Recent years have shown great growth in the eCommerce business. E-commerce is a convenient and time-saving method for selling and buying goods.

This is the reason that the demand for e-commerce has been increasing with each coming year. Especially in the times of covid-19 pandemic where you have to avoid socializing.

2020 has been a year of difficulties for people across the globe. This is why it affects the coming year also. People have to adopt the concept of online shopping and companies have to do eCommerce for their businesses to be successful.

Knowing the importance of eCommerce, augmented reality in eCommerce is like the cherry on the top of the cake.

It is the future of eCommerce that will make it more successful and helpful for people as well. Augmented reality implementation is the most important thing for eCommerce stores and businesses in this era.

In this blog, you will get to know why and how augmented reality in eCommerce will change the world of eCommerce in 2021 and the future. Let’s take a look at it.

Why Augmented Reality In E-commerce is Successful?

Do you know that the facts of augmented reality say that 61 percent of survey respondents pointed out that AR technology has influenced their buying choices? Yes, this is the truth.

You cannot deny the fact that the shopping experience has a great effect on the buying choice of the customers. Well, the augmented reality implementation will make the online shopping experience for customers more exciting and effective.

This is because people will be able to try the things they are buying virtually. The VR shopping experience of things would be very similar to that of real life.

The future of augmented reality in eCommerce is directly related to the growth of the e-commerce business.

Virtual reality shopping will be a new and exciting experience for customers. Virtual reality shopping will allow them to shop at the ease of their home by trying them while maintaining social distancing.

We can see the growth of augmented reality in the eCommerce business. There is a bright future for augmented reality. People like to spend most of their time on screen-based devices these days.

It will almost fill the gap between the digital and physical world and will allow people to avail themselves of all the important information.

You can hire an android app developer or an android app development company for developing android augmented reality applications.

Augmented Reality Applications will change the whole scenario of e-commerce shopping and will make it even more successful.

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Benefits of Augmented reality in E-commerce

Let’s check out some benefits of Augmented Reality in eCommerce as given below.

1. Customers can try Online before Buying

With augmented reality commercials, people will be able to try the products on themselves before buying them virtually. They will be able to see all the important details and try it on their own and then decide whether they want to buy it or not.

With the effects of 3D models, people will be able to experience the joy o trying from their homes only. This makes augmented reality implementation more exciting and effective.

2. VR: shopping experience will boost Brands

This is another important benefit of AR app development and virtual reality shopping. The future of augmented reality depends on how it helps in growing brands and businesses.

So, having an efficient VR shopping experience will boost the brands and will let them grow in the e-commerce market. This is because having augmented reality in the eCommerce business will make your brand look advanced and innovative.

You can add all the advanced features to your AR mobile app by hiring mobile app development experts.

3. AR: Making Products Memorable

You can make your products more memorable to the customers by implementing augmented reality commercials in your business. While shopping through a normal e-commerce website or store, people may lose interest easily or forget products.

This is because they will never be sure about the product and how it will look on them. With augmented reality commercials, you can make them sure about their looks.

Hence it will help them to recognize your product more easily and it will be stuck in their mind as they have tried it in virtual reality shopping.

Looking into the benefits of augmented reality, you can now figure out how augmented reality will change the world of e-commerce.

According to one of the facts of augmented reality, it seems that AR and VR are expected to grow into a $95 billion market by 2025. That’s a huge number.

Let’s now see some of the main features that augmented reality can provide to your e-commerce development services that will help you to understand more about how augmented reality will change the world of e-commerce.

Features of Augmented Reality in E-commerce

Mobile app development experts say that they see a great scope in AR app development. This is a new and unique way of online shopping that can change the user experience.

Mobile app development experts can add and display effective features that can furthermore initiate AR app development.

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1. Product Visualization

Online shopping has seen major growth in the past few years but still, 47% of online orders are returned by the shopper.

The main reason behind this is that the customers are unable to judge the right option from just a 2D picture.

With augmented reality in eCommerce, people can visualize the product and experience how the product will look in the real world before buying the product in-store.

This will increase the conversion rate and reduce the rate of returned online orders completely. The retailer now does not have to take any stress about the same.

People can use Google and Facebook to make their accounts on your AR app and hire an AR app developer to add all the tools required in your augmented reality applications.

2. Augmented Reality Virtual trial Rooms

One of the facts of Augmented reality is that it provides your customers with virtual trial rooms. This concept is however not new but it is now very efficient as compared to that in 2009.

Advanced technologies have made this possible and customers can now enjoy virtual trial rooms at their homes also. Shanghai has a virtual trial room that is probably one of the best examples of augmented reality virtual trial rooms.

In the virtual trial room, customers can choose the brand, and different clothes available in different colors, sizes, and much more. For example, if they’re looking to buy custom tweed suits, they can quickly try different colors and sizes and see if they fit them well.

If you hire an AR app developer then the developer can add all these features to your app too so that it won’t matter whether the customer is doing in-store shopping or online shopping they can enjoy the benefits and comforts of virtual trial rooms.

It saves a lot of time and effort and also will help to maintain social distancing in the future.

If the service of a virtual trail room is added to the list of augmented reality e-commerce development services then it can lead your e-commerce business to new heights.

3. Augmented Reality Geolocation Tracking

Augmented reality geolocation tracking allows users to scan various locations using which they can interact with different things like 3D augmentations, video, text, audio, links, and more.

You must hire an android app developer or android app development company for adding this feature to your android AR app. You can hire an iPhone app developer for the iOS one.

So, if you are finding a location like a restaurant or any shopping store online then you can also check out the rating and other stuff on the AR screen only.

It has been announced that Google maps will soon adopt augmented reality geolocation tracking for a better user experience.

The same technology was used in the Pokemon Go game which was a hugely successful game. People went crazy for the game.

So, you can imagine from this example how successful this technology can make your e-commerce app or site.


These were the main features of augmented reality in e-commerce. These are very beneficial for the e-commerce business and its future.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the technologies that can be used for the growth of e-commerce business in various ways. If it is implemented effectively then it can do wonders.

So, if you are planning to apply augmented reality in the e-commerce business then don’t think twice and go for it. This investment is worth your money.

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