icon

As your potential clients peruse an almost interminable rundown of applications, your visual symbol is the initial introduction they’ll have to yours. It’s imperative to make the most of it!

When moving toward your symbol configuration, it’s critical to take note that the App Store and Google Play differ in their way to deal with, and delivering, application symbols. The two stores have preset principles for the ideal size, calculation, and shading plan of application symbols, intended to coordinate the remainder of the OS.

#6. Incorporate screen captures and recordings- App store optimization techniques

Like symbols, screen captures in your depiction might not directly affect search rankings, however, they do drive downloads. Pictures pass on additional about what it really is and rejuvenate your engaging content, permitting expected clients to envision utilizing your application before they make the download.

While you can transfer up to five screen captures for an iOS application and up to eight for an Android application, just your initial 2–3 screen captures will show in the display on page load.

Take extraordinary consideration in guaranteeing that these screen captures address your greatest client benefits. They are sufficiently able to persuade the peruser to peruse your extra screen captures or download them.

#7. Limit your application posting

With regards to worldwide advertising, a “one-size-fits-all” approach just won’t cut it. Today, North American customers are generating 31% of application income.

Furthermore, of those customers outside the English-talking world, 72% like to utilize their local language when shopping, regardless of whether they’re conversant in English.

These two insights address the enormous chance accessible to application distributors. That is those application distributors who can take advantage of this market by obliging the one-of-a-kind inclinations of its client fragments.

#8. Increment traffic with promotion

Toward the day’s end, it’s essential to recall that on-page advancement is only one apparatus in your versatile promoting pack. What’s more, this is the place where your SEO information truly comes in.

It is broadly accepted that both Google and Apple factor in your application’s complete page visits and item page backlinks while deciding your pursuit and generally speaking positions.

Basically, the more traffic you drive to your posting, the higher it will rank in query items. To drive traffic, construct an online presence around your application with web-based media and substance, requesting press and surveys, and putting resources into web-based promoting.

#9. Update App Regularly- Important App store optimization techniques

Portable clients are searching for applications that are continually improving, with ordinary updates dependent on client input. Applications that are as often as possible refreshed are seen, by both the application store and the client, to be of higher worth and more client-driven.

Therefore, application refreshes profoundly relate to better audits as each as good as ever form of the application ought to normally get higher appraisals than the adaptation previously.

Obviously, delivering the update is just a large portion of the fight. The subsequent stage is to urge existing clients to download the update.

#10. Energize evaluations and input

Last yet unquestionably not least, a reliable progression of positive surveys fills in as the most elevated conceivable approval of your application’s quality and perhaps the most noteworthy determinant of rank.

The applications with the most elevated rating tallies are those that keep their clients drawn in and proactively request client input to shape their item guide and future updates.


With the help of this ultimate guide of the best android and apple app store optimization techniques, you’re well en route to a projectile confirmation ASO technique. With cautious estimation and somewhat experimentation, you’ll before long launch past your rivals in the application store top outlines.

Obviously, App Store Optimization is a continuous cycle. Thanks to both the ceaselessly advancing positioning calculations and the serious idea of the application stores.

An effective ASO system requires a sharp eye, an inclination for examination, and standard registration. Deal with this, and your venture will take care of many occasions over.

app store optimization techniques


App Store Optimization can be helpful to increase downloads and the number of loyal users.

  • Improve Visibility & Stand out in the App Stores
  • Always get discovered by high-quality and relevant Users
  • Increase Organic App Downloads in a Sustainable Way

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process that can help to increase the app or game’s Organic visibility and downloads in the app store.