Catching the viral beat like no other, Dubsmash truly transformed the face of entertainment since its inception on 14th November 2014. This social media service app is for both Android and iOS. Developing apps like Dubsmash is the dream of many nowadays.

Hire an Android app developer and you can get hands-on a video sharing app easily. But before that, it is vital to ask, how does Dubsmash work? Users with this app can select an audio recording from internet trends and movies that can increase user experience.

After that, they can record their own videos by dubbing over the same audio piece. A dub making app is the current trend of the entertainment industry where people go gaga over it. To create an app like this, stay tuned to learn more.

Must-have List of Basic features of Dubsmash

If you a knack for application development and want to develop apps like Dubsmash, it is vital to furnish it with the necessary features.

After you grasp the basic concept, color schemes, and layout, you need to focus on the customer needs. There are certain attributes of apps like Dubsmash that are okay but few are must-haves. Let us learn more in detail.

#1. Speed

No one on this planet likes to wait. This becomes more annoying when they need to look at a slow-moving symbol while trying to use an app.

They will instantly seek another app carrying fast loading speed. Then again speed never means massive databases and tables. It only addresses a suitable amount of graphics. The trick is to keep it very simple.

#2. Flexibility

Android and iOS account for 2 major operating systems for mobile. So when you develop an app like Dubsmash, it must be accessible on both of these. This will also mean that you will attract more amounts of monthly active users.

While Android applications are simple to upload to PlayStore, Apple will first try and test an iOS app. However, the coding will almost be similar for both. So the screen resolution and sizes will be distinct. Testing on both operating systems prior to uploading is crucial.

#3. Bold and bright color schemes

You can choose an online Dubsmash maker or hire an Android app developer, the objective is to grab more and more active users.

Appealing color schemes can do the work for you. The focus must be on the complementary colors. This will provide you with a professional as well as a stylish app.

#4. Security

The digital world is witnessing cybersecurity crimes, Internet scams on a regular basis. Hence when you want to develop an app like Dubsmash, security must be the priority. There are several apps currently that store personal information and this makes security a must.

Hackers can try to steal consumer data for fraud, position malware into applications, etc. So the security of your application needs to be watertight.

Some other features include:

#5. Login screen

To develop an app like Dubsmash, it is crucial to pay much attention to the login screen. Users must feel the convenience of logging in or registering through a phone number and social platforms.

  • Like Twitter or Facebook or Google
  • Incorporation of full name and account photo transfer
  • Crafting accounts of the Facebook developer (develop, staging and production)

#6. Video feed

If you search how to use TikTok Dubsmash, you will find that it works by letting users post videos of various kinds. It is an app that clones you in a video. Moving forward to create a dub making app will call for a quick and hassle-free way for letting users post videos.

#7. Special Effects and filters

The basic options that you must add are:

  • The option of turning the beauty mode on
  • Smooth functionality for posing amazing effects on users’ skin
  • Speeding up video and flipping

#8. Sharing

If the question is how to create a Dubsmash video in Android, you can begin by including a sharing option. Sharing videos on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook must be hassle-free for thousands of users.

#9. Notifications

A push notification button is a must for keeping users posted about everything. You can design your app in such a way that it can send real-time notifications such as:

  • Notifying people automatically when they post new updates on their respective profiles
  • New friends, likes, or comments on various posts

Create an app like Dubsmash for revenue generation

Today you can anytime seek for mobile app development services to create apps like Dubsmash. But after creating one, how do you intend to generate revenue? This aspect of app development will be responsible for making or breaking the prospects for your app.

Here are some revenue generation ways that you must include:

☛ Fundraising

You can choose to attract funding from manifold investorsThe role of the investors is to invest money in the app development venture for making it much more entertaining.

However, it is important to only associate with professional investors where you present a pitch for explaining the application potential. If they grow belief in your app idea, chances are that they will invest in the app.

☛ Advertising

In case you do not like the idea of selling the app for earning revenue, there is an option for in-app advertisements as well. It is possible to showcase advertisements for numerous companies for generating a good amount of revenue.

You must choose the ads as per the demographic. There are various advertising models like Cost per install and cost per click.

☛ In-app purchase

Unlike Dubsmash, when you develop an app like Dubsmash, adding this method for earning revenues is highly beneficial. In this kind of revenue method, there are particular advanced features.

The users who opt for the paid premium version can access these features. If users love your app, then they will satisfyingly pay for the premium version.

Dubsmash technology stack

After learning about necessary features and various revenue methods, it is now time to gain insight into the technology stack.

  • If you want to know how to create a Dubsmash video on Android, you can utilize Java and Kotlin programming languages.
  • If you are developing a hybrid app, there are technologies like React Native and Flutter.

☛ Data and application:

  • ES6
  • ExpressJS
  • Swift
  • Node.JS
  • Amazon S3
  • Google BigQuery
  • Compose
  • Firebase
  • GraphQL
  • Google Drive
  • Zappa

☛ Utilities:

  • Algolia
  • Stream
  • Stack Overflow
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon SES
  • Google cloud dataflow

☛ DevOps:

  • Sentry
  • Docker
  • GitHub
  • Papertrail
  • Buildkite
  • TestFlight
  • Git
  • PagerDuty
  • Amazon CloudWatch

Tips to consider for constructing app like Dubsmash

☛ Target a particular target audience

Creating a mobile app like Dubsmash will require you to first target a particular target audience. Marketing the application becomes hassle-free because of this. You can commence with this by first selecting a special category.

Then create the app for that category first for gaining recognition which is necessary at the early age of application launch. By this targeting, users are possible from a broader range of talented individuals who are seeking platforms for showcasing talent.

☛ Location-based concepts

At first, developing an app like Dubsmash can seem intimidating. It will be impossible to cater to the entire world initially. It is advisable to select a specific location like a country, city, or state.

By this, you can fetch more amount of traffic with the addition of culture-based and location features. You can advertise the application globally once it becomes a bit more popular.

☛ Add exclusive features

As any users decide to download your Dubsmash clone app, of course, they will seek something unique. Adding unique features is recommended that any other app does not have. This will help in making it even more popular.

Putting a value on a dub making app

The features, revenue generation ways, and technology stack offer you a fair idea of the app-building process for an app like Dubsmash. Also how to make an app like Dubsmash is a question that will interest you as an entrepreneur.

Prior to starting the app development process, you must take a look at the cost estimation. To put a figure, it is vital to look at the various factors. Platforms like iOS, Android, or both, number of hours required, features, and price per hour are factors that determine the entire app development cost.

The process of developing apps like Dubsmash for iPhone includes:

  • Requirement gathering
  • UX/UI design
  • Prototype
  • Application development
  • Quality assurance
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and support

The cost for an app like Dubsmash ranges between $16,000 to $32,000 per platform. It will take more than 1 year for experienced and talented app developers to hand over a fully functional application to you.


How you can develop an app like Dubsmash is now clear. But offering it the correct shape is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is vital to hire skilled developers from sound iPhone app Development Company.

People absolutely adore apps that offer entertainment to them. In the current era, there are not many applications such as Dubsmash. You can choose to make your mark by launching a mobile app like Dubsmash.

Hence, you need to place special focus while choosing an application development company. Anytime you seek application development services, our team of developers will bring the best solutions forward. Contact us today.

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These types of applications become more popular between the age group of 13 to 35. Maintaining freshness within the app at all times is very important.

The cost will range between $75,000 to $85,000. It will come with a particular set of attributes.

It is a free application where people can upload and share videos with a time span of 15 seconds. The app is available on Fire, iOS, and Android.