Years after their rise as a vital part of SEO, link building continues to top the list of strategies used for augmenting websites. Staying updated with all the latest link-building trends are not an easy job, as the process keeps getting tough day by day as technology advances.

Therefore, people need assistance with free link-building tools to help keep designed link-building campaigns on track and provide website owners access to discover fresh opportunities for linking.

Link building is a process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your website. A hyperlink is an approach for users to navigate between the pages on the internet.

Search engines use these links to slide through the browser. Search engines will slide the links between the individual pages on the websites and slide links from within entire websites.

There are various techniques used by the best SEO company for link building, while they differ in complexity. Internet marketing agencies also believe that link-building is one of the most challenging parts of their jobs.

SEOs spend a vast amount of their productive hours on building quality links for websites. A master in the art of link building can create an edge over your competitors.

Backlink Watch is your time-saving link-building tool to find the source of your free backlinks. If you want to know where your backlinks come from, this is the appropriate free link-building tool for you.

In some cases, you might be struggling with your backlinks or may find it challenging to keep track of the free backlinks; Backlink Watch is the best link-building tool in that case.

There is a long list of tools that can be used for link building, but they must be costing you a bomb; in that case, Backlink Watch is cheaper; it costs you between $9.99.


Administering outreach is one of the most vital aspects of link building. To manage outreach at a huge scale and produce significant quantities of link-building opportunities. With the help of, an Internet marketing agency must be able to collect contact information and then target for free backlinks efficiently. is a free link-building tool that makes it easy for an internet marketing agency to collect all the contact information for both professionals and websites. There are additional link-building tools for email verification.

Numerous email addresses are coming from public sources on the web; further conveniently accumulates these data so that they can be used directly in link prospecting campaigns. regulates billing depending on the number of searches you would require every month. Like it allows you to enjoy 50 monthly searches for free. For further 1000 searches, you need to upgrade to the other package of $49/month-$399/month, including domain search exports, priority support, and various Gmail connections.

Additionally, there are several other opportunities to scale up service; for that, you need to bear some additional cost if your business needs to have more searches.

3. Raven SEO Tools

Raven SEO Tool is considered an all-in-one SEO platform with robust capabilities even as a free link-building tool. The Best SEO company that are using these free link-building tools can perform their backlink check with these 3 vital components:

✍ Link Analysis

  • The link-building tools develop a complete profile of prevailing backlinks on your website. It includes the number of backlinks, how many pages on the domain are getting backlinks, the quality of links, anchor text usage, and various other factors.

✍ Competition Analysis

  • After having your backlink check, you can glance at your competitors’ backlink profiles to know how they are developing attractions.

✍ Link Opportunities

  • This is the point that makes Raven SEO special. It considers your competitor’s backlink profile and creates a long list of opportunities for you. It also includes websites where you can secure links of your own.

The competitive analysis of Raven SEO makes it useful as a free backlinking tool for the internet marketing agency to beat key competitors in the SERPs.

Raven SEO is the most economical all-in-one SEO tool. It provides users with a 7-day free trial for all users and charges from $39/month- to $399/month.

4. Linkody

The backlink profile is one of the most crucial search engines’ signals to evaluate your website authority. Linkody is one of the best free link-building tools that can help you to have a backlink check for your domain.

It also helps you analyze your backlinks profile, then compares them with your competitors’ backlink profile, and at last form a leading link-building strategy.

It is a free backlinks checker tool that will list backlinks in the order of its domain authority for linking domains; this makes it much easier to determine good quality links that help your competitors drive success.

Linkody is an amazing deal. As with this, you can analyze the top 100 backlinks for any website using this free-of-cost tool; you get access to unlimited searches.

You can initiate using these link-building tools with a 30-day free trial, and then if you love using it, you can upgrade to $15/month.


If you come across backlinks of a spam website and are poor in quality with SERPs, it may negatively impact your website’s SEO performance.

The best solution is to disavow those spam links and ask Google to omit those links while evaluating your webpage. makes it seamless to collect a list of poor backlinks to your website.

Further, you can submit this list in Google Search Console in a disavow file to assure you don’t get penalized for having these spam links. So try on these link-building tools for free.

6. Whitespark

Whitespark provides you with a wide range of features and tools to help internet marketing agencies focused on local SEO. These link-building tools provide a citation finder similar to a backlink checker, but it is frequently used for local search.

This link-building tool helps businesses search for local directories to seek citations and backlinks to boost their SERP rankings and frequently show up on local search results.

If you want to opt for a free Whitespark tool, then you’ll get access for 3 searches/day using the citation finder, but you’ll be missing out on various other features.

The package for small businesses starts at $17/month billed annually; it includes tools for comparison, citation, monitoring, competitive analysis, progress tracking, and further, it can export results to spreadsheets for reporting and analysis.

Now manipulate your competitor’s backlinks in a reverse manner. Moz Link Explorer is a crown jewel feature of Moz pro; it helps replace the old open site explorer.

Wanna know how it works? Start by popping a competitor’s domain or a specific URL into it; then, you can get a sight of all of their backlinks. Further, you also get link metrics, same as the site’s Domain Authority.

If you come across a lot of exact match anchor text, then this is usually known as a sign of black hat link building.

The Moz Link Explorer is the 2nd best tool for link analysis in the market. It comes as second-best as the foremost is Ahrefs; Ahrefs link database is vast than that of Moz’s Link Explorer.

Moz Link explorer’s subscription comes with various tools like on-page grader and many more, making this monthly investment worthwhile.

8. SEO Book Toolbar

The SEO Book Toolbar is quite similar to MozBar. It is a free tool that can help SEOs identify link prospects and conclude which of the links are promising when they come to your website.

If you access this tool, you can look at the links to the domain, directory links, evaluated traffic value, page rank, and period of the website you are visiting.

9. SEMrush Backlink Gap Tool

Starting your link-building campaign from SEMrush Backlink Gap analysis is an amazing way, considering that you are using competitors’ understanding to drive opportunities based on sites that are freely linking out with others who compete in the same space as you do.

Use these free link-building tools to compare your link profile with your competitors and expose untapped link-building opportunities.

Start by entering your domain only up to 4 competitors and then click on “find prospects’ ‘ you’ll see various opportunities on the domain that links to other websites but not of your own.

If your competitor has a stronger profile, you can work on enclosing the gap by pivoting your strategy to get the links that you haven’t grabbed. You can also analyze the backlinks they share; this can help you to find targets to focus upon.

By default, you’ll get access to the results from the top tabs of those domains that point out to the competitors you entered. You can analyze the link gap prospects on:

Weak= Domains that point you less than your competitors

Strong= Domains that point you but not any of your competitors

Shared= Domains that links to all the entered domains

Unique= Domains that link only to one domain

It is free for 4 links, but you can choose your plan between $199.95/month – $499/month.

10. Find That Lead (FTL)

You must have amazing products/ services to offer with the best sales and support team. Still, you must be lacking the capability to reach the initial 1000 prospects genuinely interested in you.

FindThatLead is a one-stop solution for modern marketers, and it is also a salesperson’s guide to use smart digital tools to augment outreach campaigns, make them efficient and reach new business goals.

FindThatLead makes it robust and effortless to search for qualified contacts for your sales and marketing team.

Further, you can try and find out any targeted prospects on any geography. This can help you enrich your current prospect lists and receive emails that can connect with high-profile people.

These free link-building tools can help you to develop a hyper-targeted list for your candidates. Receive thousands of verified emails and internet profiles in a day for your outreach campaign and with this, take a step towards growth hacking experiments.

Now find them, export them, and finally upload them to your lists in a few minutes. It is free for up to 5 links; further, it costs $49-$399 per month.


The backlink profile is one of the most crucial ranking signals used by Google Search Engines. We hope to use the free link-building tools to know about the best link-building opportunities coming up. These link-building backlink checker tools will help you secure backlinks to target your content to top SERPs.

What are you waiting to go and check out these tools? Hire the best SEO company today and choose the best link-building tools for your business domain. And get started to grab new link-building opportunities and claim new growth goals.

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