Let us learn about some of the leading WordPress development resources in the following section.

WordPress is one of the well-known platform developers with numerous WordPress skills to develop their website from the start. You do not require any coding knowledge for advanced WordPress development to develop your websites. Despite this, users might not have absolute knowledge about the potential of WordPress development tools associated with it.

Detailed knowledge about WordPress resources can assist them in gaining a better understanding of the uses of these WordPress development tools as they can set up numerous capabilities on their WordPress website. Thus, various blogs, forums, videos, online courses, and more are available to study WordPress resources development online.

What is WordPress Development?

WordPress is one of the most known CMS in the market. For this reason, there are many insights you require to know regarding this, Like how you can install WordPress and pick themes and plugins for your website. One would require a hosting service and domain name as our WordPress hosting plans include a site-building wizard, a one-click installer, and a free domain for one year. Thus take note that diverse web hosting providers might be required to install WordPress manually.

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Most Advisable WordPress Resources to Advance WordPress Development Skills

Taking into consideration, there are various learning materials accessible on the web. Providing insights about what you need to learn will help you search for an appropriate online course. Here we have listed some of the most preferred WordPress resources by WordPress development company that every WordPress website owner should have insights about.

1. SKT Blog

SKT Blog comprises various posts that cover minor aspects of WordPress. It primarily focuses on optimizing the performance of the WordPress website besides the security with the help of numerous advanced coding learning tricks and techniques. Users will get deep insights about WordPress skills like the functions of PHP, users of Rest-API, WP-CLI, how to modify the admin of the WordPress website, use of Gutenberg, and many more.

Pricing: $39 to $99

2. WP Beginner

WP Beginner is one of the online WordPress resources that is a WordPress handbook as it comprises various articles and blogs related to learning WordPress development and WordPress plugins. Learners can search for their preferred topics in the WP beginner that they are excited to learn about. This learning WordPress development also includes a YouTube channel and a video section covering WordPress development courses as it does not have a defined format. However, the extent of information it contains can benefit everyone interested in learning WordPress skills.

Pricing: Free

3. WordPress Developer Handbook

WordPress developer handbook is an online WordPress resource that WordPress builds. It is not a designer for beginners who have started as developers. However, it is a WordPress resource for content that experienced developers have built. It includes topics that are related to coding standards of WordPress, development of plugins, using the Rest APIs, development of themes, and many more. WordPress developers should know HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to understand the content better and take proper advantage of it.

Pricing: Free

4. WordPress Gutenberg Handbook

In addition to the developer’s handbook, this WordPress Gutenberg handbook is developed to enhance the former. These WordPress resources allow one to grab learning WordPress development, considering the basics of WordPress editors, as all the designers and developers are required to be highly skilled at JavaScript. Being part of this WordPress development course, developers learn how to build custom blocks, customize toolbar options, settings of the plugins or themes, sidebar aspect, and many more. As it might not grab any form of advanced WordPress development skill, they will get insights into using the editor effectively.

Pricing: Free

5. Treehouse

All learners must get a subscription to Treehouse, an online WordPress resource to guide them through the library. These WordPress resources are mainly focused on developers and designers. The WordPress development course is properly designed and focuses mainly on the objectives and outcomes of learning WordPress development. It comprises workshops, downloads, and quizzes as well. Interested ones can sign up for a 7-day free trial period, and after that, one needs to choose from the basic and pro version for their monthly desired fees.

Pricing: 7 days free then ₹1,650/month

6. W3 Schools

W3Schools is one of the reliable WordPress resources for developers who want to gain advanced WordPress development skills in coding. Free tutorials are provided in this online learning WordPress resource. These are written, well-designed, and interactive with users, making these resources much more interesting for the learners. Here students can go through every concept and apply for the quizzes to examine their learning. Learners can learn about advanced WordPress development, including the knowledge of server-side languages like PHP, Python, and various other programming languages like CSS, HTML, Javascript, and many more. Once they acquire the skills, they get to receive academic certificates in their most preferred programming language.

Pricing: Varied

7. WP Sessions

Expert developers build WP sessions for the developers who want to become WordPress experts. This WordPress development course is well structured with all updated information. It has been learned for both intermediate and advanced skill levels. Thus as a consequence, it might not sound useful to beginners. The interested one should register for VIP membership or buy different training WordPress development courses at their convenience. These WordPress resources consist of an entire collection of videos prepared specially for developers who have been working in the industry for a long time. Learners can access this site whenever they desire from various devices, and if required, they can also download the video for future learning.

Pricing: Varied

8. SitePoint

SitePoint is a free online learning WordPress resource of supreme quality. It is a platform where learners can learn about advanced WordPress development skills. It comprises an extended range of topics like how to build websites with the help of PHP, developing themes and plugins, coding with the help of CSS, HTML, and javascript using WordPress AI, and many more for both designers and developers. This learning WordPress development platform also provides tips and techniques for mobile web development and several other options for web designing software.

Pricing: $6 to $9

9. FreeCoderCamp

The approach of FreeCodercamp is quite distinct from other resources talked about in this article. Rather than providing videos, tutorials, and other forms of guidance, here, learners will get an opportunity to appreciate several hours of practice on topics that range from basics to advanced development knowledge of coding applications. Here one will get WordPress development learning consisting of advanced node applications, various programming techniques, and algorithms of JavaScript. It also includes the basics of HTML and CSS front-end libraries like SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and many more.

Pricing: Free

10. Hongkiat

Hongkiat is one of the free well-known websites with an entire dedicated section for various topics related to advanced WordPress development. These topics extend their scope from the basics of WordPress to in-depth articles that would help the users. This website is useful for both beginners as well as users with advanced WordPress development skills. It helps them learn the benefits of specific functions in the editor and provides you insights into creating custom shortcodes.

Pricing: Not mentioned

11. Lynda.com

Lynda.com is a website that includes a large library of online WordPress development courses, including a wide range of subjects of WordPress training. All the WordPress development courses are accessible to their members. These WordPress resources also provide free trial membership for their users. All the subjects included in this WordPress site are photography, marketing, animation, IT, web, business, designing, development, and many more. The content provided here is well-structured and makes the entire learning WordPress development process interesting.

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In this article, we have listed the 11 best WordPress resources that can help you to advance your WordPress skills. Generally, WordPress blogs do not provide the best WordPress course for developers. It is fine as it provides them with a wide room covering all important topics like securing a website, the right plugins, optimizing content for search, and many more.

It also intends you to search around and hunt for the resources that assure you to teach your WordPress skills to the next level. In simple words, switch to trusted resources with a robust web development background of their WordPress website.

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Starting from speed optimization services to security, 24/7 support, unlimited website edits, and even white-label site management for freelancers and agencies. If you wish to advance your WordPress skills, then reach out to a CMS development company, as they can guide you with appropriate resources for your WordPress site that could advance your development skills.


It is not required for you to learn coding to make use of WordPress. It requires some time for most beginners to get used to it and get learning about the basics. However, you can make use of the well-known drag-and-drop page builder plugins for WordPress. Although some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can make things a lot simpler.

These are some disadvantages of using WordPress development:
  • Users require a lot of WordPress plugins for additional features.
  • Slow and steady page speed.
  • There are frequent plugins and theme updates.
  • It has poor SEO rankings.
  • Websites can go down anytime.
  • Website vulnerability.

Pros of using WordPress development:
  • It has a wide variety of professional themes.
  • It has relatively less expensive website development.
  • Websites are mobile-friendly.
  • Search Engine optimization ready.
  • Easy, convenient backlinking and syndication.