Do you also believe that when it comes to iOS users, the maximum number of movie apps for iPhone aren’t offered for free? While on the other hand, Android is popularly known for providing great apps for free. It is a MYTH. You can enjoy various free movie apps for iPhone; yes, you read it right free movie apps.

For Movie lovers who don’t want to drag themselves to theatres but want to experience quality movies, for their websites like GoMovies provide iOS users with HD-quality movies.

Showbox was a very popular and best iPhone movie download app, and it also uplifted other apps similar to Showbox. It has stopped working, and there is no recent update on whether Showbox is going to resume or not.

Since Showbox is not in the market, people search for alternatives that provide a similar Showbox experience. If you have some insights in developing movie apps for iPhone like ShowBox, share your idea with the iPhone application development company now. They can help you out in the best way possible.

What are the Reasons Why Showbox Was Ruling Over the Market?

Below mentioned are some insightful facts that can help you while choosing your movie downloader for iPhone:

  • Showbox was free to download and use apps. It was developed with the motive that Apple users can watch TV shows or movies for zero cost. The only thing these HD videos would require was torrent supply.
  • Showbox was available on various platforms, including iOs, Android, and Desktop. But the process of installation of Showbox was quite tiresome as it required other additional apps and services.
  • All available content was of HD quality.
  • The user interface offered by Showbox was effortless and straightforward. Users didn’t take long hours to find ways to start watching TV shows and Movies.
  • Showbox offered its users 2 ways of watching videos. One way is that they can watch content online or download the content first and then enjoy the movie later on. Unlike other movie streaming apps, iPhone users can stream their favorite TV show, even without an internet connection.
  • Users can seamlessly find their preferred TV shows or movies just by entering the search box’s title.

At once, Showbox was used by millions of users, but suddenly one day, it stopped.

List of Top 10 Movie Apps for iPhone to Install

There are several other movie apps for the iPhone, like Showbox. Without detailed study and analysis, here is the list of the best movie apps for the iPhone. Let’s deep dive into them.

1. Crackle

Crackle is one of the well-known movie downloader apps for iPhone and quite similar to Showbox. It delivers its users with streaming movies and TV shows cost-free in top-quality resolution. Crackle is referred to as the best Showbox alternative.

Crackle is an official TV show and movie streaming app built and owned by Sony. It requires no VPN or anything else for streaming content.

The Crackle app is easy to use and navigate. You can see a whole list of content on the main page and choose your favorite movie or TV show you would like to see.

Some of its pros are it is easy to install, navigate. It provides its users with high-quality content and offers them official streaming services.

The cons for Crackle are that it has limited content to provide, and users need to have monthly updates to get access to new charts. Go and try this iPhone movie download app for Web, iOS, and Android.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the best free movie apps for iPhone 2021. It enables you to watch 1000+ free movies and shows on all your Apple devices.

Popcornflix offers audiences various content genres, including action, thriller, drama, comedy, horror, romance, sci-fi, family, mystery, western, and numerous documentaries that include exclusive staff choices.

Users can watch the content from their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch has both wifi and cellular network. To experience analytic updates and performance improvements update to the latest 4.12 version.

3. Stremio

Stremio is a mobile app for iPhone-like Showbox which provides users with access to a huge catalog of Youtube Channels, TV shows, and Movies.

The iPhone movie download app organizes streaming from various platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, and other recognized sources. Stremio is an improvised and much better app than Showbox.

As it is capable enough to work with any streaming service, you link it to. And further, it can work with any platform, be it iOS, Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The app is under the list of movie apps for iPhones like Showbox, and this app can be that replacement. It has an easy to install process, supports subtitles, and synchronizes beautifully between two devices.

It provides its users with a wide range of legit streaming sources and also works in Chromecast. The only drawback it has is that users need to make an account before using their services.

4. SnagFilms

Looking for free movie apps for the iPhone, SnagFilms can be the ultimate choice for someone searching for something different. It serves your users with 2000+ movies, tv shows, documentaries, and other unique comedy originals.

SnagFilms has content to offer to all. It includes comedies, dramas, documentaries, cartoons, family, thrillers, and many more.

Users can have access to the app once they sign up with SnagFilms. Watch free movies and other types of content on iPhone with SnagFilms.

5. PlayBox HD

PlayBoxHD is another amazing movie app for iPhone like ShowBox for both iOS and Android. It provides users with a lot of HD content on the PlayBox HD app, making it different from other movie apps for iPhones.

It doesn’t feature any low-quality videos; hence users don’t need to worry about the video quality. It has an easy-to-use interface for its users.

Stream latest movies and TV shows for free with PlayBox HD, too, with the uncluttered user interface. It has a long library of movies and tv shows, with top-quality sources and HD movie links.

The drawbacks of Playbox are that it has some broken links, and bugs and doesn’t sync across devices.

6. Viewster

Suppose you are a fan of watching anime, then Viewster go-to free movie apps for iPhone. Viewster boosts the anime and comes with various genres of movies and TV shows, and has content for all interests.

This movie downloader app’s major advantage is that it hosts all the movies and TV shows that are not shown on regular cable or don’t get a theatrical presence.

It is a flexible app as it makes additional efforts to provide extra content and movies and shows, which are effortlessly available in comparison to anime.

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV favorably mocks your daily TV cable service as it comes with a guide of channels, rather than displaying the movies and series in demand.

The guide also specifies the time at which time the specific program is going to stream. It is unique and easy to use as it is differentiated into various categories. The movie apps for iPhones are compatible with a huge range of devices.

It works well with IOS, Android, iOS, PS4/PS3, Chromecast, Amazon fireTV, and many more. So try on Pluto TV for Android, Web, and iOS.

After Amazon launched a firestick, the entertainment businesses have launched many firesticks in the market. Have a look to download some of the top Firestick apps to expand your options of entertainment.

8. Viki

Viki is the best-opted movie app for the iPhone who is interested in streaming international movies, be it Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

For the convenience of its users, subtitles are supported to face no issues in understanding their favorite international movie. The best aspect of this free movie app for the iPhone is that it has no commercials to break the movie’s flow.

Users can stream a wide range of classic US TV shows and other popular TV shows as well. Viki is also a platform that serves users with independent movies and documentaries.

There are several popular documentaries, and indie movies streamed on Viki. The availability of documentaries is a major pro for this app.

It serves content beyond general entertainment as documentaries are informative and educational and can help users learn more about some particular subject.

9. CinemaBox

CinemaBox ranks on the top when it comes to the list of movie apps for iPhone like ShowBox. The iPhone’s movie apps provide free access to a huge library of TV shows and movies with subtitles support for better understanding.

One can download their movie or show and can also watch it later on. With the recent update, now CinemaBox is also providing free access to the latest music videos.

One of the pros of this app is its streaming quality; it provides its user with the best streaming quality. It also has a kid’s mode where parents can find a whole set of movies and shows that their kids would like.

This app has slow content updates, has various bugs, and interrupts user experience with lots of ads. But it is a fun movie app for iPhone, so go on and try CinemaBox for iOS, Android, and Web.

10. Tubi TV

Tubi TV provides you free access to stream over movies and TV shows. It provides its users with a huge range of content developed by MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, and various others.

It also provides content based on different categories like Not on Netflix, highly rated on rotten tomatoes for zero cost. That also provides free access to award-winning films and series in different 40 genres like drama, action, comedy, family, thriller, horror, and many more.

The major disadvantage it has is that users will have interrupted experiences because of commercial advertisements. TubiTV users can manage, and create their content. It allows you to sync between Amazon, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and Chromecast.

Look through the article to check the list of the best movie apps for android to install.


The above mentioned is a list of some amazing movie apps for iPhone and iPad. You can stream different content like live tv, animes, movies, series, dubbed shows, documentaries, and many more.

These free movie apps for iPhone 2021 eliminate the worry of missing your show, as you can stream them on these platforms whenever you would want.

The capability to download the content is a big add-on for movie and series lovers. If you have some plans in mind to develop movie apps for iPhone like Showbox, then contact a top mobile app development company and share your ideas with them.

They can understand your thoughts and apply their custom-made tricks to develop a user-friendly, engaging, entertaining, and high-quality app.

movie apps for iphone


Looking to restore the look and feel of the previous version of iTunes? With these shortcuts, it can be made possible:
  • Press Alter to display the menu bar temporarily
  • Press CTRL+B to see or hide the menu bar
  • Press CTRL + S to hide or see the sidebar
  • Press CTRL+/ to hide or see the status bar

While considering the other third-party devices or TVs, the apps are designed in a way quite identical to how a TV app might look on an iOS device. The functions and layout remain the same, but the handling of the content from other parties varies. It indicates that only the content accessible over Apple or Apple Channels can be available in the app as the app won’t be able to open other apps on TV operating systems like ITV, and BBC iPlayer. With this introduction of TV apps, you can now stream from your different iOS devices through Airplay 2, as it supports 1080 mirroring and streaming on iOS devices.

A feature of the TV app channels, and here it includes the Apple TV + service. In the US, people surf channels HBO, Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, Tastemade, EPIX, and some more will be added over time, including CBS all access and top MTV hits. In the UK, channels include StarzPlay, BFIPlayer, Arrow Video Channel, MUBI, Arrow TV, Tastemade, and Smithsonian. All the subscribers can download, watch shows and movies both online and offline. Through Family sharing, upto six members can share their subscription to Apple TV channels using the Apple ID and password.